Serena ready to 'blast off' in new outfit


MELBOURNE, Australia -- Two days after being ranked No. 6 on
Mr. Blackwell's annual worst-dressed list, tennis star Serena
Williams unveiled her new line of lime green-and-white Nike tennis
apparel Thursday.

Williams co-designed a three-in-one dress and knee-high boots to
go with it. Watch for her new getup when Williams begins play at
the Australian Open next week.

Williams, No. 7 in the world tennis rankings, modeled the
outfit, stepping out of the dress to reveal what she'll be wearing
at the Open: a top and shorts that are just "ideal" for practice.

Unconventional? "You bet!" she said.

Like the black knee-high warmup boots that made headlines at the
last U.S. Open, the new and improved lime green-and-white
knee-highs can be unzipped and removed between the warmup and a

"My legs take a little longer to warm up than the next
opponent, so it's perfect for me, they'll keep me warm and then
I'll be able to blast off," she said.