Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris BoshAl Diaz/Miami Herald/Getty Images

According to a source, Dwyane Wade has decided not to pick up his option with the Miami Heat for 2015-16, thus becoming a free agent.

This is a big move for the man who inspired "Wade County," and money supposedly is behind it. Wade stood to make $16.1 million next season, but he is said to want a three-year deal with an average salary of at least $16 million. The Heat, meanwhile, prefer to maintain future flexibility.

Wade is no longer the player he once was; his play, while still very good, has fallen off, and he has missed at least 20 regular-season games in three of the past four seasons.

Still, Wade surely knows he's an 11-time All-Star, won the 2006 NBA Finals MVP for what former ESPN analyst John Hollinger called the best Finals performance of all time ... and yet, he has never been the highest-paid player on his own team.

Per ESPN Stats & Info:

Will Wade buck this trend? That's to be seen. If he stays with the Heat, he'll once again be behind Bosh (due about $22.2 million next season). But as 2015 free agency begins, more than half the league is without a player who makes $16 million per year.

So it's possible ...

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There might come a time when the sports fan world at large is familiar with the name Eddy Pineiro.

Here's why: video

Yes, that's Pineiro -- who has committed to the University of Alabama -- hitting a 73-yard field goal. The NFL record is 64.

All the usual caveats apply here, of course: This is the Internet, so we can't trust anything to be 100 percent real. It's also a non-competition moment, so we aren't suggesting Pineiro will one day get the Crimson Tide three points from their own end zone. And then there's this: The kick took place in Davie, Florida, and likely aided by winds from one of South Florida's notorious storms.

Still, wow.

Not bad for a guy who, according to AL.com, originally was set to play soccer at Florida Atlantic, ended up at ASA College in his native North Miami Beach, Florida, because of NCAA clearance issues, recently switched to football, has yet to kick in a college game ... and was a virtual unknown to major college coaches until a kicking camp earlier this month.

H/T Bleacher Report

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In back-to-back years, the Philadelphia 76ers ended up with lottery-pick big men: Nerlens Noel in 2013 and Joel Embiid in 2014.

So, when the Los Angeles Lakers selected D'Angelo Russell with the No. 2 pick, thus leaving Duke center Jahlil Okafor available, the Twitter-savvy Embiid had a reaction:

Now before we start any scandal rumors, we must remember two things: (1) Embiid, who missed the entire 2014-15 season, might still be injured, and (2) the Cameroonian quickly followed that tweet with a bit of love for Okafor, whose father is of Nigerian descent.

Embiid's wasn't the only amusing NBA player Twitter reaction from Thursday night's draft.

After the Minnesota Timberwolves took Karl-Anthony Towns No. 1 overall, point guard Ricky Rubio couldn't help but start the hazing process.

Towns, whose mother is Dominican, became the first Hispanic player ever to go No. 1 overall in the NBA draft. Atlanta Hawks big man Al Horford, who is from the Dominican Republic, tweeted congratulations to Towns in English and Spanish.

When Kristaps Porzingis went No. 4 overall to the New York Knicks, the fans didn't like it. And oh, the players noticed.

A pair of big names welcomed late-lottery picks to their respective new homes:

Kendall Marshall, meanwhile, thought Myles Turner bore a striking resemblance to Dave Chappelle's character from "The Nutty Professor."

(And wouldn't you know, he wasn't alone in making that comparison.)

It appears Rubio wasn't the only veteran point guard ready to haze his new teammate -- this time a player who went to the same school (Kentucky).

Meanwhile, Nick Young seems to think all the young players owe him a nod for their hairstyle.

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Warriors NightclubAP Photo/Al Powers

After their championship the Golden State Warriors, as you do, flew as a team to Las Vegas for a celebration.

They hit some big clubs, including Marquee (pictured above). "Chaperoned" by non-drinker Andre Iguodala, they had a good time, according to the NBA Finals MVP.

And, as revealed by coach Steve Kerr on Tuesday's The Lowe Post podcast, it was all courtesy of veteran David Lee.

"I thought it was great that the team went to Vegas together," Kerr said. "David Lee treated the whole team, by the way. He flew them out there. He put them up in hotels. It was an incredibly generous gesture by David."

Especially because Lee, an All-Star as recently as 2013, saw his minutes slashed drastically as the team he's been with since 2010-11 ascended to the top of the league. Lee played just 49 regular-season games, started four, and averaged 18.4 minutes, 7.9 points and 5.2 rebounds per game after posting 33.2, 18.2 and 9.3 a season ago. In the playoffs Lee sat out eight games, and averaged less than 10 minutes per in the four Finals contests he did appear in.

"That was sort of what David and I talked about throughout the season, when things were not going well," Kerr said. "And he kept telling me, 'I just want to win a championship. I've never done that. I want to win. This is frustrating but I want to be a part of it. And I thought he handled himself really well."

Lee reportedly might have played his last game for the Warriors. But that's not a bad way to go out.

Find The Lowe Post on the Grantland podcasts page.

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Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images

We know twin brothers Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan are characters.

But this story from The Buffalo News takes it to another level.

The setting: Southwestern Oklahoma State, where the now-Buffalo Bills and former New York Jets head coach and New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator were both playing football.

The situation: Rob had a date, and he wanted Rex to be his wingman.

We'll let The Buffalo News' Tim Graham and the Ryan brothers take it from here:

Rex wasn't down for the mission because he'd already met Micki, the woman he would marry.

Rob: "I was a solo rider and had a babe on the line. But she had a friend. I said, 'You know, come on. Be a team player.'"

Rex: "I said, 'Dude, I'm staying at home today.'"

Rob: "So after a few hundred beers I said, 'You need to help out.' He didn't, so I was pissed and got in a wrestling match with him. I think he was a lot more sober than I was."

Rex: "I was bigger and was just going to throw his ass down. But he reversed me and got on top. So we went at it. We ended up outside, and here he comes."

Rob: "I ran after him, and he had a right hand waiting for me. I never saw it coming. Still haven't seen it."

Rex: "I got him good, and it was over. I felt terrible. I couldn't believe I hit my brother like that."

Rex was furious and, as keeper of the car key, drove off to clear his head. Tatters of a bloody shirt hung off him.

"I get pulled over by a cop. He sees me and doesn't know what he's got," Rex said with a gleaming-white smile. "I said, 'I just got in a fight with my brother. You can take me back there, and he'll explain it.'

"They take me to jail and then called my brother. He said, 'Nah, leave him in there.' "

Rob's ankle was broken during the wrestling portion of the match, and his nose broken during the boxing portion. When they arrived in New Orleans for Super Bowl week, Rob's ankle was in a cast. "We both had black eyes," Rob said. Buddy [Ryan, their father, who was days away from leading the Chicago Bears' defense in the team's Super Bowl XX win] wasn't amused.

Now, we had heard the brawl story before. But not, to our knowledge, at this level of detail.

In short: Just more evidence of Ryans being Ryans.

Read the rest of the Ryan brothers profile in The Buffalo News.

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