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It's difficult to imagine Ed Reed in anything other than a Ravens uniform, but he'll be donning the colors of the Houston Texans the next time we see him on a football field. Reed signed a three-year deal worth a reported $15 million with the Texans on Friday, shoring up a defense that hasn't been able to get the Texans into the Super Bowl just yet. Reed is getting on in years, but can he still make plays with the best of them?

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On Thursday, ESPN's "First Take" debated Ed Reed's comments about seeing himself playing for Bill Belichick someday. Reed and Belichick have a great deal of mutual respect; they both are students of the game and Belichick no doubt appreciates great secondary play after seeing his own defense get torn up this year. Stephen A. Smith thinks Reed's timing, especially leading up to the Super Bowl, is awful, while Skip Bayless thinks that Reed's statements are fine considering the big personalities on the Ravens, and thinks that Reed might just want his share of the attention. What's your take?

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At first, Ed Reed said that he wasn't 100 percent committed to playing next season. Now he's changing it up, stating that his goal is to play this season and possibly beyond. Reed has had injury issues since around 2009 or so, but has still played at a high level ever since. He is one of the best safeties in the NFL, but how much longer will that be true?

Reed's career future?

Throwing in Ed Reed's general direction over the course of his career has rarely worked out for anyone but the Ravens.


How many more years does Ed Reed have as an elite safety?


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Should he hang it up?

Reed's health is an ongoing concern for both him and his team, but should it force him to retire?


What would be the best move for Ed Reed?


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Reed or Suggs?

The Ravens are already out one Terrell Suggs for next season; would Ed Reed be a bigger loss?


Who would be more of a loss to the Ravens if both were unable to play?


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Nearly lost in the Colts' dominant victory over the Ravens was the announcement that safety Ed Reed is contemplating retirement. We'd be remiss in not giving this the full attention it deserves.

Reed was (and perhaps still is) a player who fully embodied the idea of a "playmaker". Amassing 46 interceptions in only six years in the league, he was nearly always a threat to score. Reed had six pick-six interceptions, and averaged more than 27 yards per interception return. It seemed sometimes as if throwing away from Reed wasn't entirely effective in keeping him from taking one back; he was everywhere at once. Reed's last game provided a bittersweet coda to his career; he fumbled one long interception return and had another one nullified by a penalty.

If Reed decides to retire, it's a fair bet that opposing quarterbacks will offer up thanks to the football gods -- that is, until Troy Polamalu returns from injury.


Reed should retire cause of his health and family, his injury's are way too serious. Selfishly, we need him out there though, hope he gives us 4-5 more years...

-- spraven882

This has been going on for three year's he is not going any where his neck was hurt in 05 so that tells you he will play as long as he can make play's. If you notice he can not tackle he dives and hopes he rapes up. I'm not critisising Reed I love him he is a Raven but he will play next year and this is not a new injury. If the Ravens get wr he will defintly be back next year. Number 20 will be worn by Ed Reed.

-- T-SIZZLE555223

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When a player who signed for $41 million in guaranteed money earlier in the year is sitting out practices and talking about normal "wear and tear" during the first week of August, well, it's not the kind of thing that will help comparisons to Reggie White. But Albert Haynesworth returned to practice earlier this week after sitting out a few rounds of training camp, averting the kind of health-care crisis that would capture D.C.'s attention more than anything on Capitol Hill.

Aside from Clinton Portis, Haynesworth is the player SportsNation feels the Redskins could least afford to lose to serious injury, no small feat of public recognition for a guy who plays on the defensive line. But if Haynesworth is the Redskins' best defensive player, is he the league's best defensive player? He's not a pure pass-rushing force like DeMarcus Ware, or a shut-down corner like Nnamdi Asomugha, but it's tough to put a guy who closes down the middle of the line anywhere other than No. 1.


Haynesworth is a Beast.. I don't know if I've seen one Person make such a diffeence on the defensive side of the ball, since Reggie White.

-- galyssa427

you guys paid way to much for big al watch out he's going to get injuryed right away.

-- titans_freak23

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