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The National Football League's tentative $765 million settlement with retired players who sued the league over concussion-related brain injuries got a cautious reception Thursday from current and former players on Twitter.

For players like Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush and Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe, the settlement is not the last word in the issue, but a first step.

However, former players' union president and retired center Kevin Mawae pointed out the settlement is dwarfed by the money the league is expected to make over the next 12 years.

Others, including Kluwe and current ESPN NFL analyst Damien Woody, wondered what the settlement might mean for the NFL and its players going forward.

Former Seahawks, Raiders and Giants linebacker Aaron Curry, who retired from the NFL on Wednesday, said the settlement money won't buy back the things that brain injuries take away.

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The Dolphins and the Jets play one another this Sunday, but the battle of words between the two teams has already started. Reacting to Reggie Bush's Week 3 comment about karma being involved in Darrelle Revis' season-ending injury, Rex Ryan has called on Bush to apologize to the sidelined cornerback. Does Bush need to say he's sorry?

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Reggie Bush has, belatedly, returned his Heisman Trophy as a consequence of his role in a scandal that resulted in harsh penalties handed down to USC. Should he have had to give his hardware back?

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An athlete is relocating to Miami for professional reasons. There, isn't that better than telling you that Reggie Bush is taking his talents to South Beach? Bush has reportedly signed off on the particulars that will allow the Saints to trade him to the Dolphins as soon as it's officially allowed. Like a former Heisman winner who left the Saints a few years ago, the question now is, does Bush leave as a bust? Rank 'Em: Successful Heisman winners.

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What's your definition of a bust?

The No. 2 pick in the 2006 NFL draft, Bush has never rushed for more than 565 yards in a season -- but he has caught 294 passes and produced 33 total touchdowns as an all-purpose back.


Is Bush defined by Kim Kardashian?

Bush is no longer involved with Kim Kardashian, but does his place in pop culture define him more than anything else?


Is Bush ready for a new role?

If unrestricted free agents Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are out of the mix in Miami, how will second-round pick Daniel Thomas (pictured) and Bush handle the load?


Is third time the Heisman charm?

The Saints never seem short on Heisman-winning backs (vacated or otherwise). Following in the footsteps of Williams and Bush is Mark Ingram.


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