Sports fans need a Triple Crown winner


Here's where we stand in the sports world.

About the best college football player was the subject of scandal and reportedly had trouble with a test given to prospective pros. The exam included questions such as: Who is not buried in Grant's Tomb?

About the best pro football player got too pretty.

The best college basketball player might not even make the pro team that drafts him.

About the best pro basketball player is roundly disliked.

About the best pro baseball player wants many more millions and possibly trillions.

The one who used to be the best male pro golfer got tangled up in some big personalities. There is now no best pro golfer.

The best female pro golfer and the best tennis players are from other lands.

Is it any wonder we're looking to a horse to win a Triple Crown and become a national hero?

After Monday's column, I have heard from approximately a thousand more people who said they had Animal Kingdom to win the Derby and collected fortunes.

About that many figure to have quietly loved Norman Asbjornson if he wins.

Preakness picks

1. Dialed In: Late to many important dates, but always entertaining.
2. Mucho Macho Man: Tactical.
3. Animal Kingdom: The Belmont brass loves him. Favorites fly at Pimlico.

4. Dance City: Barely raced.

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