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First it was Ndamukong Suh coming up on the outside (or right through the guard and center, as the case may be) to nearly swipe last season's Heisman Trophy. Now we've got Troy Tulowitzki making a late run in the NL MVP race. We don't know if the two things are related, but the Steelers might want to get in touch with Chris Fuamatu Ma'afala, just in case there's something afoot with the 21st letter of the alphabet.

Tulowitzki and the Rockies finally cooled off, sort of, Sunday against the Dodgers. Tulowitzku had only one RBI and struck out three times in a 7-6 loss in 11 innings. Nonetheless, the Rockies are just 1.5 games out in the NL West and Tulowitzki is hitting .371 with 14 home runs this month. But before we get to Tulowitzki's place in the NL MVP race, what is his place in Colorado's MVP race?


Tulowitzki is an absolute beast! If he could just stay healthy over a full season, he could win multiple MVPs. Hopefully, he picks up a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award this year, which he rightly deserves.

-- jtrms45

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How much sleep do you imagine the average MLB GM has gotten this week? One hour? Two? Two and a half?

The days leading up to the trade deadline will do that to a person. Conventional wisdom states that the first third of the season is used to evaluate what your team needs, the second third is used to get what your team needs, and the third … the third is used to win with your newly revamped team. There are a few hours left in that second phase, a time when championships are forged, nerves are tested and probably a lot of take-out is ordered.

Victor Martinez has been the big name flying around recently. The Red Sox are currently working on a three-team deal with the Indians and an as-yet unnamed third team that would send Martinez to Boston, Clay Buchholz to Cleveland and several other players to various places to even out the deal. A week ago, SportsNation thought the Red Sox should have swapped Buchholz for Martinez straight up. Based on the way the Red Sox offense has been performing lately (hint: not well), acquiring a big bat may be just what the team needs to beat the Yankees. At very least, it might distract from all that other unpleasantness.


this is a waste for the Sox. Victor Martinez an aging catching who is a DH in waiting. Victor is considered a sub-standard catcher as far a game management goes. He does have a good bat but you can find a DH anywhere. Giving up Buchholtz for Martinez would really be a stupid move on the Sox part

-- ed0057

I think Martinez would fit perfectly on the Red Sox because with Tek getting older and power production down, Martinez could add more production and depth to the lineup and if he were to do well with the red sox then maybe they could sign him to a long-term deal.

-- yungzak

If the Red Sox land Martinez, then what happens to Varitek? He's the team captain and he'll be sitting on the bench. You can't DH him, then you have to put David Ortiz at 1B and we all know how well he fields.

-- tybae40

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Terry and Tito Francona need not apply. Tony Gwynn and Tony Gwynn Jr. can also save the application fee. No extra credit for the third generation, so the Bells are out.

And after last night's barren performance, Brandon Inge can bring Babe Ruth back and have the Sultan of Swat adopt him, and he's still not getting another go.

Fathers playing catch with sons is an American theme. But fathers and sons crushing the heck out of the ball is smaller, less universal club. One in which Prince Fielder emphatically staked his surname's membership in Monday's Home Run Derby. Sure, it wasn't Josh Hamilton blasting off or Bobby Abreu hitting 40-plus dingers, but Fielder gave us what we wanted -- a guy swinging with enough force to put Tiger Woods to shame and occasionally hitting the ball more than 500 feet.

He also did it far more consistently than his dad, Cecil, ever did in three appearances in the Home Run Derby. But whatever their current relations, how would the Fielders fare against two other families with almost 1,000 home runs between the generations? Since we're cruelly denied a chance to vote for Jose and Danny Tartabull, we're voting Griffey.


The derby last year was 20x more interesting than last night. Last year the whole derby was filled with energy and the stadium was going crazy. I been to a Cardinals game and I do like the atmosphere there but the whole derby last night was borderline boring to watch. I also didn't like how they spent the whole night kissing up to Pujols I understand it's his home park but still it came off as staged and annoying.

-- _nysportsfan_

Yea, you won the home run derby, now do something important and reconcile with your Dad and show everybody your a real man, Cecil should have been there with to give the derby a little drama and positive feel. You can hit a ball far but can you do something hard like forgive someone. Man, the young fans could use a story like that. Shame on the powers that be for putting inge in there, it was a mockery enough with the doping.

-- rent-a-ron

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It's Nelson Cruz, Brandon Inge, Adrian Gonzalez and the greatest show in sports! All right, so part of the lineup for this year's Home Run Derby has almost as much star power as a Syfy Channel original movie (although on the plus side, much, much better special effects). But as long as guys like Prince Fielder and Ryan Howard are around, the field isn't completely barren beyond hometown hero Albert Pujols.

In fact, more people are picking someone else to win the Home Run Derby than are picking someone other than Tiger Woods to win the British Open.

And like the NBA's dunk contest, minus the props, it's the fun of the moment that makes the event. If you can name the last five winners of the event, you may have an unhealthy obsession with Miguel Tejada. It's all about hitting a lot of balls a long way. And as long as somebody challenges Pujols, and Carlos Pena doesn't try to draw a walk, we'll be fine.


I have to admit, I'm actually very excited to see what Joe Mauer does. Save for Ken Griffey Jr. ,I'm not sure there's a better looking swing in all of baseball. I don't think he'll win (not with those guys on the NL roster), but I think he'll do better than most might think for a "non-power hitter."

-- rodeojones000

So Awsome to see Inge getting whats been due to him for years. I hope he takes the whole thing.

-- AjP_

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