Federer has not found a new coach


MELBOURNE, Australia -- Wimbledon champion Roger
Federer has blasted former player Pat Cash for criticizing his
decision to split from coach Peter Lundgren.

Federer, who fired Lundgren last month, said it was unfair
of Cash to write a newspaper article accusing the Swiss world
No. 2 of being ill-prepared for the Australian Open.

"I cannot believe what he says," Federer said after cruising
through his first-round match in Melbourne 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 against
American Alex Bogomolov Jr.

"Everything he said is not true. What he is saying is
definitely not right. It's not fair."

Former Wimbledon champion Cash, writing in the Sunday Times,
called it "inexplicable" for Federer to part company with
Lundgren before the season's first Grand Slam tournament.

"Why Lundgren actually got fired is a mystery to me.
With a Grand Slam so close, the timing was not very clever,"
said the Australian, who suggested Federer's girlfriend, former
player Miroslav Vavrinec, had too much influence on him.

"Apparently, Federer flew straight off with Vavrinec for a
holiday in Mauritius," Cash said.

"Clearly a few decisions were made as the couple sat on a
beach with the Indian Ocean lapping at their toes."

But Federer, who won an ATP tour-high seven titles in 2003,
capped by a victory at the prestigious Masters Cup, told Cash to
mind his own business.

"I don't even know Pat Cash. As long as I don't know him, I
can't take it seriously," he said.

"I know what is true and what is not true, so what Pat Cash
says, you know, I don't really care."

Federer said he was still looking for a new coach but did
not want to rush into a decision.

"I'm trying to make the right decisions," the 22-year-old

"I don't want to stress into something. It's going to take
probably ... another few weeks and months.

"I know it's difficult to start the season without a coach.
But that was my decision."