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Chad Ochocinco is still a member of the Bengals, Anquan Boldin is still a member of the Cardinals and Brett Favre is still indecisive. So not much has changed since last we left the NFL, right? Terrell Owens is in Bills camp talking about the unfairness of any further delay in Michael Vick's comeback? Right, so maybe not everything is right where we left it.

As incredibly wealthy people move into college dorm rooms across the country for the rite of passage that is training camp (or orientation at Sarah Lawrence College, take your pick), there are more than a few familiar faces in new places. Back in May, SportsNation gave the Eagles the highest marks for their offseason moves, but considering first-round pick Jeremy Maclin remains unsigned as camp approaches, they may not even be among the best shoppers in their own city if the Phillies find a way to tack on Roy Halladay on top of the Flyers adding Chris Pronger.

Offseason acquisitions are one topic on the agenda for today's "SportsNation" (4 p.m. ET, ESPN2), but how does your scorecard look for moves like the Redskins signing Albert Haynesworth and the Bears trading for Jay Cutler?

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If you're going to sign a guy to a six-year, $63 million contract, do it the day after a team gave the same contract to a quarterback who never started a game in college.

A moral of limited use in your everyday life? Perhaps, but that's apparently the lesson SportsNation is offering in the wake of the Ravens' keeping pass-rusher extraordinaire Terrell Suggs in the fold for the next six seasons (hypothetically, at least, given the nature of NFL contracts; let's just say voters aren't sure he'll be around in 2015).

But if the 'Nation thinks Suggs is a safer investment than Matt Cassel, does it mean he's one of the best pass-rushers in the NFL? Because if that's the only qualification, Citibank might be one of the NFL's best pass-rushers.


D. Ware is smiling from ear to ear right now. He should send Suggs a thank you card.

-- Ashy-Larry

That's a lot of pressure to perform. You know the more you earn the more the company and people expect from you, except if you're a CEO of a company that deals with mortgages, stocks, or any other financial institution.

-- sfirx

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"SportsNation" TV plans to use every pitcher on the staff today, including All-Star hosts Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd.

Share your pitches, swing at the knuckleball ideas, vote on the biggest stories of the day and chat during the show on ESPN2 at 4 p.m. ET.

Brock Lesnar

With the proper training, could Shaq beat Brock Lesnar?
We're not asking whether Shaq would survive 30 seconds, like 26 percent of you said you could do yesterday. Could the big guy actually beat the UFC champ?

President Obama

What do you think about the broadcast of President Obama's first pitch?
It didn't make the pitch look any faster or higher off the ground, but the odd angle did cause some watching the All-Star Game to cry conspiracy.

Nate Robinson

Would you play in Greece if you could make twice as much money?
Knicks guard Nate Robinson reportedly has a two-year offer from Olympiakos, the team that lured Josh Childress to Athens.


Does seeing your team's players having fun with rivals bother you?
Fans demonstrate daily how much they hate rival teams and fans. And then come the All-Star games, during which the guys are buddy-buddy.

Matt Cassel

Is Randy Moss responsible for Matt Cassel's success?
The Chiefs are going to pay their new quarterback more than $60 million over six years, expecting him to be more than a one-season wonder.

Tim Wakefield

And our final question …
An 11-3 record wasn't enough to get the 42-year-old knuckleballer into the game, even though his first All-Star appearance might also be his last. Should he have gotten a chance?

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Fans in Kansas City were a tad steamed that Zack Greinke didn't get the start for the American League in the All-Star Game. But at slightly less than $4 million this season, the Royals' ace would have been a bargain in that role. By contrast, the Chiefs are paying Matt Cassel like they expect him to make more than a few Pro Bowl starts for the AFC.

Getting Cassel from the Patriots didn't cost the Chiefs much, but keeping him in the fold for the next six seasons will cost more than $60 million after the deal the quarterback signed Tuesday. Does Pete Carroll get a cut of that for resting his arm at USC?


What those with actual knowledge are saying:'s John Clayton: "Philip Rivers and Eli Manning are in the final years of their contracts. If they get long-term deals, the price of signing quarterbacks goes that much higher. The time was right to do a deal. This was an important negotiation for the team, and the Chiefs did well."'s Steve Wyche: "K.C.'s trade of Tony Gonzalez left Haley and Cassel with Dwayne Bowe, an emerging stud, and Bobby Engram, a veteran who isn't Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald. The lack of options could be more of an indicator of Cassel's 2009 season than his overall skills and his ability to grasp [Todd] Haley's offense."


that's a lot of money/time to invest in a kid after seeing him start only one year in belicheat's system with moss and welker to throw to

-- PhillyNovaNation

Cassel will have the pressure but not the experience. He did well in New England knowing he just had to do OK, they didn't expect him to take over games. Now he is being paid to carry the team. He has never done that.


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