Vote: Which fans are pulling for which team?

SportsNation: As a fan of your favorite team, who do you want to win the SB?

Updated: April 17, 2008, 12:33 PM ET

The season started with 32 teams dreaming of a trip to Glendale in February. Now, we're down to the two that realized that vision, SportsNation. Whether your team is still in it or not, we need your votes.

ESPN The Magazine wants to know which team you want to win Super Bowl XLII. And they also want to know which fans are voting for which team.

So, we've got all the teams below. Click on your favorite team then vote for whom you want to win Super Bowl XLII! The results will appear in the next issue of The Mag!

NFC fans, vote here!
NFC North NFC South NFC West

AFC fans, vote here!
AFC North AFC South AFC West

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