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The Cleveland Cavaliers' J.R. Smith shoots 3-pointers. Often effectively, sometimes indiscriminately, but not always exclusively ... until Sunday, when all three of those factors converged for the most J.R. Smith game of all time.

In a 99-94 win over the Chicago Bulls, Smith had the following box score:

J.R. SmithESPN

Yes, that's 17 3-point attempts without shooting a 2. And that's an NBA record:

The previous record, according to Elias, was 13, done three times before (Ryan Anderson in 2012-13, Voshon Lenard in 1996-97 and Mookie Blaylock in 1995-96).

Smith also contributed to LeBron James' first triple-double in more than a year, knocking down five 3s from James passes.

Oh, and one of Smith's eight 3-point makes was this halftime buzzer-beater from 40 feet:


In short: Cleveland is probably happy it acquired Smith from the New York Knicks this season.

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After missing a pair of free throws late in the Cavaliers' 105-103 overtime loss to the Rockets on Sunday, LeBron James posted this introspective mirror selfie to Instagram:

What was running through LeBron's mind? SportsNation sparked a #LeBronMirrorThoughts trend to answer that question. Possibilities include:

I still don't understand the color of #TheDress:

My son would've made those free throws:

Wow, DeAndre Jordan actually had a higher free throw percentage than me Sunday:


I feel like Stuart Smalley:


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LeBron James is too old for the dunk contest? The King said it, but Marcellus Wiley is crying foul.

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Before and after their game Monday, the Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves traded barbs on Twitter via Spotify playlists.

Naturally, this started a trend, as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade made their own playlists for each other before the Miami Heat visited the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night. And although these* were shared privately, our sources within the NBA leaked them to us.

Here they are:

*Note: Playlists might not be real.

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Kyrie Irving is already doing good things with the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers. But whatever, we knew that was coming.

This Nerf dunk, though?

IMPRESSIVE. I mean, it's Nerf, so who knows how high up that hoop is. Also, while the pass from teammate/fellow New Jerseyan (and Florida Gators guard) Eli Carter was sweet, poor friend/stranded defender Jux Jones had no chance on that 2-on-1.

Still, something tells us we might see something like this a time or two at the Q this year. Not with a Nerf ball, though. That would be illegal.

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