Venus: Today was a comedy of errors

Updated: June 24, 2004, 10:00 AM ET
By Venus Williams | Special to

WIMLBEDON, England -- Wednesday was a comedy of errors.


To start out, I had a real mix-up with when my match was scheduled. Serena and my hitting partner both alleged that I was to play the first match on center court. I was jumping for joy because I knew that the weather report was bad and being first on means that I have the best chance to get on the court and get my match completed. I got up first thing in the morning, raced over to the indoor courts because of the rain, had a hit and got all the way to the locker room before I looked at the schedule and realized that I was FOURTH match on. I guess fourth sounds like first, right? Maybe not, but in any case it worked out for the best because if you are scheduled for the first match you have to wait it out at the tennis center all day in case the rain lets up. You have to be taped, dressed, warmed up, stretched, hair done, eyeliner on, everything within 15 minutes or less, sometimes without warning! I guess that I have to count my blessings that I was fourth and not first because the rain did not even seem to stop for a minute all day.

During the rain delay what did I do? First of all I had to do my best not to waste energy in case I got called for my match. This means that I am absolutely obligated to watch old "Friends" episodes, snooze on the couch and order food for delivery. Around 3 p.m. I woke up from my slumber just to be told that my match was canceled. This is when the extreme boredom sets in. There was only so long that I could eat and snooze and watch TV before I desperately wanted to play my match! I had two books to read, "Accounting in 24 Hours" (yeah, this is not on the best seller list) and "Angels and Demons," a popular book, but I was already so tired of sitting still. I needed to do some research for my midterm project for the class I am taking toward my degree in fashion design (Children's Wear). The only problem is that my online connection is so slow at this house that I can never get any research done. Such dilemmas on a rainy day at Wimbledon!

As I type now I am waiting on the schedule to come out so that I know what time I play tomorrow. Will I be fourth or first?

While I wait to find out when I play, here are a few interesting and slightly dull things that happened to me during the day:

  • I tried to hustle Serena's pedicure appointment for myself. The receptionist however was not going for it. Whatever, I can still have pretty nails without the pedicure I tell you!

  • Serena on the other hand hustled my international converter for electronic devices. She won't admit it, so I will have to search her room. Maybe I will find a scarf or a sweater, maybe even a bag or a pair of shoes of hers to transport to my room. Ha ha!

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