Hours before the United States' game against Japan in the Women's World Cup final, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson paused a workout to send a message to the team.

He still made this clear: "This is not a video to inspire you in any way. You guys are already inspired, you're already there, you're already in that head space. You know the opportunity that's in front of you. This video is just to let you know how much you've inspired me."

He also got a little excited -- unable to stop himself from cursing a couple of times. Check it out:


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Captain Ben Chancey is one brave guy.

The angler hooked an impressive shark ... but then it capsized his boat.

Leading him to do this:

After swimming to safety, Chancey hopped back in his boat and proceeded to catch the shark. Because that's the natural reaction to a shark knocking you into the water, right?

Captain Chancey: 1 Shark: 0

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LaMarcus Aldridge, sources told ESPN, was not impressed with the Los Angeles Lakers' free-agent pitch late Tuesday night.

Specifically, one source told ESPN's Chris Broussard, Aldridge thought the presentation was too off-court focused, with the basketball portion underwhelming. According to the Los Angeles Times, the negative feelings about the basketball side had to do with the Lakers' lack of focus on analytics (a subject ESPN.com's Baxter Holmes tackled in February).

Kobe Bryant? A team official told the Times that the trouble wasn't his fault at all. According to ESPN's report, Bryant told Aldridge their dynamic in Los Angeles would be similar to Bryant's and Pau Gasol's during their two championship runs.

Still, speculation lingers that Aldridge has crossed the Lakers off of his list. After the reports surfaced, Kobe tweeted this:

We can't say for sure who he was referring to. (We're also not sure why he got the crop wrong on that meme.)

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The U.S. beat Germany 2-0 in the Women's World Cup semifinals, sending American Twitter into an explosion of enthusiasm.

Landon Donovan, though, appeared to use the moment to take a veiled dig at U.S. men's manager Jurgen Klinsmann.

That could be in reference to Donovan being left off the U.S. roster for the 2014 World Cup.

And it was far from the only time Donovan tweeted positively about the 35-year-old Wambach who, like Donovan, was central to one of the most important moments in U.S. soccer history, but has seen her role diminish due to the inevitable onset of age (Wambach played about 10 minutes Tuesday).

Well, another big name in American soccer wasn't about to let that slide:

Alexi Lalas? More like Alexi LOLOLs. That tweet has more burn than the original name of MLS's Dallas franchise.

Donovan did respond, likely referring to the fact that Lalas picked Germany to win 2-0:

On Wednesday morning, Donovan followed up with this:

We'll just leave this here: The U.S. men finished behind eventual champion Germany but ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal and 2010 quarterfinalist Ghana in their World Cup group, then lost to Belgium in extra time in the round of 16.

Whether that proves Klinsmann right or wrong is up to you.

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Brian Urlacher left the NFL in 2012, after a 13-year, eight-Pro Bowl, defensive player of the year-winning career with the Chicago Bears.

Let's check in on what the former linebacker is doing now, via his Twitter account:

Yes, Urlacher is pretty into this fishing thing. According to the Naples Daily News, he and some business partners own a charter boat called "The Linebreaker" and based in southwest Florida.

The name isn't just a simple play on Urlacher's former position. Via Kelly Merritt, in 2011:

On a fishing trip prior to Urlacher purchasing his boat, the line kept snapping from the big fish they were catching. One of the guys on the boat said, "You're not a linebacker -- you're a line breaker," and the name was born.

It doesn't seem the line was breaking too much on those catches, though.

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