Tiger meets Roger before Open final

Updated: September 10, 2006, 11:49 PM ET
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NEW YORK -- Roger Federer has a slammin' new friend: Tiger Woods.

Roger Federer and Tiger Woods:
Two Titans of Our Time
 Tiger Woods
 Roger Federer
It is quite possible (dare we say probable?) that when all is said and done, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer will be regarded as the greatest to ever play their respective sports. And with both only now entering the primes of their careers, there's not a record in the books that would seem unbreakable. Here are the astounding numbers the two have put up so far. Feel free to fantasize about what the future may hold.
Federer Woods
Age 25 30
Turned pro 1998 1996
2006 winnings $6,113,885 $8,641,563
Career winnings $26,346,458 $64,412,324
2006 titles 8 7
Career Tour titles 41 53
2006 Majors 3 2
Career Majors 9 12
All-time Majors record 14 (Sampras) 18 (Nicklaus)

The two champions met for the first time Sunday, and Woods sat in Federer's box later for the U.S. Open final against Andy Roddick.

On Wednesday, Federer said he followed Woods' career and someday hoped to meet him. The two champions are represented by the same agency, and visited before the match began. Woods sat between his wife and Federer's girlfriend.

Federer was trying for his third straight U.S. Open championship and his ninth Grand Slam title. At 25, the way he dominates tennis has often drawn comparisons to Woods, a 12-time golf major champion at 30.

"I can relate to what he's going through ... with the success I've had over the years now," Federer said last week. "I follow him a lot. I'm always happy when he wins."

"I hope that we're going to meet soon in the future some time," he said.

At the British Open this year, Wood said he was an avid tennis fan.

"I watch tennis all the time. I was a huge [Pete] Sampras fan and now, obviously, I'm a huge Federer fan," Woods said.

Thanks to Federer, Woods got to sit back and enjoy a U.S. Open in New York. In June, he missed the cut at the U.S. Open at Winged Foot in suburban Mamaroneck.

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