Who turns you on?

Updated: December 5, 2002, 2:40 PM ET

We couldn't quite believe our eyes on Sunday -- it was Mike Vick, the Falcons QB, circling out of the backfield and shooting 46 yards past the Vikings' defenders, through the end zone and into the tunnel in overtime. He was one vs. eleven, a man against boys.

Vick's spectacular season raises the question, is he the most exciting athlete in sports today? Check out our photo gallery of the most electrifying athletes in sports, and vote in the poll to the left.

Barry Bonds
The single-season home run champ can get around on anyone's fastball, and he's the most feared hitter in the game.

Kobe Bryant
Bryant is the Air Apparent, a former dunk champion who can get his shot off anytime. He's ice cool and fiery hot, all at once.

Brett Favre
Is toughness electrifying? It is when the Packers quarterback is looking to make a game-breaking play.

Allen Iverson
A.I., the 2000-01 MVP, is the Kamikaze Kid, the little man fearless in the face of the NBA's giants.

Randy Johnson
The Big Unit's fastball is usually a blur to hitters, who went back to the dugout 334 times this past season.

Mario Lemieux
NHL fans know that Mario means magic. He's the game's greatest since Gretzky.

Tracy McGrady
T-Mac can do it all, with a grace and style all his own. And people still talk about his dunk in the 2002 All-Star Game, when he alley-ooped a pass off the glass to himself.

Mike Vick
Vick has the legs of a sprinter and a cannon for an arm, and he's changing the NFL game singlehandedly.

Serena Williams
Venus' "little" sister packs a combination of power and passion rarely seen in tennis or any other sport.

Tiger Woods
With his spectacular shot-making and fist-pumping style, Tiger has made golf exciting for a whole new generation of sports fans.