Barbaro has cast replaced; leg 'looks excellent'


KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. -- Barbaro had the cast replaced on his
shattered right hind leg Tuesday, another huge stride in the
recovery of the Kentucky Derby winner who suffered a
life-threatening injury at the Preakness.

Barbaro's cast was replaced under general anesthesia, and the
3-year-old bay colt had a very smooth pool recovery, the University
of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center
said in a statement.

Dean Richardson, the chief of surgery at the George D. Widener
Hospital for Large Animals, replaced the cast he first put on
Barbaro's leg during surgery May 21.

"His leg looks excellent," Richardson said in the statement.
"The incision has healed well and judging by the radiographs, the
graft is opacifying [taking]. Callus is forming nicely, and all of
the implants look unchanged."

Barbaro remains in intensive care at the New Bolton Center,
where he underwent five hours of surgery one day after he broke a
few hundred yards from the starting gate at Pimlico Race Course.