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It won't be an easy weekend for BCS Cinderellas, even though they're all playing at home. Cincinnati faces No. 25 West Virginia, TCU gets the pressure of GameDay and No. 16 Utah, and Boise State deals with a surprising 7-3 Idaho (and a visiting AD who doesn't like to fly on planes with Broncos markings).

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Thanks to chadronhusker for illustrating the crazy ride Iowa fans have been on all season.

These are our favorite photos uploaded this week. If any of the images makes you want to surf the crowd, click it to view a larger picture and to comment. If you have a great picture or saw one you think the world should see, leave a brief description and a link in the Conversation section below.

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USC fans still have BCS hope, but know their team can't lose again. Boise State, Cincinnati and Iowa fans wonder what more their teams can do, besides pray for a loss by one of the top 3.

Now that Ohio State has two losses SportsNation thinks Ohio State is using Terrelle Pryor incorrectly. Fans, however, still think Sam Bradford is a first-round pick.

Florida State kicked off Week 8 with a needed win, and Alabama, Florida and Texas face opponents they shouldn't overlook.

Beano Cook

Mark Ingram is a good reason for [Alabama's] passing to be less of a factor. Wait until next year for any shot of a Vols upset.

-- Beano Cook

I pick Florida to win this game, but to be seen as legitimately No. 1, the Gators should win convincingly, even more so than against Arkansas.

-- IdahoanTyke

My ranking: 1. Iowa; 2. Florida; 3. Alabama; 4. Texas; 5. Virginia Tech; 6. TCU; 7. Boise State; 8. USC; 9. Oregon; 10. LSU.

-- CheezusCrust

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Michigan State fans like detroittim8 are still jumping up and down after their win over in-state rival Michigan last week.

Meanwhile, Florida State fans are hopping for another reason: lack of success.

"I have a ton of respect for Bobby Bowden," writes ryanvcu. "He is one of the greatest coaches ever. However I do feel at the end of the year he should hang it up."

The discussion, spurred in part by rumblings among the university's leadership, includes plenty of people who believe Bowden's legacy speaks for itself.

"The only expert qualified to comment the worthiness of Bobby Bowden's future as coach also has two names that begin with 'B', and the last time I checked he traded his hound's tooth hat for a halo," writes joe.t.elkins.

The Seminoles could quiet critics for at least a week with a win against Georgia Tech.

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Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen has Heisman numbers so far, and he still has some winning to be done. He plays a pro-style offense.

-- I am Ron Burgandy
Florida Gators

In the end LSU will not be able to keep up with the machine that is Florida. Tebow or no Tebow their running game isn't going anywhere and Brantley will make the throws necessary to win.

-- fusebox2010

This is the "The One Point Season" that needs to be the wake up call for this coaching staff. I am not optimistic but I hope Bob Stoops can acknowledge the situation and make the coaching style changes needed to fix this issue.

-- espnb12s

Wisconsin, Auburn: Great job going 5-0. You beat the teams you had to beat even though none of them were very good. The meat of the schedule is now upon you. Are you guys the prince or the ugly frog?

-- cardon032

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Memo to Penn State: This is how you schedule if you want people to take your program seriously. Playing its second ranked opponent in a row to open the season, and the second of four in a row if Virginia Tech and Oklahoma hang around the rankings, Miami drubbed Georgia Tech 33-17 on Thursday night.

Granted, the Hurricanes had to play the Yellow Jackets and Florida State, last week's victim, at some point in ACC play, but we're not holding that against them. And there are a lot of things of note about the Hurricanes' start. Jacory Harris was barely a blip in SportsNation's most recent Heisman rankings, but it's safe to say he put some distance between himself and Tony Pike. And even before playing the Hokies, the Hurricanes have moved from No. 5 in SportsNation's preseason ACC projections to the overwhelming favorite.

All of which is great. But what we want to know is can we feel good about hating the Hurricanes again? Led by Randy Shannon, these guys seem downright likable, and that's just not the brash, cocky Miami we knew and loved (to hate). It's so bad that even their fans sound reasonable in victory, as seen below.


The Canes are not back please stop saying that everyone. We will be "back" if we are undefeated after beating UNC by 28. 2-0 is great, but lets not get ahead of ourselves

-- blackmamba248

Are very hard fought and inspiring game tonight! My Canes did exactly what they needed to do and did it even better that I actually gave them credit for. 95 yds total! You kidding me?!? Fantastic job by Lovette and the defense! We are only starting on a very long journey but the GT fans that were rabid about how much of a wash FSU was and that we had not played anyone of substance yet can now come back in here and give props where props are due.

-- lestat1124

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