Panthers Win SportsCenter's Ultimate Playoffs

Updated: July 7, 2006, 9:36 AM ET

Jake Delhomme
Jake Delhomme had 24 touchdown passes in 2005.
The Carolina Panthers have won the Super Bowl! OK, not that Super Bowl. But SportsCenter's Ultimate Playoff Super Bowl, as viewed by analysts Mark Schlereth, Mike Golic and Sean Salisbury.

SportsCenter ranked all 32 NFL teams in key categories -- QBs, RBs, pass catchers, rushing defense and passing defense. The unit rankings were used to determine overall rankings, which were then used in a simulated playoffs. The Carolina Panthers defeated the Washington Redskins in the divisional round, Seattle Seahawks in the conference championship and edged the New England Patriots for the title.

The results of SportsCenter's rankings as well as the bracket for the playoffs can be found below. You can vote on each matchup to see how your opinion compares to that of the analysts.

In addition to the expert analysis, we also asked you to rank the teams in each key category and overall.

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  • Chat wrap: Mark Schlereth
    Which team has the best overall depth in the NFL?

  • Chat wrap: Mike Golic
    How will the 2006 season play out?

    SportsCenter's Ultimate Depth Chart Playoffs
    (Bracket represents analyst picks. Click to vote.)
    Wild Card Round
    Monday, July 3
    Divisional Playoffs
    Tuesday, July 4
    Conference Championships
    Wednesday, July 5
    Super Bowl
    Thursday, July 6
    Baltimore Ravens vs.
    New England Patriots
    New England Patriots vs.
    Indianapolis Colts
    New England Patriots vs.
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    New England Patriots vs.
    Carolina Panthers
    Kansas City Chiefs vs.
    Denver Broncos
    Kansas City Chiefs vs.
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Atlanta Falcons vs.
    Washington Redskins
    Washington Redskins vs.
    Carolina Panthers
    Carolina Panthers vs.
    Seattle Seahawks
    Dallas Cowboys vs.
    Chicago Bears
    Dallas Cowboys vs.
    Seattle Seahawks

    SportsCenter's Ultimate Depth Chart
    Rank QBs RBs Pass catchers Pass defense Run defense Overall
    1. Patriots Chargers Colts Panthers Chargers Panthers
    2. Colts Chiefs Cardinals Redskins Panthers Seahawks
    3. Seahawks Seahawks Redskins Bears Ravens Redskins
    4. Panthers Falcons Bengals Ravens Steelers Patriots
    5. Chiefs Giants Cowboys Seahawks Bears Steelers
    6. Eagles Redskins Giants Colts Broncos Ravens
    7. Falcons Bengals Panthers Jaguars Patriots Colts
    8. Bengals Saints Rams Bucs Seahawks Giants
    9. Steelers Panthers Chargers Steelers Bucs Bengals
    10. Broncos Bucs Steelers Patriots Cardinals Broncos
    11. Rams Steelers Patriots Giants Cowboys Cardinals
    12. Dolphins Ravens Broncos Falcons Jaguars Falcons
    13. Ravens Broncos Saints Cardinals Dolphins Dolphins
    14. Redskins Patriots Seahawks Dolphins Redskins Cowboys
    15. Packers Dolphins Raiders Eagles Giants Chargers
    16. Giants Vikings Texans Cowboys Colts Bucs
    17. Jaguars Bears Dolphins Vikings Vikings Bears
    18. Saints Cardinals Ravens Bengals Falcons Chiefs
    19. Cowboys Rams Vikings Broncos Browns Jaguars
    20. Vikings Cowboys Jaguars Jets 49ers Vikings
    21. Bucs Bills Browns Texans Bengals Rams
    22. Cardinals Texans Chiefs 49ers Bills Saints
    23. Bears Jets Titans Browns Jets Eagles
    24. Lions Browns Lions Chiefs Eagles Texans
    25. Texans Jaguars Bucs Packers Chiefs Browns
    26. Jets Colts Packers Bills Packers Jets
    27. Titans Titans Falcons Titans Titans Packers
    28. Raiders Raiders Jets Lions Rams Bills
    29. Bills Lions Bears Rams Texans Titans
    30. Chargers Packers Bills Saints Lions Raiders
    31. 49ers Eagles Eagles Chargers Saints Lions
    32. Browns 49ers 49ers Raiders Raiders 49ers