Report: Hockey player collapses, dies during game


TORONTO -- A 17-year-old hockey player collapsed and died during a tournament Tuesday in nearby Scarborough, Ontario, the Toronto Star reported.

Alex Corrance, a 6-foot-2, 191-pound defenseman, was playing for the Mississauga Rebels when he fell to the ice early in a game against the rival Mississauga Ice Dogs.

His father, Alan Corrance, is the Rebels' team manager and was on the bench when the younger Corrance collapsed. Trainers and emergency officials weren't able to revive him.

"You feel badly if someone gets a concussion or breaks an arm or leg but this ... this is terrible," Rebels general manager Bart Marcolini told the newspaper.

"He was probably one of the healthiest on the team. You'd think
there would be signs, but there weren't ... I've been in hockey for
66 years and nothing like this has ever happened before," Marcolini said.

An autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday, the paper reported.