Giants-Cardinals in NLCS

The St. Louis Cardinals got the better of Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The San Francisco Giants overcame the National League's best team in the Washington Nationals. Now the owners of four of the past eight World Series titles will square off for the right to fight for one more.

Which team will win the National League Championship Series between the Giants and Cardinals?


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  • Which team are you rooting for in the National League Championship Series?


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  • Which team will win the World Series?


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Is Steven Stamkos a computer? The obvious answer is: No! Of course not. He's a human being who spends his time breaking things with his ridiculous slap shot and scoring more than 200 goals in his NHL career. The only reason we ask is that Stamkos apparently has a photographic memory when it comes to those goals:

We're not saying Stamkos is a computer. We're not saying that at all. We're just saying he might be half-computer. Like some kind of awesome cyborg. We can't even remember what we had for lunch yesterday.

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Fans can be, erm, passionate. One might use that word to describe Phyllis from Mulga, Alabama, whose rant Monday on "The Paul Finebaum Show" is one for the radio wing at the Hall of Sports Anger.

Some background: After Alabama's loss to Auburn in 2013, Colin Cowherd went on Finebaum's program and criticized the state of the Crimson Tide program. Enter Phyllis, who made a not-so-nice pun off Cowherd's name.

Following the Crimson Tide's loss to the Mississippi Rebels on Saturday, Finebaum guested on Cowherd's show -- and the latter again said some strong words about Nick Saban's team ...

Cowherd then replayed some of Phyllis' greatest hits from last season.

Not long after, when Cowherd's show gave way to Finebaum's, Phyllis returned:


Although it does bring up the question: Why all the anger, Bama fans? Your school has like a billion championships in the past 10 years.

Call back when you support a team that has been around 45 years and has never won a single title.

(Actually, call back anyway. This is great radio.)

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It's hard out there if you're a fan of the Cleveland Browns. Your team has been in the competitive wilderness for years, your history is full of disappointment and despair, and your team's potential franchise quarterback still hasn't done anything of note in his NFL career. Two fans at the Browns-Titans match on Sunday (which Cleveland won!) made their feelings apparent by creative usage of custom jerseys:

Ouch. We're especially impressed at the fact that they chose the custom jersey medium for this message. It's not exactly marble or canvas, but we feel this elevates it from a simple joke to actual art.

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It's hard to trust any cool video on the Internet these days. But this one -- in which six-time PGA Tour winner Brandt Snedeker shoots skeet with a golf club and ball -- looks pretty legit:


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