Muster wants tennis facility built

7/4/2005 - Tennis

VIENNA, Austria -- Former Austrian tennis star Thomas Muster
threatened to step down as Davis Cup captain on Monday unless his
bid to build a tennis training facility is supported.

Activists have launched a petition drive to stop the boarding
school and tennis center being built near Graz, about 125 miles
southwest of Vienna.

"This initiative shows that people in this country are not
supporting our sport,'' Muster told Austrian state television.
"Therefore, Austrian tennis is in question and my position as
Davis Cup captain in particular."

Muster, the provincial government, the Austrian Tennis
Federation and investors plan to build the facility in the Graz
suburb of Strassgang.

The petition drive is being led by local activist Gertrude
Werthan, who successfully fought soccer club Sturm Graz's bid five
years ago to build a training facility in the same area.

"We want to keep our meadows, trees and walking paths," she
said. "This is our local recreation area."