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The season's first meeting between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin will be a true frozen treat for all of those on hand in Pittsburgh Thursday night. And aside from some highlights, basically only for those on hand. The two biggest stats in the sport won't be on national television -- even though on a night that also features Kobe vs. LeBron, 38 percent of SportsNation would watch hockey if they could.

Which brings to mind the question of just how much these guys can really do for hockey?

Are Crosby and Ovechkin the kind of talents who can bridge the gap between the NHL and casual fans in the United States, or are they really only a reward to savor for those who already love the sport?


I'm not slighting Ovie at all. Even though I love to hate him I always acknowledge he is an awesome offensive player - maybe the best in the NHL. And, he is surely on the short list for MVP. BUT, if you compare the two this season - believe it or not - Sid has been more valuable for his team, which is one of the criteria for MVP.

-- dd17404

Who does Ovechkin run (cheapshot) tonight? Now that the Olympics are coming up , and mother Russia needs all it's players healthy, I dont think it will be Malkin.

-- stickman15010

Jim (DC)

Who wins [Thursday] Caps or Pens and why?

Scott Burnside
Scott Burnside

Jim: Caps. Theodore on a rainbow right now. Caps and their fans better enjoy it while they can. 4-3 in a shootout. Full transcript

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We don't wish ill on anyone. Actually, that's not true, but we don't wish ill on anyone relevant to this discussion. Nevertheless, injuries happen, and as we've seen time and again -- Tom Brady last season, Alex Rodriguez early in the MLB season and Alex Ovechkin in recent weeks, to name just a few -- they sometimes happen to the biggest of stars.

And so it was that the populace of Cleveland found itself holding its breath after LeBron James injured his wrist on a dunk against the Wizards. There's little reason at the moment to think it's a long-term issue, but it makes us wonder. Which team would take the biggest hit if it lost its star for an extended period?


That's what you get for dunking the ball so hard down by 17 to the Wizards. Why was he dunking like that? You're down 17 lay the ball up dont dunk where many of things can go wrong on a fast break where the nearest wizard player was on the bench.

-- ravenisthebest7

Lebron's MRI showed positive for having won zero championships.

-- treelocX

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The NHL regular season kicks off tonight, but we have to wait until Jan. 21 to get our first showdown between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin (in either a brilliant marketing stroke that will build anticipation to untold levels or the worst bit of scheduling this side of the Emmys). By a 71-29 percent margin, SportsNation feels the league would be better served by Ovechkin evening the championship score than by Crosby winning his second title. Regardless, the individual duel will rage on.

SportsNation blogger NYandMU likes Ovechkin and the Capitals to win the Eastern Conference, but the highest individual honors go to someone else entirely.


The Penguins are gonna run the East for a long long time considering the best two players in the world (Crosby and Malkin) are 22 and 23 respectively. Not to mention Staal is the youngest at 21. In the four/five years they have been in the league they have won 2 Prince of Whales trophies, 2 Hart Trophies (even though Malkin has been nominated the last three years but somehow loses to Ovechkin), a Conn Smythe, Rookie of the year X2, X2 Art Ross trophies, and a little thing called the Stanley Cup.

-- SteelMafia43

the only thing alexander ovechkin is good for.....fantasy hockey

-- pitthaus

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Ricky Rubio is just one of many. No, not potential point guards for the Timberwolves, although that's also true, come to think of it. Rubio, whenever he gets to the United States on a full-time basis, will be just one of many European athletes starring in North American professional sports leagues.

Everywhere you look, there's a guy with good taste in food, a certain worldly "je ne sais quoi" and jeans that are just a little too tight. Heck, Kobe Bryant makes more sense in Italian these days than Delonte West does in English most of the time.

Where once there was the occasional Swede on skates, there are now Europeans everywhere you look (not applicable to residents of Arkansas). Well, almost everywhere. Scotland's Lawrence Tynes isn't exactly leading an EU assault on the NFL.


This was such an incredibly stupid draft pick by Minnesota, just horrific. Did they not do their homework at all? This kid is locked into Europe for two more years, because of that buyout. Moreover, the adjustment period of going from Spanish ball to the NBA will probably take another three years. So this horrible team that cannot sell tickets, drafts a guy that will not really pay off at all (if he even does) for five years. Stupid organization!

-- TorreroX

Rubio should take a lesson from American athletes. He should go play for Joventut, complain about a nagging injury, put out an embarrassing Youtube video, become a locker-room cancer, and generally become a pain in the ####. Next thing you know they be paying him to leave!

-- karltkoch

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Earlier this week, Tony Kornheiser joked on "PTI" that Sidney Crosby ought to pull up to Alex Ovechkin's house and honk away until his rival came out to admire the Stanley Cup. The only problem is Ovechkin could now answer the door with his arms full of Hart Trophies.

A week after the Penguins stunned the Red Wings in Detroit, NHL luminaries gathered in Las Vegas (Las Vegas?) to hand out the season's other hardware. Winners included Columbus goalie Steve Mason as top rookie, Boston's Zdeno Chara as biggest human on skates (and best defenseman) and fellow Beantown resident Tim Thomas as top goalie.

They also included Ovechkin, who became the first player since Dominik Hasek more than a decade ago to win the Hart Trophy in back-to-back years as the league's MVP. And in SportsNation's eyes, winning the top individual honor twice by the age of 23 is more impressive than captaining the Stanley Cup champions at 21.


Malkin is the best player in the game today when you take everything into consideration (Crosby 2nd, Ovechkin 3rd). Ovechkin is the best offensive player in the NHL and I love how he hits and plays physical, but he can't play a stitch of defense. Crosby is a great player and can play all around, but his defense is just solid at best and his finishing skills need work. Malkin needs work on his finishing as well, but is ahead of Sid in that regard and he has really stepped up his defensive efforts over the past 2 years - especially the past 4 months.

-- skas412

If it were an award for point scoring- there wouldn't be voting. If it were an award for not turning it over- there wouldn't be voting. If it were an award for shooting percentage, shots taken, or assists- there wouldn't be voting. It is a SUBJECTIVE award based on perceived value to a players own team. In theory, a player could win the award without scoring a single goal- so don't throw individual stats out to compare.

-- vweaver69

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