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Shaquille O'Neal might not mind spending a winter in Cleveland if it means playing with LeBron James, but perhaps the lure of trading financial security for a chance to wait and see if the same opportunity would present itself in New York a year from now didn't sound so enticing to Steve Nash. Or maybe the fan base in Arizona -- not to mention Grant Hill -- makes him feel all kinds of young.

With news that Nash will remain with the Suns for at least the next three seasons after signing a contract extension, SportsNation is sure the guard's championship window has closed. That might not have been the case had he followed a similar path after the 2003-04 season with the Mavericks , but two MVP awards aren't bad consolation prizes.


You often have to wonder, what is the price tag for giving up your dream. For Steve Nash we know it is now $11 million. (The Price to not pursue a NBA Ring). I don't fault Steve at all. I would take the money in a heartbeat and not think twice. But this is sad that such a great pg who had a fantastic 4 year stretch, will never get that 1 goal that all players seek.

-- Vikomnla

I love the suns and Nash but this was a ridiculous decision. The fans in PHX will love it but they are not even close to contenders for a ring. Hey, maybe they'll keep making money and keep the franchise afloat but 22 mill is alot for a 35 year old PG who doesn't play D and has had a bad back for 3 years.

-- xjrobx

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For a guy who made more money than the entire populace of SportsNation pulls down in a year by being two steps ahead of the cutting edge in technology, Mark Cuban sure loves to go retro with his basketball rosters.

With the reported imminent addition of Shawn Marion, the Mavericks look more and more like the best team 2002 ever saw. To be fair, it's not as if Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and now Marion ceased being good in the decade's early stages. But 2002 was a long time ago -- Avril Lavigne and "Spiderman" long -- and there's a reason 94 percent of voters previously said the Mavs wouldn't reach the NBA Finals during the duration of Jason Kidd's three-year extension.

Adding Marion might bring a few people back to the bandwagon, but if you see Juwan Howard, Shawn Bradley or Nick Van Exel walking around the team facilities, it's time to worry.


I still dont think this helps out the Mavs too much. Marion might win them 5 reg season games, but will get blown away in the playoffs. This is why the mavs will fold tent in a couple years. not planning on the future and taking Lux Tax hits like this. Kidd was a bad trade a coulple years ago and they are still eating crow.


Cuban has screwed this team up as much as he can. He is now trying to build an older version of Golden State, an all offensive team that plays no defense and goes nowhere in the playoffs. Just three years ago they had such a nice team, it's a shame.

-- Torrerox

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By the time the Lakers wrapped up their NBA title against the Magic, handing Phil Jackson championship No. 10 in his coaching career, we had all more or less agreed he was the greatest coach in the history of the known universe. Or something like that; we have been known to dabble in revisionist hyperbole.

But as it turns out, the best coach in the world isn't the coach SportsNation wants leading Team USA against the best the rest of the globe has to offer. Mike Krzyzewski is signing on for another run at international glory, including the 2010 World Championship in Turkey and the 2012 Olympics in London. Who should he take with him?


Good move. the guys seemed to love playing for him and with each other, esp LBJ, Wade, Kobe, Melo, Bosh, Paul, DWill, Dwight. If those 8 come back, u can fill the rest of the roster with young guys and give them a chance to develop into our future national team. guys like Roy, Durant, Rose, Mayo, Griffin, Bynum, Aldridge.

-- eyerah7

Its good Coach K is sticking around, hopefully we take the World Championships seriously next year, we haven't won Gold in the World Championships since 1994.

-- steel_reserve29

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In the immediate aftermath of the team's most recent championship, SportsNation was split as to whether or not the Lakers were favorites to repeat. But when the Cavaliers made their big move, literally, by adding Shaquille O'Neal to the mix, popular support swung in favor of LeBron James' team.

So what impact does Ron Artest have on things? Well, voters still think Artest would fit better alongside LeBron and Shaq, but it's no longer a contest for the top spot.

By a better than 2-to-1 margin, it's the Lakers for two.

And Artest's combustible past aside, voters not only think Dennis Rodman was more of a handful for Phil Jackson; they think a current member of the Lakers is more of a chore.


Great job hedo you went from playing for an elite team in the east to nearly playing for an up & coming portland squad to playing for a lottery team? The raptors will flirt with .500 at best and hedo can watch the playoffs from his cosmopolitan house enjoying the extra $$$ he has accepted for losing!

-- bos411

well i think the hedo deal was worth it for toranto yeah they have no shot at winning the whole thing but they are trying to put fans in the seats making the playoffs do that and hedo proved he is a playoff performer against the CAVS but when it comes down to it great pick up by the raptors

-- blackmatt86

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Two guys from Texas head to the Big Apple and a sports agent could be involved in the resolution. Now NBA free agency is ripping off "Friday Night Lights" for its plot lines. This is what happens when Carlos Boozer takes himself off the market in what was already a lean talent pool.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has followed Jason Kidd to New York in hopes of keeping the point guard from bolting to another team. And the Knicks, making do without Stephen Curry or Ricky Rubio, might be that team in an effort to layi the groundwork for wooing LeBron James next summer.

Actually, throw in Minka Kelly and we'd watch that.


I don't think Cuban has any bargaining chips...the knicks need a good point guard and he loves the big city. also it's pretty clear this is a strategic move to lure Lebron, he has said it himself Jason Kidd was the biggest influence on him as a player in high school and "dreamed" of playing with him. This is pure strategy, and it's a good one too. Bring Kidd in, give him a year to get aclamated, make the knicks better (which he would), and make it a much more favorable deal for Lebron next year.

-- amarebarkley

Kidd needs to's not even fun watching him play anymore. No matter what the experts say, he doesn't have much left.

-- adanperez

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