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Milwaukee Bucks veteran swingman Jared Dudley was at ESPN on Wednesday and, in the spirit of his #nextcareer claim, he did not hold back on his opinions.

When asked about the most overrated player during an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Dudley quickly named Carmelo Anthony.


But perhaps Dudley's most eye-opening take was on Kobe Bryant, whose shoot-first (and second, and third) ways, Dudley said, are why "it'll [take] a while for the Lakers to get good, because no stars ... want to go there."


Naturally, there was some backlash -- a little about Melo, but mostly about Kobe. Dudley addressed it.

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Dell and Stephen CurryElsa/Getty Images

The 2015 NBA MVP, Stephen Curry, is really good at basketball. Tell us something we don't know.

So it shouldn't come as a big surprise that he was a baller back in middle school as well. In Lee Jenkins' Sports Illustrated profile on the NBA superstar, Dell Curry (Stephen's father) reveals that he had to excuse himself from his son's eighth-grade basketball game in which he dropped 63 points. Why? Simply because Steph was making the other team look foolish:

"All these people were coming in to see what was going on, and there was so much commotion, it seemed like he was never going to stop," former NBA marksman Dell Curry recalls. "I had to get out of there. I felt bad for the other team. I couldn't watch what he was doing to those kids."

At least his eighth-grade foes can sleep easy knowing it wasn't them, it was Steph Curry.

Check out the full profile for more stories about the baby-faced assassin.

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Rapper Lil B might not be a household name at the level of Jay Z or Kanye West, but the Bay Area-born man also known as The Based God carries much power in NBA circles.

Which is why the following tweet and subsequent comment to TMZ are big deals.

And, to TMZ: "If Harden doesn't tell what he is doing, which is the Lil B cooking dance, he will be cursed. He needs to stop stealing Lil B swag without showing love."

Lil B of course is referring to this dance from James Harden, which caught on late in the Houston Rockets' season, as well as the rapper's dance from his song "I Cook" (whose NSFW video we can't embed here):

But why is this a big deal? Because Lil B's curses work.

Just ask Kevin Durant.

Years ago the Oklahoma City Thunder star tweeted the following:

Lil B was not pleased.

So far? One MVP, sure, but no titles, only one NBA Finals trip, and this season an injury that helped keep the Thunder almost incomprehensibly out of the playoffs.


Note: There's a LOT more to this story, including a diss track, a temporary lifting of the curse, a return of the curse, a proposed truce, taking credit for the injury, and much more. Grantland broke it down last year -- warning, much NSFW language -- and Lil B commented on the injury this season.

Now, TMZ says Lil B is giving Harden until after Game 3 of the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors before the curse comes into effect ... although the consequences likely would have to be greater than losing to the Warriors, which is a probable outcome even without a curse.

(But that doesn't mean Lil B is wrong! Please don't curse us, Based God!)

UPDATE: It appears Lil B did not wait until Game 3 to make his presence felt.

Toward the end of Game 2, Harden had the chance to win, but mishandled the play.

And then:

Lil B clarified that this is just a warning, but ... point taken.

UPDATE PART II: And apparently it's a point well-taken by at least one NBA franchise. The Atlanta Hawks, one of four teams left standing in the playoffs, aren't taking any chances.

On Friday afternoon, their social media team pleaded mercy to the Based God:


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J.R. Smith might not have led the Cleveland Cavaliers in scoring Wednesday night; LeBron James dropped 31 as the Cavs beat the Atlanta Hawks 97-89 in Eastern Conference finals Game 1.

But the 3-point specialist -- who has literally said his motto is "When in doubt, shoot the ball" -- caught the eye with his 28-point outburst that included 8-of-12 shooting from distance.

Naturally, a lot of people watching at home -- some of them who have an equally indiscriminate approach to shooting -- loved it:

Not everyone liked it, though.

Game 2 of the J.R. Smith Experience (and rest of the Eastern Conference finals) is Friday.

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On Monday, Carmelo Anthony sat down with the good people of Facebook to answer all the hard-hitting questions. That is, all the questions he could answer in 60 seconds. Throughout this brief-yet-entertaining Q&A, Melo gave us some insight into what we all have been longing to know. Check it out:

Business as usual.

Posted by Carmelo Anthony on Monday, May 18, 2015

If a biopic of Melo is ever created, who would play the lead? He chose Will Smith, and now we can't help but envision the "I Am Legend" star rocking one of Melo's signature floppy hats while Spike Lee calls the shots from the director's chair. Sort of overwhelming, yet sort of awesome. One can dream.

The NBA star also let us all in on another secret. No, he didn't betray the East Coast (he chose Biggie over Tupac) and he refused to be baited into voicing favoritism for one NYC icon over another (Nas or Jay Z). But he let us in on his fear of cats. House cats? Wild cats? Who knows, but the thought of Melo running the other direction in fear of a furry feline is highly amusing.

It is also amusing that he said he enjoys playing basketball in Los Angeles, because clearly that means he wants to be traded there, right? He really should be more discreet.

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