Dominion over all

Originally Published: December 27, 2006

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By Keith Davis
Football in the Old Dominion is a very rich and deep tradition. When the local high school teams take the field on Friday night, young and old come out to cheer on their own.

Keith Davis

I still e-mail my high school coaches before the Lee High game (I played for Fort Defiance) to wish them good luck and to ensure that they let the guys know how important that game is.

Saturdays in Virginia are made for college football. There is nothing like going to a Division III game. It's a family affair. It's like going to a lawn party.

I went to Bridgewater College, and I love going to the game against Hampden-Sydney. It's the best.

I've always viewed Hampden-Sydney as a little elitist, and there's nothing better than seeing that smugness fade into exasperation and discontent.

And then there's Virginia and Virginia Tech. In this state you are either a Wahoo or a Hokie. I sing "The Good Old Song."

From the Shenandoah Valley to Tidewater to NoVA and Southwest VA, the kids that play football in Virginia can hold their own against any other state.

As Broadway Joe said, I guarantee it.

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