Did Earl Woods change your approach to sports?

Updated: May 3, 2006, 6:46 PM ET

The late Earl Woods helped change not only the game of golf through the development of his son Tiger, but how parents groom children as athletes. As golf writer Ron Sirak noted, "The story is well known that Tiger was introduced to the game when, as an infant, Earl plopped his son into a high chair and had him watch his father hit golf balls into a net in their California garage. Earl's theory was to teach the swing osmosis." It was considered a radical measure at the time, but it worked - and Earl never forced the game on his son.

If you the parent of a small child who has followed Earl Woods' example, tell ESPN your story. What type of measures are you taking to prepare your child for sports, and at what age did you begin? What worked and what didn't work at the very earliest ages?

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