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John Tortorella's Rangers made it to the Eastern Conference semifinals, but that wasn't enough to save his job. The team fired Tortorella on Wednesday after five seasons. Tortorella was 171-115 with the team, but only 19-25 in four playoff appearances, with his most successful season ending in a loss to the Devils in the 2011-12 Eastern Conference finals. Tortorella's blunt style may not have produced a championship, but a run of consistent success like the Rangers have experienced might be hard to replicate.

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How do you judge a Bruins team that found itself down three goals in the third period of a Game 7 only to win in overtime? That's just one of the challenges you face below. Click on the images of the eight teams remaining in the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup to set your power rankings heading into the next round.

Rank: NHL conference semifinalists






Red Wings



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Aren't Game 7s grand? Sure, you've got similar stakes in, say, the final match of a five-game series, but there's something about Game 7s that excites fans and causes sportswriters to break out the purple prose. Hockey fans are spoiled for choice tonight, as both the Rangers-Capitals and Bruins-Maple Leafs series are tied at three games apiece. Hockey Game 7s have a different tenor than those from other sports -- they seem more like wars of attrition than the titanic personality clashes of the NBA playoffs, or the nervy percentage plays that make up baseball's postseason -- but they're all a blast to watch.

Rangers or Capitals?

The Capitals would seem to have the advantage in this matchup, as the home team has won in every game in this series.


Which team will win Game 7 of the Rangers-Capitals first-round playoff series in Washington?


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Bruins or Maple Leafs?

This series returns to Boston for Game 7, although the normal home-ice advantage seems to have been blunted, as both teams have been able to take games on the road.


Which team will win Game 7 of the Bruins-Maple Leafs first-round playoff series in Boston?


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John Tortorella's news conference Wednesday night featured few questions and fewer answers. Do you find this entertaining or cringe-inducing?

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Did someone want bonus hockey?

The Rangers won the Winter Classic after Henrik Lundqvist stopped a late Flyers penalty shot. John Tortorella, Rangers coach, called the officiating "disgusting," but did you see a conspiracy?


Winter Classic losing any luster?

This was the NHL's fifth Winter Classic, not counting two Heritage Classic games in Canada over the years. Do you crave more outdoor hockey, or is the novelty fading?


Where should it go next?

Sorry, Toronto, Montreal and every other place north of the border, we're following the NHL's lead and limiting the options to places like Michigan Stadium in the United States.


Were these the best in the East?

You can chime in with your complete NHL Power Rankings for this week here, but will the Eastern Conference title go through one of these teams?


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