Vote: What does your team need?

Which positional need does your team need to address in the first round of NFL draft?

Updated: April 1, 2008, 5:48 PM ET

The NFL draft is right around the corner! And with NFL teams adding and losing players through free agency, it is time to determine which positional needs your team must address in April's draft.

Should the Dolphins take Matt Ryan (pictured) with the No. 1 overall pick, or is there a better option? Which team should snap up incredible Arkansas running back Darren McFadden? And should the Patriots draft a top corner to make up for the loss of Asante Samuel?

That's what we want to find out. Simply click on the team logos below to vote on each team's biggest positional need. Vote now and see how your opinion stacks up with the rest of SportsNation.

Team need options are determined by Scouts Inc.

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