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It's understandable for a fan to want Stephen Curry's autograph. He's the NBA MVP, after all, and he just led the Golden State Warriors to their first title in 40 years.

But there's a line. It should go without saying. But apparently, not everyone knows the rules, so Curry took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain:

Fans, don't do that to athletes.

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Though never an All-Star, the late Manute Bol was an NBA legend, known for his incredible height (7-foot-7) and shot-blocking prowess (he averaged a stunning 5.0 per game as a rookie).

His son, Bol Bol, a 6-foot-10 (or is it 6-foot-11?) big man from Bishop Miege High School in suburban Kansas City, shows similar promise as a rim protector -- but his game has so much more. As evidenced by his latest mixtape, he can hit 3s -- be they spot-up or pull-up -- go coast-to-coast with the dribble and drive to the basket like a wing.

Check it out. That move at 3:35 is just sweet.

Now, he just finished his freshman year, so he's naturally got to sharpen a lot of these skills before we can declare him the next Kevin Durant; that shooting motion in particular brings Shawn Marion to mind (although The Matrix often made it work).

But Bol isn't just noteworthy because of his dad and his size; it's early, but he's got a five-star rating by ESPN and is ranked No. 19 in the Class of 2018.

H/T SB Nation

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For her third birthday, Riley Curry -- daughter of NBA MVP Stephen Curry-slash-probable most famous person related to basketball -- melted hearts and servers by breaking out The Whip and the Nae Nae.

Well, Leah Still -- ESPYS Jimmy V award honoree and daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still -- was not about to stand by silently.

In the paraphrased words of Billy Zane, it's a dance-off!

Now, we're not experts so we can't possibly pick a winner. But watch this space; this challenge might escalate.

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David Lee is a popular figure in the Bay Area.

He didn't play the biggest role in the Golden State Warriors' 2014-15 title run. But after his arrival in 2010, the forward was hugely important in restoring respectability to the moribund franchise. And hey, according to Steve Kerr he paid for the team's post-championship trip to Las Vegas.

So is it any wonder that, after news broke of his trade to the Boston Celtics, Lee was met with much love from teammates, including this heartwarming tweet from Stephen Curry? Wait a second, is Steph trolling the 32-year-old?

Yes, Curry included video of him blocking the 6-foot-9 forward when the latter was a member of the New York Knicks. The title of the video on YouTube? "Stephen Curry blocks David Lee and David Lee cries about it"!

That is ... fantastic. You know what they say: A lighthearted trolling is the sign of a strong friendship.

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Warriors NightclubAP Photo/Al Powers

After their championship the Golden State Warriors, as you do, flew as a team to Las Vegas for a celebration.

They hit some big clubs, including Marquee (pictured above). "Chaperoned" by non-drinker Andre Iguodala, they had a good time, according to the NBA Finals MVP.

And, as revealed by coach Steve Kerr on Tuesday's The Lowe Post podcast, it was all courtesy of veteran David Lee.

"I thought it was great that the team went to Vegas together," Kerr said. "David Lee treated the whole team, by the way. He flew them out there. He put them up in hotels. It was an incredibly generous gesture by David."

Especially because Lee, an All-Star as recently as 2013, saw his minutes slashed drastically as the team he's been with since 2010-11 ascended to the top of the league. Lee played just 49 regular-season games, started four, and averaged 18.4 minutes, 7.9 points and 5.2 rebounds per game after posting 33.2, 18.2 and 9.3 a season ago. In the playoffs Lee sat out eight games, and averaged less than 10 minutes per in the four Finals contests he did appear in.

"That was sort of what David and I talked about throughout the season, when things were not going well," Kerr said. "And he kept telling me, 'I just want to win a championship. I've never done that. I want to win. This is frustrating but I want to be a part of it. And I thought he handled himself really well."

Lee reportedly might have played his last game for the Warriors. But that's not a bad way to go out.

Find The Lowe Post on the Grantland podcasts page.

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