2006 World Cup TV Schedule

press release- ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports 2006 FIFA World Cup Schedule

ALL matches live; Simulcast live in high definition by ESPN HD,
ESPN2 HD and ABC HD; Nightly World Cup Live studio shows

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports, in conjunction with Soccer United Marketing (SUM), will present live coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Friday, June 9 through Sunday, July 9 from Germany. 

ESPN2 and ESPN will combine to present 52 matches - 31 on ESPN2 and 21 on ESPN.  ABC Sports will broadcast 12 matches including the title match Sunday, July 9 at 1:30 p.m. ET from Berlin's Olympiastadion (preceded by a 30-minute pre-game show at 1 p.m.).

For the first time, all 64 FIFA World Cup matches will be available in high definition on ESPN HD, ABC HD and ESPN2 HD.  The high definition telecasts will be offered as a simulcast of ESPN, ABC Sports and ESPN2's World Cup coverage. 

In addition, the high definition services will feature the studio programs including the pre-match, halftime and post-match shows.

During the World Cup, ESPN and ESPN2 will present World Cup Live - the daily news, highlights and analysis studio show for the
quadrennial event.  Stand-alone editions of World Cup Live (32 episodes) will be aired on ESPN and ESPN2 generally between 12 midnight and 2 a.m. ET (9 - 11 p.m. PT) as part of ESPN's "Trifecta" block of programming.  The late night shows - 29 on ESPN and three on ESPN2 - will include news updates as well as reviews and previews of World Cup action from Germany.

Additionally, ESPN2 will air 12 live editions of World Cup Live between matches on select days, June 9 through June19.

To ensure uninterrupted coverage of the matches, the networks will not air commercials during the two 45-minute halves, similar to the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cups and the 1999 and 2003 FIFA Women's World Cups.  Commercials will be aired during the pre-match, halftime and post-match segments.  Additionally, the telecasts will feature the continuous score and clock ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports first introduced on American television during the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Coverage will begin on ESPN2/ESPN2 HD Friday, June 9 with the tournament's opening match at 11:55 a.m. from the historic Munich Stadium, featuring the host country Germany versus Costa Rica, one of the four teams representing the CONCACAF region in the tournament.  


Group A                          Group B                          Group C                                Group D

1   Germany                     1   England                       1   Argentina                          1   Mexico
2   Costa Rica                 2   Paraguay                    2   Ivory Coast                        2   Iran
3   Poland                         3   Trinidad & Tobago    3   Serbia & Montenegro      3   Angola
4   Ecuador                      4   Sweden                       4   Netherlands                      4   Portugal

Group E                          Group F                           Group G                                Group H
1   Italy                              1   Brazil                           1   France                               1   Spain
2   Ghana                         2   Croatia                        2   Switzerland                       2   Ukraine
3   United States             3   Australia                      3   South Korea                     3   Tunisia
4   Czech Republic          4   Japan                          4   Togo                                  4   Saudi Arabia       

All times EASTERN  /  Schedule is subject to change
All matches in high definition / ABC Sports broadcasts in

  Date          Time (ET)   Network                     Match                                        Group   Site                     #-match
Round Robin Phase

Fri 6/09       11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Germany vs. Costa Rica                 A   Munich                 1
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Poland vs. Ecuador                        A   Gelsenkirchen       

Sa 6/10             9 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             England vs. Paraguay                     B   Frankfurt              3
                  11:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden       B   Dortmund             4
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Argentina vs. Ivory Coast                C   Hamburg              5

Su 6/11        8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Serbia-Monte. vs. Netherlands       C   Leipzig                 6
                  11:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Mexico vs. Iran                                D   Nuremberg           7
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Angola vs. Portugal                        D   Cologne               8

Mo 6/12        8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Australia vs. Japan                         F   Kaiserslautern      9
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      USA vs. Czech Republic                 E   Gelsenkirchen      10
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Italy vs. Ghana                               E   Hanover                11

Tu 6/13         8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      South Korea vs. Togo                     G   Frankfurt              12
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      France vs. Switzerland                  G   Stuttgart               13
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Brazil vs. Croatia                            F   Berlin                   14 

We 6/14       8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Spain vs. Ukraine                           H   Leipzig                 15
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia                H   Munich                 16
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Germany vs. Poland                       A   Dortmund             17

Th 6/15         8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Ecuador vs. Costa Rica                   A   Hamburg              18
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      England vs. Trinidad & Tobago      B   Nuremberg           19
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Sweden vs. Paraguay                    B   Berlin                   20

Fr 6/16         8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Argentina vs. Serbia-Monte.           C   Gelsenkirchen      21
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast            C   Stuttgart               22
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Mexico vs. Angola                          D   Hanover                23

Date            Time (ET)   Network                     Match                                        Group   Site                     #-match

Sa 6/17        8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Portugal vs. Iran                             D   Frankfurt              24
                  11:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Czech Republic vs. Ghana              E   Cologne               25
                   2:30 p.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Italy vs. USA                                   E   Kaiserslautern      26

Su 6/18             9 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Japan vs. Croatia                             F   Nuremberg           27
                  11:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Brazil vs. Australia                          F   Munich                 28
                   2:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             France vs. South Korea                   G   Leipzig                 29 

Mo 6/19        8:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Togo vs. Switzerland                     G   Dortmund             30
                  11:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine                H   Hamburg              31
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Spain vs. Tunisia                            H   Stuttgart               32

Tu 6/20         9:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Ecuador vs. Germany                     A   Berlin                   33
                   9:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Costa Rica vs. Poland                     A   Hanover                34
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Sweden vs. England                       B   Cologne               35
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Paraguay vs. Trinidad & Tobago    B   Kaiserslautern      36 

We 6/21       9:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Portugal vs. Mexico                        D   Gelsenkirchen      37
                   9:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Iran vs. Angola                               D   Leipzig                 38
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Netherlands vs. Argentina              C   Frankfurt              39
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN HD       Ivory Coast vs. Serbia-Monte.         C   Munich                 40

Th 6/22         9:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Ghana vs. USA                               E   Nuremberg           41
                   9:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Czech Republic vs. Italy                 E   Hamburg              42
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Japan vs. Brazil                              F   Dortmund             43
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Croatia vs. Australia                       F   Stuttgart               44 

Fr 6/23         9:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Saudi Arabia vs. Spain                   H   Kaiserslautern      45
                   9:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Ukraine vs. Tunisia                         H   Berlin                   46
                   2:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Togo vs. France                             G   Cologne               47
                   2:55 a.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      South Korea vs. South Korea         G   Hanover                48

Date            Time (ET)   Network                     Match                                     #-match   Site

2nd Stage  Round of 16

Sa 6/24      10:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             1st A vs. 2nd B                                 49   Munich
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st C vs. 2nd D                                 50   Leipzig 

Su 6/25      10:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             1st B vs. 2nd A                                 51   Stuttgart
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st D vs. 2nd C                                 52   Nuremberg

Mo 6/26      10:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st E vs. 2nd F                                  53   Kaiserslautern
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st G vs. 2nd H                                 54   Cologne 

Tu 6/27       10:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st F vs. 2nd E                                  55   Dortmund
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         1st H vs. 2nd G                                 56   Hanover

2nd Stage  Quarterfinals

Fr 6/30       10:55 a.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Winners - 49 vs. 50                        57   Berlin
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN2/ESPN2 HD      Winners - 53 vs. 54                        58   Hamburg "
Sa 7/01      10:30 a.m.   ABC/ABC HD             Winners - 51 vs. 52                         59   Gelsenkirchen
                   2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Winners - 55 vs. 56                        60   Frankfurt 

Date            Time (ET)   Network                     Match                                     #-match   Site

3rd Stage  Semifinals

Tu 7/04         2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Winners - 57 vs. 58                        61   Dortmund
We 7/05       2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Winners - 59 vs. 60                        62   Munich

Third Place Game

Sa 7/08        2:55 p.m.   ESPN/ESPN HD         Third Place Game                         63   Stuttgart
                                                                     Losers  61 vs. 62 

World Cup Final on ABC Sports

Su 7/09        1:30 p.m.   ABC                          World Cup Title Game                   64   Berlin
                                                                    Winners - 61 vs. 62

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