Chat: 25 Hours of College Football!


John David Booty leads USC into the 2007 season with a preseason No. 1 ranking.Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday (and Thursday!), SportsNation and a plethora of college football experts chatted for 25 straight hours leading up to the first college football game of the season.

In conjunction with the chat, ESPN aired 25 Hours of College Football, which included six special editions of College Football Live and extensive college football programming on all of ESPN's other regularly scheduled programming. The 25 hours ended at 8 p.m. ET Thursday with the first night of football with No. 2 LSU taking on Mississippi State.

Throughout the 25-hour block, chatters benefitted from the expertise of analysts from across the country including Ivan Maisel, Mark Schlabach, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper. They also talked to players like USC's Lawrence Jackson, Maryland's Erin Henderson and Northern Illinois' Larry English.

Did you miss the marathon chat? Here is a list of everyone who chatted! Just click on the names to be directed to the start of that person's chat!

ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel
Maryland LB Erin Henderson
ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach
USC DE Lawrence Jackson
ACC reporter Jorge Milian of the Palm Beah (Fla.) Post
David Curtis of the Orlando Sentinal
SEC reporter Ron Higgins of Commercial Appeal in Memphis
Hawaii radio voice Bobby Curran
Pac-10 reporter Ted Miller of Seattle Post-Intelligencer
ESPN college football host Rece Davis
ESPN BCS expert Brad Edwards
ESPN analyst Bob Davie
Big 12 reporter Tim Griffin of San Antonio Express-News
ESPN Insider Todd McShay
ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper
Big East reporter Joe Starkey of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Northern Illinois DE Larry English
ESPN.com's Pat Forde
ESPN college football programming executive Dave Brown
Notre Dame/non-BCS with Adam Rittenberg of Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald
ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach
ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman

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SportsNation Buzzmaster: The world is awaiting this moment. We're quickly approaching 24 hours until the first college football game of the year! Join us at 7 p.m. ET as we start the clock and countdown to the LSU-Mississippi State game Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET!

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: One small hour for man, one giant leap for college football. Let's go, people!!

Brady (Dallas,Texas): Whats up with the people picking OU over UT this year in the Big 12? UT has one of the nations top offenses along with a pretty stout D.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Speaking as one of those people, I think Oklahoma was better than their record last year, has a lot coming back on both sides of the ball, and has something to prove. Texas is dangerously thin in some important spots. As in, Mack Brown is putting his state troopers in charge of Colt McCoy.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I made that up. The state troopers, not being thin at quarterback.

Jonathan Lustig: Louisvill, KY:
I am a huge University of Louisville fan. I was wondering, if you were selecting for the BCS title game, would you take an undefeated Louisvile or a one loss SEC team?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: As high as Louisville is ranked to start the season, the chance is that if they remain undefeated they will go to New Orleans whether there's an SEC team with one loss or not.

James (Tucson, AZ): Which departed defensive player will Michigan miss the most? (LaMarr Woodley, Alan Branch, David Harris, Leon Hall, or Rondell Biggs)

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I think Alan Branch. I know how well Woodley played on the edge last season, but Branch is the guy who freed him up to do that.

Jason (Las Cruces, NM): You guys are sick!! How am I suppose to get any sleep tonight? You are taking advantage of college football junkie who hasn't had a fix in a long time.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: We aim to please.

Scott (Eugene, OR): Ivan, give me your prediction for the Oregon Ducks this year. I think with our new OC Chip Kelly promising to give Stewart more carries this year, and our favorable schedule we could sneak up on some people. Also, tell Gameday to come to Autzen, its been six years since they've made the trip

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Maybe I've been listening to too many coaches, but Dixon missing summer workouts to strike out for cash has me a little uneasy. I like Oregon, though. I think the league is really strong through the top six.

Michael (phx): I've asked this question before and I haven't gotten an answer, so I'm asking it again. Which is more likely this season: USC loses 3 games or Duke wins 3 games?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I love this question. It's philsophy in shoulder pads. I would say it's more likely that Duke wins three games. Who knows? It could happen.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Couldn't it?

Fred(Kansas City): If Greg Robinson has another bad year at Syracuse is he out?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I don't think so. The schedule is difficult and the team is young. The good news is he has recruited talent to play his schemes. It's tough to run the west coast offense with an option quarterback.

Joe (State College, PA): If Penn State can knock off Michigan in the big house, what are their chances of winning the Big Ten with a favorable home schedule?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I'd say pretty good. It's interesting that Penn State must play Michigan so early, I can't imagine that FIU and Buffalo, which won two games between them last season, will help the Nittany Lions get ready for the 'Rines in any way.

Ted (New England): Is Darren McFadden the clear runaway favorite as heisman winner?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I would say he's a favorite. I don't think it's clear. And in this day and age, the Heisman candidates have to perform. Sure, the preseason candidates have a head start, but they have to get it done on the field.

Mike (Columbus, Ohio): I know I live in the wrong city (I hate Ohio State)... but regardless... do you think I'm crazy for thinking that my Irish will go atleast 2-2, if not 3-1. in the big four games against USC, Michigan, UCLA, Penn State?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Crazy, no. Deluded, perhaps. I have enough confidence in Charlie Weis to believe that he will get ND in position to win. But the Irish under Weis haven't beaten teams with better talent. And of those four teams, I'm not sure where ND comes out ahead.

Bobby Champaign: I've heard that Juice Williams from Illinois could be a very good Quarterback, but i never hear anything about the Illinois program on ESPN. I was Just wondering what kind of numbers is he projected to get?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I can't speak for everyone at ESPN -- thank goodness -- but I'm in a wait-and-see mode about Illinois. I think Juice Williams has a lot of talent. But the Illini, as young as they are, are going to endure some growing pains.

Brandon (Worcester,MA): How good of a quarterback is Matt Ryan,Ivan?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Very good. I think you'll hear a lot about him between Jan. and April -- draft time. Ryan is one of the five best QBs this season in my book.

Demetrius Raliegh, North Carolina: Is this Percy Harvin kid as good as he's talked about?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: It depends. If you're in Florida, no, because he really doesn't know how to cure cancer. Everywhere else, yes, he's that good.

Adam (Seattle, Wa): With freshmen QB Jake Locker taking over at the UW, and Willingham staring to hit his stride, what do you think the future holds for the Huskies?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Locker and Washington are one of the most interesting stories in the nation this year. He has big-time potential but the Huskies schedule is tough and their experience is low.

Scott (Iowa City, Iowa): Without playing Ohio State or Michigan, what are Iowas chances of winning the Big Ten. I know we have to go on the road to Wisconsin and Penn State, but, what's your thought Ivan?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I actually wish that Iowa played those teams. I think the Hawkeyes will rebound this season but it will be tough to measure how good they are without those games.

Mike (Austin, Tx.): Now that the ball will be placed on the 30 yard line for kickoffs, how will that affect the college game this season?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Huge, say the coaches. I suppose they are right. But they have been complaining so much and for so long that I am beginning to wonder if it's really THAT bad. I can't wait to find out.

Lewis (Atlanta, Georgia): What are the chances USC is overrated and wont win the national championship. Lets remember the number 2 team has won the title four of the last five years.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I'd say the chances are very good. When all the experts say one thing, it usually doesn't happen.

David (Fort Worth, Texas): Is Tommy Blake of TCU the best DE in college this year? And what are the chances TCU makes a BCS game this year?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I think Blake is on the short list of DEs, and I think TCU is this year's Boise State, only with more defense.

Danny Z (Tucson, AZ: So are the 'zona Wildcats gonna finally make it to a bowl game? Is their defense going to be strong enough to carry this team again?!?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I think Arizona gets to a bowl game this year. The schedule doesn't have LSU and USC in the first month of the season. The physical toll the beginning of the schedule took on the 'Cats last year lasted almost into November. I like how they bounced back at the end of the season.

Zack A. (Cumberland, MD): Hey, Ivan! What do you think of the Terps this year. How about the QB situation... Portis or Steffy

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: You're asking me to second-guess Ralph about his quarterbacks? No, thanks. Actually, I'm not surprised that Steffy won the job. Friedgen demands that his QBs make good decisions, and that's usually the purview of older guys.

Anthony (Rockledge, Fl):: Ivan, what's your thoughts on Tim Tebow and how he'll be successful at Florida. We know he's good in limited action but can he be an every down quarterback in the SEC and be successful with his aggressive running style???

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: That's one of the biggest questions of the fall. He isn't running his small package of plays any longer. He's running an offense. There have to be growing pains, even for Tebow, and Florida's schedule doesn't leave a whole lot of room for them.

Sam (Los Angeles): When PSU comes to the Big House, who do you see winning the matchup between CB Justin King and Michigan's WR Manningham? The play of those two NFL prospects seems to factor heavily in the outcome of that game, and potentially the Big Ten race.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: That will be a great matchup. Manningham is so talented, and he has a senior throwing to him and a tailback in Mike Hart who's going to demand a lot of attention. King will have to play well for Penn State to have a chance, won't he?

Aaron (Springfield, MO: Ivan The Great, If Mizzou can go 10-1 and play in the Big 12 title game what are Chase Daniel's chances of being in New York City for the heisman ceremony

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: If that happens, I would bet that Daniel will be in New York. Do you really think it can? I was disappointed in how the Tigers' defense struggled in the second half of last season. I know they had injuries, but still...

Brandon (Auburn, AL): The RVs are already here! It's football season on the plains! Will Auburn win any of their road game this year? (Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia) And for that matter, is that the hardest road schedule in the country?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I haven't studied road schedules but that sounds tough enough. Auburn has had success in all of those stadiums. I assume they'll win one or two of them.

Stephen(NY): Do you believe all the hype about Colt Brennan or do you think he is like a Timmy Chang?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I think Brennan is much better than Chang. He's taller, more accurate, has a quicker release, and June Jones believes he'll make it in the NFL. That's good enough for me.

Jeff (LA): Ivan, what did you think of Moody's comments that he went to Florida because "they get their playmakers the ball"? I'm pretty sure USC gets their playmakers the ball too, Moody just wasn't going to be one of the playmakers.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Ouch! The funny thing is, if Moody had stayed, with all the injuries those TBs have had, he would play a lot this week. I get the feeling that whole story hasn't been told yet.

James (Dallas, Texas): The Hurricanes have had some real good safeties over the last six or seven years? Is Kenny Phillips in the same league as Ed Reed and Sean Taylor?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I talked to an NFL-affiliated guy not too long ago. When I asked about safeties, he said flat out that Phillips is the best out there this year. I don't know if he's the leader that Reed was, but he has the scouts' attention.

Rick (Morgantown, WV): West Virginia, Louisville or Rutgers coming out of the Big East? And dont give me this watch out for South Florida bit.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Mountaineer fans are a little touchy about the Bulls, aren't they? I like Louisville in the league.

Steve (Elizabeth City, NC): Ivan, with talk of the Big 10 (11) becoming the BIG 10 + 2. Who do you see as the favorite for the expansion and who does the conference need to bring to add to the clout that BIG 10 can play fast O and D?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: It sounds to me as if commissioner Jim Delany backed away from that expansion talk pretty quickly. I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Jason (Bellevue, WA): Sir Ivan, Is Sam Bradford a good answer to restore Oklahoma's Title hopes?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Sam Bradford can't win the national championship for the Sooners. He could lose it. That's what they need him to do: not lose games.

Sumner, Wa: Can Alex Brink lead the WSU Cougars to an upset Victory over the Badgers. The Cougars have experianced WR's up against a replaced secondary at Wis.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I like Brink, but I don't think the Cougars have enough to win in Madison. Isn't it interesting that several Pac-10 teams are playing tough non-conference schedules out there. I think their fans won't show up for the lesser lights.

rob (Louisiana): Ivan, do you see the Tigers looking ahead a little to the Virginia Tech game? Will Miles sit quarterback with a sizeable lead?

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: I would be surprised if LSU looks ahead, or any other team for that matter. These guys have been working like mad for eight months to get ready for this weekend. They are not going to look past a game that they've been looking forward to for that long.

SportsNation Ivan Maisel: Thanks, everybody. I have to go over to the TV marathon for a while. Thanks for getting this off to a fast start!!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Ivan!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (7:45 PM ET ) Next up is Erin Henderson from Maryland!


SportsNation Erin Henderson: Our defense is really excited to get out there and play again. I think you'll see a lot more people that are more comfortable with the team. I think we'll have a lot more guys playing together. We'll have some guys flying around. It will be a lot of fun for people to watch.

Waukesha, WI: What is the hardest part of being a premier player in college ball?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I think if you believe the hype and see everything and hear everything, it becomes tough. You put a lot of undo stress on yourself if you pay attention to it. I remember the days when I came in here and no one knew who I was and didn't want to talk to me. You just keep your nose to the grind.

hoover, al: how is maryland going to do this year

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I think we have a very good camp, a very productive camp. We understand what our roles are. I think you'll see a lot of guys flying around. I think we'll have a great team. The sky is the limit. It's all about us and making sure we take care of what we need to take care of.

Zack A. (Cumberland, MD): Erin, How about an upset of WVU, would be a huge win for the program... how do you and yoru defense plan on stepping it up to stop that dynamic offense of WVU?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: First things first, we have to stop Villanova and then the next game. We have to trust our coaches and make sure we prepare for that game. We have to worry about Villanova before we worry about anything else.

Aaron (College Park, MD): Erin, we're counting on a big season from you here on campus. Show them why we're the real Linebacker U! How has Wesley Jefferson's departure affected the defense this year?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: It's tough when you lose a good ball player like Wesley. But that's just a part of college football. I think we've done a good job of bringing in other players. I think we'll be OK. I hated to see him leave, I tried to convince him to stay.

Sean (Seattle, Wa): Pregame on Saturdays, whats in your cd player to get pumped up?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Good question. I have a playlist that I play. A game time playlist. Let me open it up and let you know - a little bit of JayZ, Li'l Jon.

blacksburg, va: Erin, what is the hardest ACC stadium you have had to play in (and don't say Maryland even though it is pretty tough)

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Hmmm. Last year, I would have to say Clemson. I traveled to Virginia Tech my freshman year, but I didn't play. That's really loud in there. It was pretty tough. Out there on the field? It's Clemson. They were loud. They had 80,000 there for that game. I enjoy that.

Trevor (Vancouver, Canada): Erin, on you sked, which game are you most pumped up for?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Uhh. Honestly, I'm kind of excited to go to Rutgers and play against them. And of course, the WVU game is going to be fun. And I'm excited to go to FSU, that's one of the stadiums I haven't had a chance to go down to.

Andre (Miami, Florida): Do you think Maryland can make it to the ACC Championship game and suprise people the way Wake Forest did last year?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Of course. Like I said before. It's going to have some things that go our way. I think we have some more talent than we did last year. I think as long as we stick together and play how we need to play, we could definitely do it.

Gary (Huntsville, AL): Hey Erin, what are your pre game rituals, don't say you don't have them all of us that have ever played sports have them, so what's yours?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I usually go out on the field with my headphones on before anyone else. Maybe talk to the other team and see where their minds are at. But nothing special, nothing too different.

Aaron (Florida): Play any video games?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I don't really do it too much. A lot of my teammates do and I find myself playing with them sometimes. It's usually Madden or NCAA. I don't have too much time for it.

Aaron (College Park, MD): If you could see one thing out of the Terp fans who will pack the stands this year, what would you want to see?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Hmmmm. You know what? Alex tore his ACL and will miss the season this year. He had this little thing that he was doing, he was trying to bring the raise the roof back. I think that would be fun if all the fans would do it. I told him I'd do it if I made a play.

Josh (College Park, Md): What do you think about Maryland choosing Jordan Steffy over Josh Portis at QB? Do you think they have a chance in the ACC this year?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I don't think it's a matter of the coaches choosing who plays. The guys go out and make plays and earn the jobs. I think it was decided over the summer and in camp. I'm confident that the coaches made the right decisions.

corey (marlboro, new jersey): Will virginia tech win the acc? They were picked as a preseason favorite.

SportsNation Erin Henderson: I think that's a tough question. Of course I'll say that we have the track to win the ACC, but Virginia Tech has a good group coming back. They have a good scheme. It's not going to be easy for anyone. I think it's one of those things where you wait and see how things play out.

Thomas (Florida): Can Miami's defense keep them in the hunt for an ACC Title?

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Miami's defense isn't that down. They've been ranked in the top stats in everything. It's just one of those things, there are a lot of athletes in the ACC. You'll see a lot of action on defense. I believe that Miami will still have one of the top defenses if they keep doing what they do.

SportsNation Erin Henderson: Thanks for all the support. Come on out to the stadium. We're going to come out after these guys.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Erin!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: That's one hour down and only 24 left to go!

Ted (New England): How are you feeling,Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm ready to go. Ask me again in about 8 hours and it'll be just me and the folks out in Hawaii chatting.

Brandon (Worcester,MA): Buzz,I'll be with ya at 4 AM.I gotta get up early for work,though.

Mike (Morgantown, WV): Hey Buzz, who do you have in the BCS Title Game?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Good question. I'm going way out on a limb here - USC v. Louisville.

Mike (Balitmore): This is crazy 25 hour chat! Anyone else going to do the whole thing?

Val (Austin, Tx): Will the "Real McCoy" take Texas to a Big 12 Championship and to a BCS game?

Gary (Huntsville, AL): Holy Cow College football is here!!!!!!!!I can't explain how excited I am to see this time of year come.

Scott (Iowa City, Iowa): Buzz, If Kirk Ferentz doesn't have a winning season this year at Iowa, will the NFL teams still be looking at as hard as in the past?

Rob (Largo, FL): We say 25 hours to go, but you know D2 started this past weekend!

USMC Bob (Okinawa, Japan): Week one big game, Cal and Tennessee, who do you like?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm going with Cal. Anyone else?

Andrew (Gainesville, FL): Buzz, what game are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: It's got to be Cal-Tennessee for me. Good matchup of top 25 teams.

JD Booty, LA: Can someone ask Mike in Baltimore why he doesn't have a job?

Brody (LA): Buzz, odds Reece Davis goes into a Caffene coma tonight? 5-1?

Timmy Lakeland, Fla: That's crazy. No Big East team will make the title game.

Dan (Buffalo,NY): Buzz,how is BC-Wake Forest not on that poll?I think this is a GREAT ACC match-up.

Godish (Chicago): Buzz, just wanted to say hello before I go bowling. I'll be back later in the night. Be ready for me

Andrew (Gainesville, FL): Buzz, if Tenn wins this week, imagine the hype there will be when they come to Florida two weeks from Saturday.

Luis (Tucson,AZ): I'm going Cal

Jeff (Iowa): Buzz, did you get a nap in this afternoon?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Yup.

greensboro, north carolina: Is Demarco Murray good enough to carry the load at Oklahoma if called upon?

victor monroe,la: what do you think georgia tech must do
this year?

Stephon (NY, NY): Is Andre Woodson overrated or will he ride the coattails of Vince Young & then last yr JaMarcus Russell??

Jerry, New Orleans: I think Florida could be looking at a 1-7 start.

Darin (Rockford, IL: Will the new Notre Dame 3-4 help them to squeak into a bowl and possibly win their first bowl game in 13 years?

James (Corpus Christi, Tx): Is Matt Flynn maybe overrated? I mean we only have a very small sample of him, and he has to play in the SEC, not against an overrated Miami team.

Will, Arkansas: Will Arkansas ever get any respect from anyone being in the SEC

Joey, FL: Who is the Heisman winner, Buzz? Just end the speculation now and seal the deal with the prediction...

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I could go easy and say Darren McFadden. But if he doesn't get hurt, how can he not be in contention?

TK (Visalia, CA): CAL blows out Tenn? how bad? GO CAL

Cajunman, BR, LA: Not a chance, Andre Woodson is the real deal. Kentucky is going to be THE surprise of college football this year. The trip up there scares me to death.

Ryan (Iowa City, IA): Excluding the ACC, which conference is the toughest in the country?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't think you need to exclude the ACC from that conversation. I don't know of many people that would put them over the Pac-10 or the SEC or even the Big Ten.

Brandon (Nebraska): Don't worry Buzzmaster I work the night shift so ill be here with you in those eight hours...anyway, why are so many people down on the Husker O-line this year when it looks like this will be their best O-line in almost a decade?

Cameron (Wisconsin): What about Colt Brennan? What do you think his chances are of winning the Heisman?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I give him a better chance than most, but it'll be hard being left of the Left Coast and having his games start at midnight all the time.

Derrick (Tahoe): Pac 10 most over rated conference ever.

Zach (Waukesha,WI): Big Ten hands down!!!!!

Tavoi (Kansas City, MO): What do you think of USC's trio of Brian Cushing, Rey Maualuga, and Keith Rivers? I've even heard some refer to them as probably the best three LBs to play college ball together. What are you thoughts on that?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't know but we'll have their DE Lawrence Jackson on later tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET!

Parsons, Kansas : There is no way Florida is going 2 start off 1-7 start

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Colt Brennan is legit. June Jones says he will be the first QB taken in the draft. Wont happen, but it wouldnt surprise me if he has the best NFL career out of all the QBs coming out this year.

JD Booty, LA: The answer is me, Buzz. I am the Heisman front runner. Have you SEEN my jawline?

Jeff (Iowa): Buzz, have many of the Morning Buzz regulars checked in other than Godish and I?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't think so.

David Cowley (Louisville, Ky): Desean Jackson...who? How about some love for Louisville's Harry Douglass?

Wizard of Odds: Odds June Jones is NOT wearing a floral pattern for his live practice tonight: 10,000-1

East Coast Bias (East Coast): Wake me up at 3 am,Buzz.I want to jinx Hawaii.

Alex (Winston-Salem, NC): Buzz, you think Wake Forest can win the ACC again? Lots of questions on defense but lots of young talent there as well. And were gettin back Micah Andrews.

Justin (Milwaukee): Is Michigan's defense really that good after the departures of Woodley, Branch, etc.?

Ken (Omaha): JD's jawline is gonna look broke after Sept 15th

Darren (Austin, TX): SEC best conference ever!!! Stop me if I am Wrong!!!

Derrick (Tahoe): Hey Buzz when is kiper gonna be on

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET.

David Cowley (Louisville, Ky): Mark, whats up with you picking Kentucky to upset my Cards... I'll give you the chance to take that back now if you want

Brian (L.A., CA): Oregon spoling Michigan's chances early?

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Guarentee Jones isn't wearing a floral pattern. That's for the tourists not the locals.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Justin (Milwaukee) - No.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I like the Hawaii contingent here early in the big show.

Matt (Watertown, NY): Two words for Heisman: Michael Hart

Harvard/Yale: The rivalry continues!

Tom (Chicago): For all you Wisconsin fans, I just want to point out that Wisconsin has beaten Michigan 4 times since 1957. That's right. 4. And it won't happen this year either.

Brian (L.A.): Easy Nebraska boy...SC will displace your comeback dreams soon enough.

Alan (NC): How does Saban and Alabama do this year, Buzz? We've got the best recieving corps in the nation and a darn good QB throwing to them, not to mention Terry Grant. Have you seen him? He's a Freshman and he looks like the next Reggie Bush!

Chris(Portland, OR): Besides ESPN darlings CAL and UCLA, who has a good chance to beat USC in the Pac-10?

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Buzz, check the stats baby. I am the Hawaii contingent!

Jeff (Iowa): That looks to be a contingent of one, Buzz.

Wesley Bland (Fort Myers, FL): Arkansas is going to win it all this year

Brandon (Worcester,MA): Robert Smith knows his facts.BC=Sleeper team.

Lamar (Arizona): Hawaii plays a brutal non-conference slate.

WA, Ark: Michael Hart is in an easy conference. Try D-Mac

Wabash/DePauw: No, the rivalrey REALLY continues!

Matt (Iowa): Buzz, I'm back. Still working tho

Hassan (Gainesville, Fl: I am a die hard Florida Gators fan. But this year is well a rebuilding year. We lost so much talent. So if we loose 2 or even 3 games its going to be a successful year for the orange and blue. GO GATORS!!!

Brian (L.A): Try Darren McFadden for Heisman. He's the all around athlete.

Brett (Colorado Springs): My freshman year I went to college without a football team, I learned quickly I needed to move to a school with a quality fall sport so I ended up at Purdue

Sean (Honolulu, HI): Two.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Nicely played Sean.

Mick Jones (Okinawa, Japan) : Arkansas will do well this year, but not as well as Florida.

Go VOL 4/TN: Close game for Tenn/Cal. Good luck to both teams-Tennessee will bring the A game--comes down to kicking/special teams--edge to the Vols.

Jason - Ohio: The big east really looks to turn it around this year and I think Wannstedt has that Pitt squad ready for a few upsets

Alex in Lafayette, LA: OK kids, at what point tomorrow night will the game be decided? Halftime? Earlier than that?

Tom (Chicago): McFadden is awesome but I can't see him winning. Their Oline has too many questions. I think DeSean Jackson has a great shot if he returns punts and kicks.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Hawaii goes undefeated and gets into a BCS while both Arizona teams lick their wounds in the Pac 10.

Cheese and Beer: Oh man, Wisconsin football season has started... PRODUCTION IS IN OVERDRIVE!!!!

Joey, FL: Can someone please tell me what 'quality sport' is at Purdue? I'll hang up and listen! Thanks, Buzz!

Mike (Cincy, Ohio): I'm going to ask a kind of dumb question. Is it all that unresonable that the Gators might repeat as Nat'l Champs? I realize they lost all those starters, but look at the Colts, they are known for their offense, and florida has one of the premiere O's in the country. Just throwing this out there.

Michael (Austin, TEXAS BABY!): I quit my job last fall because they wouldn't give me every Saturday off after telling me weeks earlier that it would be no problem.

Alex in Lafayette: This year, Florida is going to be 70% freshmen and sophomores....if you're gonna beat up on 'em, do it this year.....then it's look out SEC East.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Howzit Sean.

Tom (Chicago): Alex, I say the game tomorrow will be decided with 2 minutes and 48 seconds gone in the game.

Brandon (Fayetteville): PAC 10...more like PAC 1 lets see anyone but USC win 4 conference games in the SEC

Brady (TEXAS): Pac 10 is OVERRATED!!!!

Kevin, Arkansas : D-Mac is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USMC Bob (Okinawa, Japan): Wow, we got a two count from Okinawa AND Hawaii now.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I love SportsNation. You guys are pumped up already!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Don't forget in 10 minutes ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach will be by and then at 9:30 it's USC's Lawrence Jackson.

Brian (L.A.): Not if LSU or USC has anything to do with it.

Jason - Ohio: P-I-T-T lets go Pitt

Casey (Clarksville, TN): I agree with alex... give tebow a year to learn the O... man you won't be able to touch them gators

Tom (Chicago): A lot of people say Florida when last year because of their great defense. They will be fine on offense, but there's a lot of youth on D.

Gary (Huntsville, AL): Kentucky wins the SEC East!!! I can see the headlines now and watch Herbstreit and Coach having CPR done on them out of shock!!!

Matt (Watertown, NY): That's right I'm pumped... GO SU!!!!!!

Luis (Tucson,AZ): Bo ur crazy BCS. Have u seen ur schedule. The wildcats would also like to thank ur state for sending us so many players.

Eddie (Tucson, AZ): Look out for that Michigan offense. Henne is one of the few four year starters, and Hart is a workhorse. Go Blue!!!!

Jeff (Iowa): What time is it in Okinawa?

Rob (Baltimore): Penn St. in the BCS championship game!!! Beano said it first!!!

Chris(Portland, OR): USC would wipe out the SEC...except for maybe LSU

Gary (Huntsville, AL): Its Andre Woodson's year 40 TD's and 3,700 passing yards

Alex in Lafayette, LA: Tom from Chicago - from your lips to God's ears! I'm expecting a battle through at least the first half though.

Brett (Colorado Springs): Buzz, are you sticking around all night or are you passing the torch at some point?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Well, we'll have other guys on chatting, but heck yeah I'll be here.

Jalter (College Park): I'm here,Buzz.

Darren (Austin, TX): USC Doesn't go any better than 6-5 if they move to the SEC.....What do you think BUZZ?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think that's a totally false statement.

Matt (Watertown, NY): Buzz, did Mrs. Buzz kick you out tonight because she's having a Tupperware party?

Jeff (Iowa): Did Lady Buzz bring you dinner, or just a picture of it?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Glad to see two Morning Buzzers in here. Actually, I took some of the Lady's leftovers from the fridge for dinner tonight.

WA, Ark: Cal or Tenn?

nathan davis (monticello,ar): It's a given that Darren
McFadden will be discussed. But why is the rest of the offense ignored? Felix Jones gained well over 1,000 yards and is widely considered one of the top 20 running backs in the nation. Also, Marcus Monk who is considered one of the best at his position.

Shane (Louisiana): USC would wipe out the SEC??? they lost to UCLA and Oregon St!!!

Billy: Miami: How is FSU ranked and miami not? This is just another case of everyone hatin on Miami

TK ( CA ): Lets who's better this Saturday, SEC or PAC. What are SEC kids gunna say when berkeley romps on tennessee?

Rob (Baltimore): SEC is overrated. Big 10 is 8-6 against the SEC in bowl games over the last 5 years. And people think the Big 10 is overrated.

Eddie (Tucson, AZ): Look out for that Michigan offense!!! GO BLUE!!!

USMC Bob (Okinawa, Japan): It's almost 0930 here.

Scott (Iowa): First game of the year, who you got?Tulsa at Louisiana-Monroe

Rob (Baltimore): I am a sometimes MBer. Work gets in the way lately, though.

Brett (Colorado Springs): Buzz, you need to move the time of the morning buzz, it is right during my drive time to work so i have to catch up with the transcripts everyday

Jeff (Iowa): Buzz, homemade pizza for lunch tonight. I'll be back in a while. Peace out.

Shane (Louisiana): when Cal beats Tennessee... we are gonna say wow, you beat tennessee in california, whereas they destroyed you in tennessee

Jeff (NJ): I'm bringing my SCUBA gear to the OSU @ Michigan game this year because Michigan Stadium will be flooded with Wolverine tears by the time the game is over.

Jacob (Omaha, NE): Nebraska has the toughest non-conference schedule.

D. Connor (State College, PA): By the time I'm done in blue and white, you'll all forget about Poz

Justin (Milwaukee): Tulsa, hands down, a warhawk cant beat a golden hurricane. Duh.

Chris(Portland, OR): Oregon St. had a 10 win team last year...they were solid...and you all know UCLA had a very legid D...just ask BUZZ..he knows

Kevin, Arkansas : Tenn will walk all over Cal.

Chris (NJ): ND All the way next year. They are going to surprise some people this year.

Jay - PA: The big ten is the most overrated conference in America.

Alex (ohio): Hey Buzz, Sec is over-rated..... Come On, they can't be any better then the big ten or pac- 10....

Gary (Huntsville, AL): You put any school in the country in the SEC and they will fall flat on their face, there is too much speed in the SEC

Bo (Honlulu, HI): You might be right Jacob but thats why they wont be in a BCS game like the Warriors!

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Chris, if they do its because of one man...Charlie Weis.

shannon, south carolina: who is going to win thurs game,miss state or louis.?

Shane (Louisiana): I agree with Chris on one thing... ND is going to surprise some people this year. Those people being the fans that actually think they are good.

Tom (Chicago): Notre Dame will surprise people? How? By losing to one of the service academies? By staying within 24 points of a good team they play? Clausen is overrated. Mallett will be the best QB from that class.

Tom (Peoria): Are we going to make it the whole 25 hours with no Vick talk......DOH

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Of course. This is COLLEGE football.

Dmitriy(Puyallup,WA): UW is going to suprise a few people this year....we will go to a bowl game!!!

Scott (Iowa): Pac-10 Overrated! Besides USC who you got???

Rob (Baltimore): Too much speed? Meachum got eaten up by King in their bowl game.

Rob (Baltimore): Clausen is my favorite pickle

Chris (State College, PA): Do you believe the Big Ten champion will be decided on September 22, 2007, when Penn State plays Michigan? I feel that both these teams have the potential for a 12-0 sweep should they win this very important game.

Tom (Nebraska): Nebraska is overated, they play in a week conference

Darren (Austin, TX): Gary...I agree speed and power. SEC football is a different animal than anywhere else. To me, a Little more Smash Mouth get down and dirty fottball and less of the finesse..

Scott (Iowa): LSU! Hands Down 2nd string by halftime

Cameron (Wisconsin): Big 10 is not overrated. They have four BCS contenders in Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, and Ohio State.

Nick (Columbus, Ohio): the gators are unstoppable

Jeff (New Jersey): If Rutgers is the birthplace of college football then how come it took so long for them to be a 'decent' team?

Jerry (Chicago): GO HOOSIERS!!!! Play 13. Do it for Coach Hepp.

Justin (WEST LAFAYETTE, IN): Boiler Up!!! Purdue will be a sleeper in the Big Ten this year for sure.

Corky (Columbus): Ohio State vs. Florida looked like a game of 8 year old girls vs. men. Outcoached. Outmanned. Outclassed.

brett (Colorado Springs): Thanks Justin, glad to see there is another PU fan in here

Chris(Portland, OR): I'm just going to go with what IVAN said earlier...the Pac-10 will go 6-7 deep. Mr. Iowa. I'm not bashing SEC but Pac-10 can hold their own.

Matt (Watertown, NY): All right Buzz.. I'll be back later.... Rock over London.. Rock on Chicago... 25 hour Buzzchat... It's on!

Jason (Fayetteville, AR): Did I just see someone post that the SEC is the most over-rated conference??? I will have what he is smoking.

Ian (Iowa): West Virginia needs to play someone

Outlandish Prediction Guy: Tim Tebow will throw for 40 touchdowns, at the downtown athletic club, he will then remove his Tebow mask to show he is, in fact: COLT BRENNAN. OUTLANDISH??? I THINK NOT!

Jacob (Omaha, NE): Nebraska is gonna go 10-2. Missouri will go 8-4 or 7-5. People shouldn't be picking them to win the north.

ryan (melrose,ma): Buzz,does this chat count of beat Rob Neyer's marathon record of chatting?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: No, because it's not just one person. We'll have various people checking in and out.

Clinton (Indianapolis): Buzz, can we get all these Notre Dame fans off the Kool-Aid?

Dave ( georgia): Will Florida State be able to win the ACC? are they a sleeper team?

WA, Ark: Nobody ever gives the SEC credit. Cept for FL and LSU. There are other teams that are right there with them.

Chris (Hilo, HI): With all of the talk surrounding Colt Brennan and the BCS for Hawaii, little has been said about a different story regarding Hawaii; Hawaii will likely break 600 yards and 50 PPG this season with relative ease.

Greg(gagnehaternation): Buzz, I need more notice next time, I'm already out of cough cough sick days at work

Josh(Bristol,Ct): usc will not lose a game at all this year

Shane (Louisiana): How many of those touchdown passes tebow throws be jump shots?

Dave (Tampa, Fl): USF Bulls 10-2 baby goin to 3rd bowl game in 3 years!

Greg, Columbia, SC: What do you suppose happens in Alabama this year when Saban goes 5-7 his first year back?

Matt (Ind.): Off the kool-aid? nobody is talking about nat'l titles....just a good season with a solid bowl game after losing the entire offense

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Howzit Chris.

USMC Bob (Okinawa, Japan): Mizzou will do better than that, Jacob. They might not win the Big12 North, but they'll sure contend with Nebraska. Watch out for K-State too, beating Texas last year...who knows? But really, who cares? The Big 12 champ will come from the south anyway.

Brian (L.A., CA): Saban has three years to get things moving(I think)..he doesn't want to win the title with someone elses recruits, right....

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Thanks for joining us. Here we go....

Chris/B-Ham, AL: Hey Mark, do you think Saban will do at Bama what he did at LSU???

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think he'll be able to turn Bama into a winner eventually, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Losing Motley on the defensive line is a big blow. Not a lot of depth over there.

Brian (L.A., CA): Penn St. fans have been making a ruckus. Do they have a legitimate chance of going to the big game?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: The Rose Bowl? Or the BCS title game? Or the Capital One Bowl? Nittany Lions should be pretty good on offense (if Scott or someone comes through), and the defense should be solid. I think PSU should get a little more respect in the Big 10. I think they can contend with Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan for the title.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Mark, tell these clowns that the premiere teams in other conferences (USC, Ohio State, Texas, Va Tech, etc.) would more than hold their own in the SEC. They seem to think the Ole Miss' and Miss St's of the world would beat the perenial powers.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think most of the top teams out there would hold their own. But let's see how they felt physically after playing LSU, Alabama, Auburn in consecutive games. I think it takes its toll on you going through that schedule.

Chris (Miami, Florida): New (old) Coach, new mentality, higher level of discipline, last year in the OB. What are the chances that the 'Canes make it to a BCS Bowl?

It All About the U

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: It's still about the U. in Miami, at least. I think Randy Shannon will do a great job there. I like the rules and discipline he's instilled there already. I'll be anxious to see what Kirby Freeman does at QB. I think the running game will be solid. I was chastised by someone at Miami earlier this month for my bowl projection -- Music City Bowl? -- and he said Miami still had a lot of great players. We'll see.

Gary (Huntsville, AL): I still say Kentucky is the NATIONAL SLEEPER.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Or South Florida. Kentucky can be very explosive on offense. Will they stop anyone?

Clay (Columbus, GA): How many wins will the dawgs have?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Georgia's offensive line has me very, very concerned. I think the running backs are very good, Stafford will be a star and the receivers are probably as good as Richt has had there. But can they block? Defense will be good, if someone steps up as a pass rusher. I think 8-9 wins would be a very strong season given Georgia's youth.

Ted (Lincoln NE): Does Nebraska have a shot at winning the Big 12?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Sure. If Keller plays well at quarterback and eliminates the turnovers he had at Arizona State, and Lucky stays healthy at running back. There are only a few teams capable of winning that division, and Nebraska is one of them.

Joseph (Bellevue, WA): Will the winner of Auburn/LSU game becomes SEC West Champion?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Don't discount Arkansas. I know Dick needs to improve at QB, but anytime you've got McFadden and Jones, you've got a chance. The Hogs have to replace a couple of key guys on defense, but they won the division with an awful passing game last year. Losing Monk early hurts, though.

Tavoi (Kansas City, MO.): Mark, what do you think USC LBs Brian Cushing, Rey Maualuga, and Keith Rivers? Maualuga is hands down the most ferocious hitter in all of college football. Your take?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think they're three of the best linebackers in the country. Probably collectively the best LB corps in the country.

John: Do you think Cal is posed to finally get to a Rose Bowl with a great offense?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: A Tennessee coach told me earlier today that the Bears lost four great players on defense. That side of the ball concerns me. I think Longshore will be better and Jackson is one of the best in the country. Forsett won't be a huge drop-off at tailback. But defense has to plug holes.

Kevin, Arkansas: Who is your Top 3 for Heisman?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: 1. McFadden

2. Brohm

3. Slaton

Dustin (Auburn AL): What would the chances be of Auburn making a BCS game with 1 loss coming against LSU. I honestly believe we can take UGA and Ark as well as beat UF again this year in a close one.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I probably have underrated Auburn a little bit in the preseason. But I'm not really sure what to make of the Tigers this season. Cox is a good quarterback if he can stay healthy. The receivers are pretty good. You know the defense is going to be solid. Will the running game be as productive? I was high on them last year, and they didn't finish well.

Ryan (Atlanta, GA): Stafford or Tebow? Who are you picking to run your offense? Who will be the better pro, if they live up to the hype?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: NFL, I'd take Stafford because of his arm strength. They're both tremendous quarterbacks with very bright futures, though.

Josh (Woodstock, GA): WIll Chad Henne finally prove that he can win the big games, and help Michigan win the BCS National Championship?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Talking to Henne in Chicago earlier this month, it sounded like that was the only reason he came back. He has a tremendous arm and he played well in some of the bigger games last year. If they fill seven holes on defense, they'll be pretty good and will challenge for the BCS game. Of course, they'll have to beat Ohio State to do that.

Ryan (Chucktown SC): Any love for clemson, mark? our defense is sick and you cant ever forget about the best rb duo in the nation, thinder and lightning!

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Thunder and Lightning? I'm going to Clemson Monday night for the Bowden Bowl and I'm very curious to see how Cullen Harper plays at QB. Guys have told me he looked better in practice than Proctor last year. They'll have a chance in every game because of the backs and they get back a couple of key linebackers. The heat is on Tommy Bowden. Who knows, his team might outperform expectations this season.

Omar (Davidson, NC): Oklahoma is projected very differently. Some have them in the top 5, and some have them outside the top 10. Where will they end up?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think a lot will be determined by the play of Sam Bradford. The running game will be very strong. It will probably come down to the Texas game in the South. I'm expecting Oklahoma to be very good.

Jonathan: (Richmond, VA): Do you think that Virginia Tech plays in a BCS bowl?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Yes. I've been down in Blacksburg all week and they've very, very talented. If Glennon improves at QB, they should win the ACC. Branden Ore is very underrated. They're very deep at WR. The defense is going to be very, very good again. But they're one injury away from disaster on the offensive line. But I like Va. Tech to play in a BCS bowl. They'll be a BCS title game contender if they beat LSU early.


SportsNation Mark Schlabach: He'll be a contender. I just didn't have him in my top three. He was unbelievable last year.

Nick (Saratoga NY): is Ty Willingham going to cause a fuss in the Pac-10 this year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Washington could be very much improved this year, but the record might not reflect it. They play the toughest schedule in the country. But I wouldn't be surprised to see them upset somebody along the way.

Joon Chung (NY): I just dont get the big hype on Florida yes I know they just won the Championship but they lost a ton on D and usually an unproven starter doesnt work well. I think the running game will get a boost with Moody joining them but the running game is still weak

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I was at Florida's first practice and the holes on defense had me concerned. Anderson needs to be healthy at CB. They're going to be very young on the d-line and at LB. The good thing for Urban Meyer is his offense should be able to out-score people. And they might need a lot of points this year.

Anthony (Norman, OK.): Why is everyone picking LSU 2nd on their list? Can they actually win the SEC after losing Jamarcus Russell?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: They're going to be very, very good on defense. Flynn has experience at quarterback. Doucet is back at WR. Three starters are back on the offensive line. Two good young backs. New offense. But they play a tough schedule.

Keveen (St. Louis): What are your thoughts about Illinois? I think they could be a deep sleeper this year.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think Zook has done a tremendous job of upgrading Illinois' talent level. Juice Williams will be better as a sophomore. Benn is a big-play threat. I think 4-5-6 wins is a possiblity, but it will be a couple of years before Illinois reaps the rewards of its strong recruiting.

hugh (West Palm Beach, FL): Is Herbstreit's house as nice as it looks on TV?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I've never been there. I'm upset they didn't stick a camera in my hotel room in Blacksburg. I've been staring at these same walls for five days....

matt (morgantown, WV): what is the chances of ever getting a playoff system in D-I?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: We don't have enough time to debate the subject -- even in 25 hours. Slim to none as long as the Pac-10 and Big 10 stick to the Rose Bowl.

Chris Mankato, MN: How do you think Notre Dame will fare this year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think the Irish are going to struggle. It's just my opinion and I'm not bashing the Irish (I was born and raised 20 minutes from South Bend). New quarterback. New receivers. Defense will be better. I only see 4-5 games on the schedule that are probable wins. They really need to beat Ga. Tech Saturday to get momentum. I'm not sure that will happen.

John (Chapel Hill, NC): What are the chances that North Carolina will go bowling in Butch Davis' first season?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: They've got a chance to get to six wins in the ACC. But they've got 50 guys on the roster who have never played in a college game. I think it's going to be a couple of years. Butch Davis did a great job of bringing in talent in February.

Anthony (Peabody,MA): Why is there no discussion on Matt Ryan or BC, do you think they are and underrated team?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the ACC and possibly one of the best in the country. I think B.C. can challenge and win the Atlantic Division. Some people think they'll struggle in Jags' first season. We'll see.

James (East Coast): Who's your sleeper team this year in the ACC? I am thinking Virginia with 19 starters back from last years team.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Cavs were one of the most-improved teams in the country from start to finish last year. Sewell can be very, very good if the wrist is OK. Losing Ogletree hurts. Can Keith Payne be the every-down back?

Todd (Lebanon, OH): Mark, everyone seems to be counting Ohio State out of the big ten. Do you think they have a chance of winning it?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Sure. Jim Tressel hasn't been recruiting bums. They've got a lot of firepower to replace on offense, but this team might be a lot like the '02 team. It focused on the running game and defense. Beanie Wells will be a great back. And the Buckeyes think they own Michigan now, so they'll have that to their advantage.

Chuck (Tuscon, AZ): Who is your sleeper in the PAC-10.....I am going to pick ASU. I know I should be saying U of A, but to be honest with you I don't think they will ever be good.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: If Erickson can get Carpenter to avoid the mistakes of a year ago, the Sun Devils might be much-improved.

Conor (Ridgewood, NJ): Will Hawai'i go to a BCS bowl? (please say yes)

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: The Warriors might finish undefeated if they can beat Boise State. But I don't know if that would even be enough because of the schedule. Love Colt Brennan. Love the WRs. And I know it's not Hawaii's fault, but you can't play two I-AA opponents when you play in the WAC. And I'm not saying the WAC isn't good football. They're just fighting that perception.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Cubs 1, Brewers 1 top fifth, in case anyone else was wondering

Marty (Alkol, WV): Mark, Steve Slaton beat Darren Mcfadden in every rushing and recieving category, and even had more all purpose yards than him if you count the passing and kick returns, and they tied for td's...why is Mcfadden already been given the heisman? And PLEASE don't give me that 'Pat White will take votes away from Slaton' line..

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: You're not going to like my answer. McFadden goes up against better defenses for most of the season.

Rob ( Miami, Fl): Who if anyone goes unbeaten in the SEC?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: LSU would be the only possibility, in my opinion. SEC East champ might have two losses.

Scott (Iowa City, Iowa): Cubs 1, Brewers 2 Top 5

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: great, thanks. former auburn quarterback gabe gross comes through for the brew crew. (now my editors can't complain about me talking about baseball and my beloved cubs).

Brent ( Knoxville, TN): Does Cal deserve to be the 7 point favorites on Saturday against Tennessee?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: not after last year's game in knoxville. but tennessee has questions. receivers. ainge's thumb. secondary. will they really stick eric berry on desean jackson?

Wes (Spartanburg, SC): What do you think of Cullen Harper for Clemson? Will he finish the season as the starter or will Will Korn eventually get to play? What kind of season will the tigers have this year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Like I said earlier, I was told by some

Clemson folks that Harper looked better than Proctor at times last year. Will he have a short lease if he struggles? There will be a lot of pressure on Bowen to play Korn. We'll see what happens, beginning Monday night.

Anthony (Norman, OK.): What are your thoughts on DeMarco Murray and the rest of Oklahoma's backfield?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Ivan Maisel says he's the real deal.

Mike (Ocean City, Nj): Who will be Notre Dames starting qb?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I'm betting it's Jones to start and Clausen reshirts. Just my hunch.

Mike (Port Allegany, PA): Who feels more pressure for PSU Anthony Morelli or Austin Scott? Everyone is saying that the lion's success relies on Morelli but I disagree. Scott needs to be great (maybe not LJ senior year great but still great), your thoughts?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Scott needs to be good because Hunt was very good. They don't want to put too much pressure on Morelli by not running the ball effectively.

Chester (Boone, NC): Any chance Appalachian State pulls the shocker and beats Michigan in the Big House?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Two-time defending I-AA champs will keep it closer than expected. But they won't win in the Big House.

Chugh (Atlanta, GA): Calvin Johnson going to the pros leaves Georgia Tech without a star impact player. Any chance GATECH can still have a 9-10 win season?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Yes. Tech's impact player is Deymarius Thomas. And they have a quarterback now.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (9:34 PM ET ) We've got Lawrence!

David (Texas): Will we see another classic when USC visits Notre Dame this year?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Hopefully, the game won't have to be that close. Obviously the fans want the games to be close. It's a little bit more stressful. Hopefully it won't be a close game like that, in terms that we don't like to play close games. We expect them to provide a challenge, but we don't like close calls.

Jeter95: (San Ramon, California):: Do you think USC would go undefeated in the SEC?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Again, that's in the category of a tough question to answer. Obviously, going into the season, we expect to win. Our main philosophy is all about us. If we practice how we know to practice and play the way we know to play, we should be hard to beat. Whatever happens happens. If we were in the SEC, maybe it would be possible, maybe it wouldn't be.

Sam, LA: Any chance UCLA comes to the colliseum and wins this year? I don't think i could take the heartbreak...

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Rivalry games, home field advantages are big. We don't like to look ahead of the schedule, but once that week comes, both teams could be 0-and-whatever, childhood teammates versus one another. High school teammates against one another. There are a lot of personal attachments to that game.

Niraj (Granada Hills, CA): Which team in the PAC-10 will provide USC with the greatest challenge?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: They all provide a great challenge. That's kind of a question you can answer once the season is over with. There are a lot of teams that are down teams, but they surprise people. It's hard to say which teams will provide the biggest challenge.

River (Seattle, WA): If you didn't go to USC, what was your second choice?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: I kind of made up my mind in the summer of my senior year that I was going to SC. Other schools were Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, Miami. Once I started to dig into this university, I felt this was the place for me. Now I can't see myself at any other university.

Chuck (Boise, ID): Question for USC DE Lawrence Jackson: I am an Idaho Alum and will be at the game this weekend @ So Cal.
My question: Could you please not kill our quarterback (redshirt fr Nathan Enderle) so we can have him for the rest of the season?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: We hear he's actually really good. The coaches speak highly of him. But we show no mercy. Sorry. We just want to go out there and play good football and have fun. Whatever happens, happens.

Will (LA, CA): Whats up LoJack hows it going, What have you done this year to become a better player and how good is USC DLine gonna be this year? Better than the LBs?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: I've worked with a physical therapist and the strength coaches to work on my lower body to get more strength and explosion out of my legs and lost 15 pounds so I could be more agile. Last season, going into the Texas game, I decided I was going to play heavier. But I didn't like it. So getting leaner and more explosive is the best thing I've done.

Ron (Santa Monica, CA): Lawrence who is the QB you most look forward to slamming in the ground?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Not in particular. I hope I get a chance to hit a lot of QBs a lot of times.

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: I just don't want to wait too long to record a sack.

Mike (PA): With a very talented offense with so many weapons, how hard is it for the defense in practice?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: We have a lot of good weapons on defense too, so I think it's a good matchup across the board. There are explosive plays on defense. That's the great thing about our program, because we have the talent to compete in pracitce.

drew (lake oswego, OR): Who was the toughest opponent that you faced last year that you got a win against?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Jeez. The toughest game would probably be the Oregon State game. We fell down really early. Since I've been playing, we've only been down like that one time. Fighting back, that was a really tough game for us.

Jeremy (Iowa City, IA): Do you think the Pac 10 should add two more teams to have a title game? What do you think the teams should be and how would you divide the conference?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: No, I don't think so. Every week is a title game for us. That's the unique part about it. We don't have to have an extra game to determine who's the champion. We've been doing this a long time. In the Pac-10 they have rules for tie-breaking. You have to win every week. Every team knows it, so we don't need to add any extra teams.

Justin, OK: What are your individual goals for this season?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: The biggest thing is that I am going to have fun this year. I'm going to be able to play free and not worry about stats or anything. I know that if I have fun, in that I am doing everything I can to help the team win. I don't have individual goals as far as stats or anything. I just want to be the best DE that my team needs me to be.

Brent (Knoxville, TN): Going to school in SoCal, what distractions do you have to deal with that aren't typical elsewhere around the country?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: I don't really see any distractions. It depends on who you talk to. From the outside looking in, it's one thing, but if you understand it's so simple and things are taken at face value, then it's very very hard to be distracted.

Jason (FLA): Hi Lawrence,

I am a high school DE and was wondering what the best way to get an offer is? What did you do to get noticed by programs like USC?

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: You obviously have to get into a lot of camps and show the coaches that you're good against some of the top guys in the area. That's the easiest way to get looked at. The other thing is to be a maniac on the field. Always show up on film. If you show up on film, it's hard to ignore you.

SportsNation Lawrence Jackson: Fight on! Keep watching! Keep the Coliseum loud!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks LoJack!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Say what you want, but USC is filled with some class acts. We've done chats with Lawrence before and he's stand up in my book.

Drew (Rogers, AR): How well do you think the Pac-10 would do in a Pac-10 vs. SEC Challenge?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: How's everyone doing out there?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're already approaching the end of Hour 3! I feel like I'm Jack Bauer or something.

Mike (PA): Buzz who do you have for us next.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Jorge Milian of the The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post will be by to talk ACC.

moo: jim tressel is a bum...

Will (LA, CA): Buzzdude, you think Maryland has a chance make the ACC Title game?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: That's a good question for Jorge.

Dan (Buffalo,NY): Working late really pays off,Buzz.

Derrick (Tahoe): lol buzzmaster nice 24 joke

Holy Bull (Jax, FL): how does jim tressel is a bum get through but I can't get my questions/genius comments about USF in...I smell a rat..

paul (georgia): georgia goes 10-2 and wins the east! they were scrutinized when they had a young team in 2005, and they went 10-2. They are going to do it again, and win the national championship within the next 3 years!

Scott (Iowa City, Iowa): Hawkeyes In the House!!!!!!

Gary (Huntsville, AL): God I ate too much pizza.

mike( NB, NJ): Maryland won't get past rutgers

Whit (Boulder, Co): Where is Jorge???

SportsNation Buzzmaster: 10 p.m. ET Whit! He's got 7 minutes.

Dan (Buffalo,NY): Buzz,they will be talking about Notre Dame in a few.Good timing to get a nap in.

brett (Colorado Springs): Buzz, we have a whiner, call the whaaaaabulance

Will (LA, CA): Rutgers is Overrated, Maryland Underrated!

John (Chapel Hill, NC): You going to be here all 25 hours, Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: You betcha.

wes (Charlotte, NC): I smell that same rat! No WVU questions are making it through!

Jason (Fayetteville, AR): McFadden runs for 175 and 2 TDS and throws for 1 versus Troy this weekend!1

Go Hogs!!

Daniel (Blacksburg,VA): Buzz, who would you least rather be this weekend, ECU (vs. VT) or Idaho(vs. USC)?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: USC-Idaho. Who wouldn't want to be in SoCal?

Daniel (Blacksburg, VA): ME! I'd take Blacksburg any day.

Robert (Huntsville, Al): I like rats buzz, its ok...

Tim (Anchorage,AK): Buzz,can I get a Boston College-Wake forest prediction?

will (Jackson, MS): Anyone thinking an SEC repeat on the championship this year?

Jim(Ann Arbor): Maize and blue goin all the way. Ohio State I love to say your mascot is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. "Buckeyes". Well it kinda makes sense . You guys are nuts.

Aaron (Beaverton, Or): Hey buzz, how's this whole thing work.. I'm not seeing any of my messages show up...

John (Chapel Hill, NC): The Butch Davis era begins on Saturday at 6 pm!

paul (georgia): hey jorge, florida definately has the offense, but with the bye week, will georgia be prepeared enough to outscore florida?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Paul....I said ACC. Not SEC!

Derrick (Tahoe): i am probally the only one going to stay on here all night. remember me buzzmaster at 4 am

whit (Boulder, Co): Butch Davis is scared!

John (Chapel Hill, NC): TAR HEELS!

Rob (Tallahassee): I think everyone is underrating the gator defense..I know no one has seen them play in big games yet but they look pretty dang good....I think there will be an sec repeat or even a uf repeat

Brent (Knoxville, TN): ACC? What are we going to talk about... which team will make it past 8 wins?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Oh snap.

Gary (Huntsville, AL): ACC has no powerhouse this year is there really anything to talk about in the ACC

Jalter (College Park): Holla atcha boy Sportsnation. Jalter is hanging out with you the rest of the night.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're getting Jorge right now! Send in those questions!

SportsNation Jorge Milian: I hope to answer as many questions as we can get to!

Anthony (Rockledge, Fl):: Jorge, do you think Jimbo Fisher can turn around Florida State's offensive woes and if so how far do you see them going in the ACC this year?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Well the I guess the good part is that FSU, much like Miami, on offense, can't go anywhere but up. FSU plays only five games at home, and in this day in age, with seven road games that is a tough road to climb. So I think they will be better but that does not mean they will have a better record.

Zach (Starkville, MS): How many wins do you think Miami will have this season?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Boy that's a good one. I have been picking them to go 7-5 maybe 8-4. But alot has to go riight and they have a lot of tought games starting with Oklahoma. It comes down to the offense, they scored the fewest points last year, since the 1982 season. They have brought in Patrick Nix from Georgia Tech to improve the offense, and they need to play better on offense this year.

Justin ( Lawrenceville, GA): Jorge, what do you think of Georgia Tech's chances of making it back to the ACC title game??

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Thier problame is that Va. tech is in the same side of the conference and they could be a top 5 team. Georgia Tech has a good team. They do have a chance, even with Clavin Johnson gone, and a new offensive coordinator. But I think it can happen.

Daniel (Blacksburg, VA): What's your honest prediction of outcome and score of the VT vs. LSU game in Baton Rouge?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: That's the first great game of the year. I just wish I had a crystal ball to see how Sean Glennon would play. To play at LSU is a tough deal. I think it will be a low scoring game, 13-14. But I am not sure who will win. That is a big game for Va. tech and for the ACC. I think it will be a low scoring tight game down to the end.

Cliff (Tampa): I'm so eager to see FSU fall once again to Clemson, but why doesn't Clemson get any respect? We had teh #13th total defense last year, but this year we've got more all around talent!!

SportsNation Jorge Milian: I would say it is because when was the last time Clemson won the conference title. It is as simple as that. I chose them last year to win the conference, and they had a disappointing season. They have some great players on that team. I love to watch CJ Spiller, an unbelievable Reggie Bush type player. And you put him with James Davis, that is one of the best tailback combos in the country. But you have to win the conference to be taken seriously, it is that simple.

Will (Jackson, MS): Jorge, how do you think the ACC stacks up to other conferences around the nation like the SEC?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Out of conference against top 10 teams the ACC do not have a very good record. I think the fact that Miami and FSU have been struggling so bad has brought down the conference. There is a lot of parity and you just do not know who is going to win from week to week. There is just not that super team in the conference. So right now, if comparing them to the SEC, they would have to be second in that race.

Ryan (South End): Jorge, I think people are understimating how much an impact Steve Logan can make as BC's offensive coordinator. Thoughts?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Well I think they are excited about having Logan in Boston. Logan put a whooping on Miami when he coached at East Carolina, so everyone in Florida knows that he can put a good offense together, and BC has some pretty good parts returning, with the best QB in the conference in Matt Ryan.

Adam (Baltimore): Who is the sleeper team in the ACC this season?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: I do not know if you can call your conference champ a sleeper, but in some respect it might be Wake Forest. They still do not get a lot of respect, despite what they did last year and despite the fact they have a bunch of good players returning. I think it is a mistake to overlook Wake Forest, which people have done.

Mike (Baltimore): Jorge, do you think Heyward-Bey will be one of the top WR's in the country this year? He dosen't seem to get much respect!

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Yeah, I think last year was his break-out year; and I saw him torch Miami last year for two very long TD passes. He was on my first team ballot. This is a big guy who can fly. He reminds me of Andre Johnson, maybe with more speed. He did not have huge numbers because of Maryland's offense, but trust me D-coordinators know the name Heyward-Bey.

Brady (Dallas, Texas) What do you think of Miami's QB situation?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: Well, it was not good last season. They have the same two guys back in Freeman and Wright, and Freeman won the job; and that is the big question, the play of the QB. Freeman and Wright threw 15 TDs and 15 ints last season; it was an up and down year. Wright has been a bit of a disappointment with the honors he received coming into Miami. The Miami QB situation is the number question for the Hurricanes this year.

Chris, Tallahassee How about them Tar Heels? I am having trouble getting proper expectations this year with Davis in his first year. Is this a pass year where we should not look for results or should we expect some suprises from them, possibly even enough to get to a bowl?

SportsNation Jorge Milian: I think that is asking way too much. I think it is going to be a tough season. But I covered Butch Davis when he was in Miami, and he knows talent. Miami always had a ton of first round draft choices when he was here and that was no coincidence. But I think it will be a tough season and the fans will have to hang in there. I think with a couple recruiting classes, in year three some big things could happen.

SportsNation Jorge Milian: I am excited to start the season. You just do not know who will emerge in the conference. A lot could happen. Eight or nine team will be in the running and it should be a very interesting year!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thank you so much Jorge! Dave Curtis of the Orlando Sentinel is next! He covers the Florida Gators. So Gator fans and SEC fans, send in your questions now!

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Good to be here, and I can't wait for the start of the season!

AC (Gainesville, FL) Last season true freshmen Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin were key contributors on the team. Who do you see this as year's true freshmen contributors?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: I think you will see more guys on the defensive side. Joe Haden, will start at CB against Western KY, and I would expect him to be a big part of things there all season long. I also like safety Major Wright, and Justin Tradou, a very good DE out of NJ. On offense Maurkice Touncy is the number one guy on offense, and he will start off at guard, and his brother Mike is also a very good lineman who will be part of things up front.

Aaron (Bryan, TX) How much can be expected out of Florida's passing game with Tebow behind the center?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: A lot Aaron, and I think it has more to do with the other people in the offense than it does with Tebow. UF might have one of the most dynamic sets of WR inn the country. It was one of the spots they were not decimated at as far as departing seniors. Percy Harvin, Buba Caldwell, Lewis Murphy, Cornelius Ingram will all give Florida a chance to move the ball in the SEC.

paul (georgia) assuming tickets are still split 50-50, how do you think florida would do against georgia in the loud confines of the georgia dome?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Georgia has always maintained it would be a huge advantage for Florida to play that game in Jacksonville and I think they are right. In recent years it does not look like Georgia would be able to beat Florida is they played at the North Pole, but it would not hurt Georgia to have that game in Atlanta every other year. And I would expect that to happen in the series starting sometime next decade.

Gary (Huntsville, AL.) Please tell me i'm not the only one who feels like Kentucky is THE sleeper team in the country

SportsNation Dave Curtis: You are not the only one at all; there are a lot of reason to like Kentucky. Their three best skill guys are back, and I have seen some experts rank Andre Woodson among the top 5 at his position in the country. I still need to see the Wildcats defense play better against the best teams in the league before I pick them to play on New Years Day or later.

Stan (Shelbyville, TN) If Erik Ainge can stay healthy, and the receivers can progress into a cohesive unit, is it unrealistic to say that Tennessee can win the SEC?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Not at all, but if they are going to win they need to get back to doing what they have always done well, and that is control the line of scrimmage and run the ball well. Last year's team might have been the worst running team Phil Fulmer has had at Tennessee, if that keeps up not even Peyton Manning coming back could give the Vols an SEC title.

Matt(Tallahassee, Fl) Am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous that everyone in the media bows down to Pete Carrol and USC? I accept they are a top team, but come on.

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Well it is tough not to. He is 59-6 and been to five BCS bowl games. I think Pete gets the same treatment that your buddy Bobby Bowden got 10-15 years ago. Matt it is all cyclical; FSU's time will come again.

Ben (Palo Alto, CA) Pac 10 is overrated? This coming from a Texas fan and Big 12? Big 12 top to bottom isn't better then the WAC.

SportsNation Dave Curtis: I think you are right about the Big 12 this year. I do not think the Pac-10 is overrated at all, if anything it may be underrated. I think Cal will show that on Saturday night against Tennessee. I think teams like Washington and Arizona, who have not been in a bowl in a while, could easily get there this year. And watch out for UCLA, they have a great defense and a lot of guys back. And after upseting USC, the Bruins should believe they can beat anybody, anywhere.

Dick Smith , Mocksville, n.c. The media always favors the same teams (N. Dame etc.). The Big East teams went 5-0 in bowls and yet some dummies say they should play somebody. Why!!

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Because people do not like change. I think Louisville especially for a few years, and Rutgers last year, have really come forward as teams that could be consistent powerhouses. What's next for those teams is stringing together three or four more years like 2006. That will quiet every critic. And a little bit of improvement from Syracuse, UConn and Cincinnati would not hurt either.

Dave (Charlottesville, Va): With Most everyone returning from one of the ACC's top defenses, and with a fully healthy Jameel Sewell, will Virginia be an ACC title contender?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: I think they are a real wild card heading into the season. I am very curious to see how they fare in a tricky opener against Wyoming on Saturday. A win there should make them 6-1 or 7-0 and ranked by mid-season. And that will give that defense and Sewell the chance to get some confidence for a very tough final five games in the ACC.

SportsNation Dave Curtis: I think the Cavs come up a little short of Jacksonville, but go to a bowl game.

Jon (Jax, FL): Hey Dave I've noticed that the calls for a "tournament style" play off system have subsided..to what do you attribute this silence?

SportsNation Dave Curtis: Well a couple of the presidents who were beating the drum for it got shot down by their peers. The fact that presidents are even discussing a playoff is a great sign for fans who would like to see one come about. But we are still probably at least 10 years away from any kind of tournament with more than four teams. Personally, I do not think we will ever see one.

Justin Lincoln No way the Trojans come into Lincoln and leave with a Win...this will be one hostile city

SportsNation Dave Curtis: It is probably the biggest game Lincoln has seen is a long time, and it may be one of the toughest places to play in the country. But here's the thing about USC, we have always connected them with big playmakers: Bush, Jerrett, Leinart. This year they may have the best defense too. It is why they will win in Lincoln, and why they will get to New Orleans to play of the National Championship.

SportsNation Dave Curtis: I saw Schlabach talking about the Cubs so I got to get a shout out in for my Red Sox; maybe we will see Schlabach and his Cubs in October. Thanks to all the fans, enjoy the seasons and the best of luck to your teams!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Next up is SEC reporter Ron Higgins!

SportsNation Ron Higgins: Hey everyone, I'm Ron Higgins with the Memphis Commercial Appeal. I'll be at LSU-MSU and Mississippi-Cal this week. Shoot any question you have my way!

Reed (gatlinburg, tn) Ron, everyone talks like LSU is god of the SEC this year, who will provide their biggest challenge/ obstacle on their way to a NC run? How about a score prediction of UM-ole miss?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I think even though Auburn's schedule is against them, I don't discount Auburn, because Tommy Tuberville is 11-1 in road games the last three years and 8-1 against top ten teams. So no, I'm not ready to hand LSU the SEC title. I'm gonna go with Memphis winning that game 21-17. Memphis can throw the ball on Ole Miss' short cornerbacks.

Jarrell (Newport News, Va) Auburn vs South Florida. Who you got?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I'm taking Auburn. They should have both of their RBs healthy by that game. Auburn's gotta play Kansas State this week, and they'll get beat up a little. Even though South Florida has improved a lot, I'll still go with Auburn.

Bryan (Los Angeles, CA) Simply, has Miss State improved from last year?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: They've gotten better in some areas and have more depth, but most of their depth is young--frosh and sophomores. They could give LSU a good game for about 2.5 quarters because it's a season opener, but they don't have enough depth to hang with them.

Daniel meier do u think that the lsu - virginia tech has national implications on it and who do you think will win the game, why?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I think it does, but it's so early in the season that it's one of those games that, if you lost, you could still climb up the rankings. I don't know if VT has enough offense to match LSU, and I think LSU's defense is just as good as VT. I'll take LSU, but VT has been good on special teams, which is LSU's weakness.

michael (biddeford, ME) How do you compare the talent down south to the talent up north. I know a lot is said about the speed of the players in the south and how Florida was just faster than Ohio state last year. But since 1999 the big ten easily has a winning record in bowl games

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I know that OSU has had a terrible record in bowl games against the SEC. Michigan breaks about even. It depends on the matchups. The SEC has more overall speed than most conferences. Offensively, most conferences have speed, but the SEC was the first to really recruit more athletes to the defensive side of the ball.

Jeremy (Tallahassee, FL) OK, so no one really respects Florida State. I guess the last few years have brought that upon us. But here's my question, the Noles only lost one game by more than 7 points, and a few times we lost cause of big plays by the other teams, can't coaching make a big difference there? Why isn't FSU getting any respect?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: They should get respect this year because the hire of Jimbo Fisher as offensive coordinater was amasterstroke by Bobby Bowden. I think you'll see FSU's offensive production go up to the point where they'll regain the respect they once had. He should use their best athletes correctly.

Caleb (Knoxville, Tenn) Do you really think that this could be Fulmer's last year at Tennessee? What does he need to do in order to earn some job security?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: It would help for him to win the conference. Tennessee hasn't won the SEC since 1998 and they've lost five of their last seven bowl games. His problem is that Bruce Pearl was hired as basketball coach, and it's caused even the most faithful Tennessee fan to wonder if the same ol', same ol' is good enough in Rocky Top. Phil needs to break out of his mold and open up the offense more. A 9-3 season will keep his job, but the 7-5 range might cause AD Mike Hamilton to not hesitate to make a chance.

Justin (Camden AR) The SEC is loaded as usually, but does a team like Arkansas with just a running attack have anychance on winning the SEC championship or more?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: No, they don't have a chance unless Casey Dick can throw and keep defenses from stacking the line on McFadden and Jones. It's amazing to me they won 10 games with no passing attack in 2006. You can bet this year that defenses have figured out how to defense Arkansas' special Wildcat offensive package, the direct snaps to McFadden. Last year Dick completed less than 49 percent of his passes, and I think he'll be improved because of new offensive coordinator David Lee.

Boyd (Columbia, SC) Do you think South Carolina has any chance at making it to ATL in December? If not, then how much longer until they compete?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: It might be a stretch, but stranger things have happened. In the SEC, teams sometimes win a game they shouldn't, and sometimes lose a game they shouldn't. Offensively, SC doesn't have the O line needed to provide protection for Carolina's QBs. I think SC has an SEC-quality defense, but they need a few more years to make it to the championship game.

Joseph (Sioux Falls, SD) What is the key ingredient to Georgia winning the conference championship?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: The key is how well the offensive line meshes. In the preseason, Georgia coach Mark Richt has been mixing and matching his linemen, trying to find the right chemistry. He has confidence in QB Matthew Stafford, and Georgia always has enough running backs. The Bulldogs are my sleeper to win the east. Everyone looks at Florida, but they lost nine defensive starters, and Tennessee, but they're suffering from injuries. I think Georgia could slip in the backdoor, and 6-2 could win the east.

JB (Kansas City, MO) Alot of articles I have read seem to at least mention Coach Saban's contract. Granted, it's a large sum of money. Is he coaching against his contract, The Bear or both and where do you see his first season ending up?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I don't think he's coaching against the Bear anymore--there's been 8 coaches since he retired. I do think he's coaching against that contract, the richest in college football history. When Alabama gave him that contract, they basically said they would go and buy a championship. I think they're 7-5 this year mainly because they don't have a top-flight defense or defensive talent yet. Give them a couple of years, though; I could see them in the championship game in '09.

Joe (Atlanta, GA) How much of an impact do you think David Cutcliffe will have on Erik Ainge in his second year or teaching him how to be a QB?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: He had a huge impact on him in year 1. Erik learned how to just do everything better--film study, workouts, preperation. Erik Ainge is a much more confident player than he was a few years ago. It's a shame he'll probably miss the opener because of his finger, but he's much calmer, cool, and collected. It's a result of Cutcliffe preaching discipline and sticking to the task.

Justin (Little Rock AR) With all the off field drama with the razorbacks this year, what does Coach Hutt(huge fan) have to prove and do in order to reunite the state? Does an all running attack have a chance on winning out in the SEC?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I've never seen a coach catch more heat in the offseason than Houston Nutt, especially for a guy who won ten games with a team predicted to finish fourth. I don't think they will repeat that, as defenses will be hyped to stop a Heisman candidate. With WR Marcus Monk out until at least mid-september, Arkansas won't get back to a title game, and it remains to be seen whether he'll be back, especially with AD Frank Broyles retiring in December.

Brad (Auburn, AL) Do you think that LSU is overrated?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: At this point, no, I don't think they're overrated, but check back in October. I don't believe any team in this league can go through unbeaten. It's too hard a league no matter how great you're supposed to be to just walk through it unbeaten.

David (Auburn AL) With the new kickoff rule in play, how do you think that their will be more kickoffs returned for touchdowns? Will this rule be withdrawn from in the next year or so?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I have a feeling this is a rule that will not be withdrawn. I think it will create more speed, and will have coverage teams get better athletes on coverages to try to cut down on returns. No matter how you slice it, most kicks will come to the five yard line, and there will still be at least a 30-yard gap between the returner and the return team. So yes, there will be big-time returns.

Jordan (North Augusta, SC) We saw more of the athleticism that Tebow brings to the table last year than the role he's going to have to assume this year: commanding and maneuvering and Urban Meyer manufactured spread. The question is, does Tebow have the tools to be a downfield passer and with teams expecting him to take off if there are no options downfield, what will his pocket presence be?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I think because of Tim Tebow last year and the special way he was used that people forget what a great high school passer that Tim Tebow was. In high school, Tim Tebow through for 9,940 yards and 95 TDs as a three-year starter for Nease High in Jacksonville. The guy has a tremendous arm and everybody fell in love with the fact that he was a 6'3", 235 QB who flattened people. I think he'll be great--maybe not right away, but from mid-Sept.-on.

SportsNation Ron Higgins: I'll be back on tomorrow at 5, live from Starkville, Mississippi prior to the LSU-MSU game, at 8pm!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: And we're halfway through hour five.

dirk (diggler) Kentucky is so good. I just wish that we had jules camara on our football team!

SportsNation Buzzmaseter: Let me tell you, people, this is a test of endurance unlike any other. Lance Armstrong aint got nothin' on us.

Godish (Chicago) I'm back from bowling Buzz. 158 average with a house ball; I've done better. How you holding up?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm copacetic. i average about a 140, though I pulled a 230 once with six straight strikes.

Oski (San Francisco,Ca) Go Bears!!! Lets beat the Vols!!!

Brian (Seattle) Penn State is going to surprise everyone this year! Joe Pa will lead them to the promise land!!

Brandon (Atlanta, GA) Georgia is in big trouble against a dominate offense in OK STATE, but UGA wins 38-35 at home! Go DAWGS!

Bevo (Austin, TX) We want the Bottom 10 guy!!!

yea Go Mean Green!

Jordan (SC) I'm not sleeping tonight until someone admits they want to punch John David Booty for having a silly name.

Godish (Chicago) 6 X in a row, impressive.

Bob (Oak Creek) Hey Buzz, does this mean we'll be part of the longest sportsnation chat session ever, beating out Bill Simmons' epic marathon?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Rob Neyer actually holds the record, and we have like eighty people chatting. So no.

Jesse (Muscle Shoals, AL) My wife is a bama fan, and I am a Auburn fan. I have to hear GOT 12 and GOT Nick from her and her friend. I need help fighting them off. She will be watching the LSU game could you say WAR EAGLE PAULA AND CINDY

Hugh (Gainesville) I can't be the only one who wishes Bill Walton would call college football games...

Andy (Wisconsin) Who is staying all night with me?

Mark (Morgantown, WV) Shouldn't College Game Day come down to Morgantown to show case the talents of both Slaton and White?

Glenn (Temple, TX) Can we get a little MWC love? go BYU!!!

Coy (Denton, TX) North Texas will be the next Boise State. Remember where you heard it.

Miss Hammer (Southbend) I think Jimmy Clausen is dreamy!

Warner Robbins GA Im ready for the season to start already... last year was an amazing season for my gators, but im realistic and i know this year its gonna be an uphill battle all year. Go Gators!!!!!

Dan (Cincinnati OH) Is it too unreasonable to think the Buckeyes actually have a chance to get back to the National Championship game? Their first 8 games are cake, they get Wisconsin at home, they are better than Penn State, and they have the huge psychological edge over Michigan with completely owning them recently.

Whit (Boulder CO) Buzz, where did you go to college?

SportsNation Ron Higgins: Medium-sized school in the midwest.

Derek (Miiichigan) Maze rage

Jeff (Boston) matt ryan will be the darkhorse hisemen candiate this year

Jordan (SC) Yo Mark, LETS GO MOUNATINEERS! Morgantown native right here :)

Pritich (Atlanta, GA) It would be extremely unfortunate for the SEC if two top 15 teams some how managed to lose to crappy unranked opponents in the first week. I am, therefore, forced to cheer for these two schools for the dumb and blind (UGA and Auburn).

Jeremy (Atlanta) I hope georgia loses it will make me whole weekend.

Mike (Morgantown, WV) Mark (Mo'town)- I think they are, for the 100th Backyard Brawl.

Godish (Chicago) I just found out a girl in my high school is on the VH1 show Rock of Love. Jes with the pink hair. Anyone watch that show? I don't


SportsNation Buzzmaster: Go to sleep, Mike.

Brandon (Atlanta, GA) Buzz - how could you post that garbage from my buddy Pritch. He is a lazy, bandwagon hopping, LSwho fan from Baton Rouge.

Derek (Miiichigan) I havent been able 2 sleep for the last week, knowin football is near.

Andrew (Ann Arbor) I'll admit that Jordan. I've always wanted to throw a big hook at Booty for his goofy name. Get some rest...and GO BLUE!

Whit (Boulder, CO) Buzz, you should let us know what school so we can root with ya!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Let's put it this way: I'll never tell you, and with the way they've been playing, 'aint gonna be much rooting going on.

Andrew (tennessee) I'm beginning to think Tennessee just shouldn't show up Saturday. I mean no one thinks they will win, and it seems no one thinks they have a chance. Sounds similar to last year to me, hope the results stay the same.

soloman concord CA) Cal is going to throttle UT.

Whit (Boulder, CO) Sorry guys...but VT holds the Black Diamond trophy forever!!! MMUUAAAHHH!!!!!

Brian (Seattle) we are........PENN STATE!!

Jason (SO Cal) SEC schedules more Div I-AA schools than any other conference. Also, Georgia is going out of state for a non-conference game for the first time since 1965. Very impressive.

dustin (kinsport TN) does anyone actually think that Cals megaphones will disrupt a Tenn team that plays in the loudest confrence in the game?


Josh (Omaha, NE) Nebraska is going to beat USC

Kevin (Charlotte, NC) If everyone stays healthy and WV runs the table and winds up in the BCS Championship game - who do they play?

Eric (Wisconsin) ) I would rather see rutgers and louisville lose this weekend. It would be a great start for wvu and the big east from a wvu fan perspective.

Mike (Morgantown, WV): I'm pulling for Miss State against the Bayou Bengals tomorrow night.

Godish (Chicago): Death, taxes, and a whine from Boston. The 3 guarantees in life.

Mike (Balitmore): Buzz, we only got 80 people? How come I can't get on. I've been on twice so far.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: No no, we have a large number of experts chatting. You guys number in the thousands.

Derek (Miiichigan): Michigan and Tenn are very simmilar teams. They do well every year but just cant win the big one.

Hugh (Gainesville): Has Cal ever throttled anyone, ever?

Bryce: ( Cali ): Do you people realize all of your teams are just playing for 2nd place?

Mike (Morgantown, WV): Am I the only person alive who truly believes that Louisville will NOT be undefeated when they visit Pat, Steve, and Co. in Morgantown?

Ryan (Atlanta, GA): I need a prediction....Does Lee Corso's rental car get struck by lightening again, like it did the last time the Gameday crew was in Blacksburg?

Trojan Horse: Troy upsets Arkansas; Bank on it.

Jordan (SC) : Well, if MSU beats LSU tomorrow, it'll sure as heck look good when we play em later on.

Jay (Atlanta): UGA is going 3 and 9 this year.... I mean did you see those pictures of their two quarterbacks spooning at Talladega?

Greg (Raleigh, NC): WVU vs. Tennessee (Titans)in BCS championship. Slaton, White, Young. Now tell me you wouldn't watch that.

Greg(So Cal): Pac-10 schedules the weakest teams in-conference that I've ever seen.

Jason, Knoxville: soloman, thats what they said last year

Godish (Chicago): I went to Miami Ohio. Let's just say the only games I went to were on parents weekend. I know we had Big Ben, but c'mon.

Will (Minny via AZ): That running back from Cal throttled that trombone player in the band.

Derek (Miiichigan): im sick of USC.

Mark (Morgantown, WV): Hey Whit - you better believe that black diamond is coming back to where it belongs.

Will (Minny via AZ): Wow does sleep deprevation bring out the Whiney McWhinerson Award Winners...

Josh ( omaha , Ne): not if mcfadden is playin it will be a blowout

Mark (Morgantown, WV): Who do you think will take out Louisville, Mike?

Rick (Tempe, Arizona): Buzz what do you think of my Wild Cats? I'm guessing Cason is going to light up BYU this Saturday.

Ryan (New Orleans): The experts (i.e. Sportscenter) are crazy if they really think that 4 teams all from major conferences will go undefeated, obviously not including Hawaii. It sounds wonderful but just not likely.

Hugh (Gainesville): Jay: You can't buy that kind of camraderie

Brandon (Atlanta, GA): Rudy was offsides!!!!

Aaron (Bryan, TX): Hugh did you watch the Holiday Bowl last year? Unfortunately, my Aggies got throttled 45-10...

dustin (kinsport tn): I hope the Cal fans clap and cheer when both teams have the ball like ususal. lol. Left coasters just dont get it

nobody: even McFadden can't get away from 8 in the box and the hogs can't pass

Mike (Morgantown, WV): Um. You know that WVU holds the lead in the overall series with VT, correct, Whit? 28-22-1, I believe.

Nick ( Detroit, MI ): SEC is garbage Georgia, Auburn, Arkansas, S.Carolina are average; Florida rebuilding with bad QB and no defense; Tennessee is all right, Ole Miss and Miss St. are trash, and LSU wont go undefeated with Matt Flinny

Daniel, Los Angeles: LOL at Greg. I cant stop laughing. I should roll on the floor now

Mike ( NM): the pac 10 , big 12 , big ten are all overrated there is no way they compare to the acc this yr vt , miami, florida st BC COLLAGE FOOTBALL WORLD PREPARE FOR THE ACC TAKEOVER

Adam (Florida): The U will be back big this year under Randy Shannon

Gary Fort Worth, Texas: Shelly Smith of ESPN reported So. Cal's starting center, Spanos, tore his triceps muscle this past Monday. What if Neb. knocks Booty out of their game?

Kid Keith (Grand Rapids): Is there any Michigan love at all on this site?

Brian (L.A., CA): Josh, how can you be serious. SC walks out of Lincoln two touchdowns clear.

Godish (Chicago): Minus man points for using LOL, Daniel

John (Gainesville, FL): Nick, Florida has a bad QB? That's news to me for sure.

josh ( omaha): SEC is the hardest conferance wat are u talkin bout

Sean (College Station): Hey Hugh apparently you didn't watch the Holiday Bowl last year!

Adam (Baton Rouge, LA): LSU beats MSU by 30 in a warm-up for next week's beat down of Virginia Tech. LSU will also go undefeated through the SEC and beat USC by 17 in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans because USC won't have played a fast or physical game all season.

Matt (Miami): ESPN Classic just showed the Miami-Ohio State BCS game from 2003 and that bogus pass interference call still gets me heated now...i had to change the channel I couldn't take it. Maybe he is a friend of Tim Donaghy???

Derek (Miiichigan): For u all nothing compairs like the BIG HOUSE. Ive been goin there ever since i could walk.

Jonathan (LA, Ca): SEC guys are cocky. SC beats SEC teams every time they play.

Thad (Jonesville, La): Yea.. IDDK Hopefully we can go undefeated but I don't think USC will be there at the end.

Godish (Chicago): Buzz, stay with us. Don't give in to sleep. STAY WITH US

Nick (Huntington, WV): Ok. how come this Mike guy from Morgantown keeps getting on here and all he is doing is crying about WVU, I ask legit questions and I get squat? What's the deal?

Jay (Atlanta): Hey Nick, list the teams in the big ten and compare that to the SEC.... O yeah and your confrence champ looked real good against the SEC champ last year

Whit (Boulder, Co): LSU's offense will be beaten without question....and LSU's offense wont like the fierce VT defense they lost to in the early 2000's...its on baby!! GO HOKIES!!

Will (Minny via AZ): Buzz, did you fall down?

Matt SFC,CA: And Cal will make it to the Rose bowl with that prediction

Hugh (Gainesville): All these Big East fans are cute.. now toddle off to bed and let the big boys talk about college football

Dan (Cincinnati, OH): Is it too unreasonable to think the Buckeyes actually have a chance to get back to the National Championship game? Their first 8 games are cake, they get Wisconsin at home, they are better than Penn State, and they have the huge psychological edge over Michigan with completely owning them recently.

Crash (Hotlanta): Gators will repeat in football just like basketball! Let's go Gators! Get up and Go!!

Tanner (UGA): i wouldn't watch that cause WVU would wax The titans

Glenn (Temple, TX): UA's going to get pummeled in Provo this year, since they can't bring their PAC-10 refs to the game. Oh, and Cason better watch out for BYU's freshman all american receiver, Austin Collie. Go BYU!

Nick ( Detroit, MI): yo keith man, Im going to the Appalachain St. game this week. Im also going to Penn St. and Ohio St. GO BLUE!

Matt ( Grand Rapids, MI): ive been to the big house its not all it cracked up to be and its dirty they need to take care of that place

Jordan (SC): Because you're a Marshall fan.

Myke (Fort worth tx): what do yall think of texas this year.jamaal charles is a heisman candidate and colt mccoy will stay healthy.they are the most underrated team in the top 10

Brian (Gainesville, FL): Why does everyone think that LSU is going to be amazing this year, look at what they lost, okay, so Matt Flynn played one game against Miami and lit them up, I think anybody with any skill could have done that. LSU also lost Jimbo Fischer, spells at three loss season to me, am I missing something?

Jeff (Los Angeles, CA): Is Jonathan Stewart the most physically-gifted back in the country? 5'11, 234, 4.3something speed. If he gets enough touches he'll put up the numbers to enter into the heisman discussion

Boomer Sooner (Sooner Nation): Get ready for the Sooners. Best DB's in the country, best WR in Kelly, awesome O-Line.

Raleigh: Hey mike... vt is 12-5 against the 'neers since '89.... no wonder yall stopped playin us

Nick (Huntington, WV): THAT GETS ON HERE? I ask about Marshall's outlook for the season and when you think Marshall returns to its glory days and you put that comment on here!? Well better than nothin' I guess

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Nick, you're under the impression that I actually read these comments for content.

Derek (Miiichigan): there is so many people that they cant keep up.

David (Gainesville, GA): I know Florida's offense will be stellar, but as for the defense, which of the nine new defensive starters will have the most impact of the season?

Godish (Chicago): I bet most people have bashed ND tonight, but they still have the best fight song.

Eric (Wisconsin): Half of the post on here are crap....i actually ask good q's and i still haven't been posted once

Whit (Boulder, Co): Its pronounced the BIG LEAST guys...

Mike (Morgantown, WV): Hey Nick. 6-0. See you next weekend.

Daniel (Fayetteville, AR): What kind of effect do you think David Lee's new pro-style passing attack will have on Arkansas's offense and their season in general?

David (Nashville, TN): That's cause you gotta know your smack talk - WVU plays LSU in the BCS Championship - SC loses a game early and loses to Cal

Nick ( Detroit): which nick?

Steve West Palm Beach, Florida: I am calling September 15 Big Red Alert Day when Nebraska knocks off media darling USC. The match up last year in Los Angeles was close with the porous Nebraska defense. Nebraska is much improved in the secondary this year and will do quite well with the inexperienced USC receivers. I like the fact that Nebraska will have two wins under there belt before they meet USC. I would rather be playing than having an off week after playing there first game weakling. I can't wait to see people eat there words when USC goes down. Go Big Red!

Adam (Orlando) Typical Gator fans...never done much yet talk more than anyone else

Scrappy (Land of the Green) Boomer, It would make my day for NT to pull a Boise on you Saturday. Statue of Liberty, what?

David (Kent) Florida's corners will be the keys to their team. In the SEC, you have to get good play from the secondary to have a chance.

drayt, andover the miami- oklahoma game is awsome! i cant wait to see it. it's like a retro game. now we just need miami to play notre dame, and bama to play penn st. and for the swatch to come back! lol

Jesse (Muscle Shoals, AL) How many people are sick of Nick? I hope Alabama loses every game

Nick (Huntington, WV) I'm glad I brought you back to life, Buzz. But yeah I was kinda hopin',

Kid Keith This just in: Beckham is done-so...

Ruchik (Laramie, WY): GO VOLS!!!

Whit (Boulder, Co) This is hilarious....this is complete insanity of dropped lines with no direction...order...ORDER!!!

Aaron (Bryan, TX) Myke keep in mind Texas has to survive a road trip the day after Thanksgiving. Goodson and Lane can't be stopped we proved that last year.

Matt ( Grand Rapids, MI) i agree with godfish the BEST FIGHT SONG

Scott (Minneapolis, MN) GO BLUE!!! If the defense holds up, undefeated this year...

Jordan (SC) We're talking about REAL football, get that soccer jive outta here.

Derrick (Tahoe): beckham should go back to europe

Nick (Huntington, WV): Good luck stopping the pass cuz we got Slate and the next Randy Moss/Marvin Harrison. Mr. Courtney Edmonson

johnny white (Montania): Them tigers down in the bayou are going to win outright.

Mike (Morgantown, WV): I'm talking to the Marshall guy. Your idea of "MU's glory days" is going undefeated in '99 by playing Kent State and Akron.

Brian (L.A., CA): Love the pic up top...Booty dismantling Michigan's D at the Rose Bowl last year...Here's to seeing them both in New Orleans!

Eric (Wisconsin): HEY EVERYONE. I figured out how to get posted. Write about somethig worthless and you'll get posted!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: That was post number 5000. We can't get to 'em all.

Nick (Huntington, WV): Oh did I mention....We got a movie for Marshall. Other than ND how many other schools can say that?

Kyle(East Lansing, MI): This just in: Chad Henne is the most overrated player i've ever seen.

Godish (Chicago): Buzz, I think Eric and Nick don't visit the MB that often.

Adam (Orlando): I mentioned something worthless....the Gators....

Trent (Old Tappan, NJ): Notre Dame the best fight song? Some people haven't heard the one played in Ann Arbor.

Dan (Cincinnati): someone talked about the miami vs. ohio state game...it was an obvious call, the cornerback mugged him...only miami fans can even try to deny that like they actually believe what they are talkin about, as much of a sin as it is for a Buckeye fan to have some Wolverine friends, even they admitted it was pass interference...get over it bud!!!

Jordan (SC): A movie about having a subpar season...sounds about right, enjoy your 15 minutes.

Glenn (Temple, TX): I figured out Buzz: he's laughing his head off at the random comments and anxiety and smack talk without any games played this season. Pretty funny! Go BYU!

Kevin (Frisco, TX): Hey BuzzMaster you went to a small school so lets talk about small schools. Which small program is going to knock out one of the big boys this weekend. Whose gonna Lose? TEXAS, OU, or ARKANSAS? PLEASE let me know!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Medium-sized. Not small. Vive le difference!

Sean (College Station) Is n.d. really a school anyways? G.Tech rambling wreck!

Steve (Lexington, KY) Every year there is a team that shocks all the experts. Can The University of Kentucky be that team? They have a hard schedule, but have most of their toughest games are at home. Why are they off the radar? I see them going 8-4, but they are not going to be an easy W for anybody!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Okay folks, Bobby Curran, Hawaii's PBP is up next; so send in all your Warrior questions now!

SportsNation Bobby Curran: This season there is an unprecedented buzz about University of Hawaii football. It is the first time Hawaii has ever had a preseason national ranking in the AP and coaches poll, and it all starts Saturday for Hawaii against Northern Colorado.

Michael (Honolulu, HI): What do you think of Hawaii's offense? Best in the nation? How many points and yards per game will Hawaii average?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: I think Hawaii will avergae 550 yards per game, and Colt Brennan will average 420 yards passing. It is hard to imagine that anyone elses offense will be quite as prolific as Hawaii's.

Chris (Pasadena, CA) What's your take on Hawaii's bowl chances this year. Their schedule is weak, but if they go undefeated, does Colt Brennan give them a shot?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Many peope including Ivan Maisel, beleives that is Hawaii goes undefeated or any other non-BCS team goes undefeated that they will get a bid to the BCS.

Mike (Provo UT) Is it just me or is the Hawaii vs New Mexico State game going to be a blast?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: I am blocking out five hours for that game. Hawaii avergae 46 passes per game and New Mexico St averaged 51 passes per game, last year, and there is nothing to indictae that those numbers will come down this year.

Jason (Cal) Does Brennan have a legit shot for heisman this year or even best qb?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: It would probably take an unusual confluence of circumstances for him to win the Heisman; but he will certainly be in the top rank of QBs along with Brian Brohm of Louisville and John David Booty of USC.

Derek (Miiichigan) Bobby, how do u see Colt Brennan fitting into the NFL.

SportsNation Bobby Curran: I think Colt will have a terrific career in the NFL. He has the virtue that is most appreciated by NFL coaches, tremendous accuracy, along with good judgement.

Charcoal (El Paso ) Will Hawaii bust into the top ten by the end of the season? The only problem i see is their rather weak schedule.

SportsNation Bobby Curran: The schedule could be an impedement to a rapid ascent. But if Hawaii runs the table there is a good chance that they will get to number 12, which is what they need for a BCS bid; and the last four games of the schedule will help a great deal.

Jeff (Iowa) How tough is it for Hawaii to find games, when teams are afraid to come in and face them?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Some coaches, including frormer Hawaii coordinator and current Navy coach Paul Johnson, say the problem is not just the distance going to Hawaii but the short week you have going back. Also it is difficult to get ready to play against this offense when you don't see it the rest of the year.

Brian (L.A., CA) How would Hawaii hold up in the Pac 10? Top 5?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: I do not think anybody in the country could say they would finish ahead of USC. But I think Hawaii would be very competitive with anyone else in the Pac-10. I would especially like their chances if the game was to be held at Aloha Stadium.

Will (Nebraska) Bobby, how the hell do you get any work done in Hawaii!?!? The weather is too nice!

SportsNation Bobby Curran: It is something you adjust to over time!And by the way, today it was 88 and sunny...again.

God (Boston) I AM STAYING UP ALL NIGHT IF I HAVE TOO, TO GET A QUESTION POSTED. Hawaii/Boise state, what is your opinion on this game? Who wins? I am sick of the Boise hype!

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Well Boise has a tremendous football culture. Their one of the only schools in the country that has 100% attendence in their offseason program in Boise. I like Hawaii's chances with Boise St. breaking in a new QB.

Derek (Miiichigan) Bobby, for recruting do you think Hawaii loses out on players because of there location.

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Probably. There are so many options for top level players closer to home. But the recent success of Colt Brennan and this team is leading to unprecedented interest in the Warrior program. Hawaii generally does not go after players who do not have some level of a Hawaii connection.

Stallion (Tucson, AZ) Aloha, Bobby! Who do you think will give the Warriors the toughest game this year (besides Boise State)?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: The Nevada game on the road, at 8 p.m. in Reno could offer some weather difficulties, and Hawaii has not yet beaten Nevada at their place.

Mike , Texas Who has a better pass offense? Texas Tech or Hawaii?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: The offenses have some similarieties and it would be terrific fun to watch those two hook up. In this particular year I think Hawaii has stronger players, starting with Colt Brennan.

Lou(Pennsylvannia) who is the best football player nobody has heard of at Hawaii?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: That's a good question. I am going to go with slot back, Ryan Grice-Mullin; only because he is every bit as good as Devon Bess and Jason Rivers, who are better known.

Houston N. (Fayetteville, AR) Hey, would Hawaii ever consider opening up the season with the University of Arkansas?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Hawaii is looking for big name opponents on the road; next year they open in Gainesville against the Gators.

Scott (Beijing, China) What are Hawaii's defensive strengths and weaknesses?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Recent practices have led to the conclusion by many observers that this will be their best defense in the June Jones era. They looked especially strong in the front seven. While they have some talent in the backend, that would appear to be the question mark.

Kevin (Cincinnati, Ohio) How does the quarterback situation look for next year after Colt heads to the nlf?

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Backup QB, Tyler Graunke, has had an unbelievable QB rating, last year and has the complete confidence of June Jones. The weakness of the schedule should allow him to garner significant playing time this year.

SportsNation Bobby Curran: Hawaii needs to demonstarte its ability to win on the road, and will get back to back chances on Septmber 8th and 15th against La Tech and UNLV respectively. If all goes well, we can do this again January 1st from New Orleans! Take care all!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks so much Bobby!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Okay Nation, I hope you are not getting sleepy because Buzz just caught a second wind. Just a quick note, Rece Davis will be stopping by from 1:30-2 a.m. to talk some football!

Mike (Balitmore) Buzzmasta, I'm still here.

David (My dorm): Buzz, I say the state of Georgia has a great weekend. Georgia will upset Oklahoma State and their explosive offense and the JV team (Georgia Tech) will beat Notre Dame 30-13. You agree?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I like your confidence David.

Jeff (Iowa): Mike must be getting sleepy. He misspelled Baltimore.

John (Dallas, Texas): SMU over Tech. Mark it down.

Kevin (Cincy, Ohio): Rece Davis is awesome. Post that please. thank you.

David (My dorm): Buzz, how bad will GT beat ND this weekend? Does 30-13 sound about right?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I can't see ND being that unprepared to lose by that much, but I do think GTech will pull it off.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Queue angry Notre Dame response

Ryan (San Diego): If I can't get a comment posted in 25 hours of chat, then I'm convinced its just never going to happen for me

T. J. Brumfield (Omaha, NE): Admittedly the Husker program is down these days, but without a doubt the Husker fans are the best in the nation. We sell out EVERY game (NCAA record) and we invade every stadium, including the one in South Bend. We outnumbered Michigan fans 5-1 two years ago when we played them. No one can touch Husker Nation.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Nothing but respect for HuskerNation here. You guys are passionate!

Jeff (Iowa): Buzz, how many people are wandering around the World Wide Leader at 11:37 p.m. Central time?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: You know you would be surprised, more than you think.

Alex: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH How do you think GT will beat ND

Hugh (Gainesville): Nothing else to do in Nebraska...

Rick (Detroit): What are your honest thoughts on Michigan making to the the National championship game? They really are the best in th Big 10.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think they are the best team in the Big Ten, but you have to watch out for Wisconsin, Ohio St., and myabe even Joe Pa and Penn St.

Derek (Miiichigan): Michigan should have one the game vs husker nation, if Breston would have gave up the ball.

Jeff (Iowa): I think Tommie Frazier just scored on Florida again...

Scott (Beijing, China): Does anyone think Washington State can upset Wisconsin this weekend? (To far away to know if Wazzou will be any good this year)

David (My dorm): The last Big Ten team that made it the national championship game....well, that's another story. If Michigan and another BCS conference team are both 11-1 then the voters might drop Michigan because of what happened to Ohio State. Just a thought...

alex (germantown, OH): I am a Tennessee fan but i could see michigan could win it all..... plus anything to shut the OSU fans up is good for me.

Chris ( Columbus, OH): Michigan will have a perfect season until they meet the Buckeyes in Nov. and Lloyd Carr gets out coached by Jim Tressel AGAIN!!

TiM (Pittsburgh): Can we call the Whambulance this late at night?

Keith (Wisconsin): Why doesn't Wisconsin ever schedule a decent BCS team in their non conference slate?

Honolulu Hawaii: Devon Bess. Excellent receiver and #1 target for Brennan.

Brian (L.A., CA): Good question, Keith. Hit up the AD about that...

David (My dorm): Washington State has a good passing game, but they'll need to be hitting all day to beat Wisconsin. It'll be closer than you think.

Sam (LA): So who are you Buzzmaster?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Greg (NC): He's an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a riddle.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Wrapped in bacon.

somebody in the northwest: how bout some pac10 talk....best conf. ever

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm game. Let's go West coasters; what do you have to say about the Pac-10?

Roy Eugene: Buzzmaster, who finishes second in the pac?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I guess the popular answer would be Cal or UCLA.

Kirk (San Francisco): USC finishes second

Guy (Pelham): I think if UCLA can figure out the QB siduation, they can pose a threat to USC and Cal.

West Coaster: Pac-10 is OVERRATED.

Keith (Wisconsin): Thanks Brian from LA... I just get sick of watching the Badgers play team like Northern Illinois and The Citadel. (nothing against those wonderful academic institutions)

Darin (St. Louis): We should talk about the Pac-10. Midnight is about the time when their games show up on television, so if you're awake right now, you've probably watched their games.

T. J. Brumfield (Bugaha, NE): Pac 10 referees, best refs ever! Just ask Oklahoma!

Jacob (NE): the pac 10 isn't the best conference, from top to bottom the big 12 or big east are the best conferences

somebody in the northeast: HAHAHA Pac-10 and best don't fit together

Derek (Miiichigan): Thats the reason why SC is so good, bc the pac-10 is a flop.

Don (Charleston): Buzzmaster is Chuck Norris

Hugh (Gainesville): Gotta love how pac fans know they have no chance to win the conference so they focus on finishing second...

Scott (Minneapolis): Can USC be beat?? (other than Cal, UCLA). I am a Michigan fan so i hope they can be beat!

Dennis (Tucson): Why is everyone so hot on Oregon. Did anyone pay attention to them at the end of last season? Blown out by USC, Arizona, and BYU.

PAC-10: Buzz that answer was a COPOUT!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Why Pac-10? Because it made sense? Just kidding. Who would you pick?

Nick: Derek, Michigan is spelled with 1 i, not 3!

Brian (L.A., CA): Hate to say it, but the Pac 10 is the second best conference. The SEC has the coaches across the board, fast and physical athletes, and the environment. Football is life to them. Don't get me wrong, we love our football, but we have the beach, mountains, the babes...plenty of things to keep us busy.

Justin (Glendale, AZ): Buzz, you really should have a nightly chat, makes up for us who cant make the 8am chat! ur thoughts.....

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm not a chatting machine Justin!

SportsNation Buzzmaster:...or am I

stevie (OH): i think that the gators will be better than USC this year.

Derek (Miiichigan): apparently u dont get it. u have to be from here bud.

Roy Eugene: Who is hot on oregon? I have not seen anyone giving respect. And people should be hot on oregon because even in a down year like last year we can hold our own with Oklahoma

Kevin in Charlotte: I would rae the Pac10 behind the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big Twelve and Big Ten

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think your nuts.

Casey (Rainier): Everyone is so hot on Oregon because they have the most talented RB in the Pac-10 and their offense can go against any Defense in the country. That was last year, and Oregon hardly lost anyone in skill positions. Watch out for the Ducks to play Michigan well and possibly get the win. They will be the "Surprise" in the Pac-10 and could possibly be a CT contender.

Scott (Tempe): Arizona State will start 7-0, and be the sleeper team in the Pac-10. they have 8 home games, and one of the best running backs in the country in Ryan Torain.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: It will be interesting to see how Dennis Erickson does. I would expect big things ina few seasons. By the way how many Pac-10 teams has Erickson coached?

Marcus (Newport, OR): Rate the Pac 10 behind all those conferences? At worst, you could say they are 3rd behind Big 10 and SEC, but they are probably #2 and could have an argument made for #1, though I still tend to favor the SEC in that argument.

Jeff (Los Angeles): SC's offense is overrated...without Jarrett and Smith they'll be shut down by good defenses. they only scored 9 vs ucla last year unfortunately they'll also probably have about 5 shutouts too

stevie (OH): look for oregon to lose 4 games this season.

somebody in the northwest: too many pac 10 haters

Keith (Wisconsin): This really isn't helping me get any homework done... But what a wonderful distraction.

Brian (Portland): Oregon St finishes 2nd in the Pac

Justin (Glendale, AZ): I like Oregon cuz Nike creates a new jersey every week....and by the look of them, after a few drinks

Phillip (Honolulu): Scott- ASU got spanked by UH last year, good luck in the PAC10

T. J. Brumfield (Bugaha, NE): I'm sick of all the USC hype, but it is justified. They're loaded at all the positions and keep signing #1 recruiting classes every year. Florida has no depth on defense this year. People forget they won with defense last year.

PAC-10: Buzz, you answer my question, then ask for my opinion but don't post it? I got Cal. I think UCLA is a tad overrated and think they will only win 8 games.

Mike (Atlanta, Ga): Can Ericson do for ASU what did at OSU or UM? I think ASU is a diamond in the rough....they just need to challenge USC in recruiting.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Sorry Pac-10, there are a lot of commetns coming in, hard to keep up with all of them!

Jeff (Los Angeles): Oregon St is screwed without Stroughter

Eugene: USC's offense is not overrated. John David Booty is VERY good, and their o-line will help their RB's shred defenses all season long. Even if their offense sputters, they still have the lockdown D to force turnovers.

Eric (Oklahoma): Oregon State is definately more of a contender than anyone gives them credit for.

alex (germantown, OH): Scott i think that comment about Arizona State is a little bias.... but i could be wrong

Kevin (Cincy): Oregon St loses in Cincinnati 2 weeks from today.

David (My dorm): I'm with you Keith. I have class at 7:45.

Eugene (Vermont): I see a Sun Belt team going undefeated this year. 12-0 Troy, baby!!!!

Will (Minny via AZ): Well my daughter gets up at 5am, so until I get to work tomorrow, stay classy sportsnation

Sean (Boston): After reading all the morning buzz transcripts i was hoping jalter would be on but then i remembered his mom makes him go to bed at 7

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Glad we were talking Pac-10, because up next is Pac-10 reporter Ted Miller! Take that East coast bias!

Jordan (SC): Erickson will get recruits in, that's for sure. But is anyone at least a little curious why he and Butch Davis are back around? Maybe because you look at the contracts these coaches are offered these days.."hmm, maybe I'll get my slice of the pie." What they'll do over recruiting I have my doubts on, but i'll reserve my judgment. I don't know, I just think it'll be lame duck coaching with tremendous talent.

Hugh (Gainesville): i love east coast bias

SportsNation Ted Miller: The season is just hours away...let's talk!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Alright everyone Ted is here!

Sean (Boston): Ted, Who in the Pac-10 has the best shot at beating USC my guess would be Cal due to the game being at Cal

SportsNation Ted Miller: A pretty good guess...two possibilities. The colossal upset, or the good team. I'df guess UCLA or Cal, who has the home-field advantage and an explosive offense.

Seth (Columbus, Ohio): Ted, wouldn't the Pac Ten just be better off dropping Stanford and adding Boise State?

SportsNation Ted Miller: At this point, you can certainly say that! Remember, it wasn't too long ago that Stanford played in the Rose Bowl. They'll get back to respectability--it's just a matter of time. That definitely wins for originality at this hour.

Mike (Texas): Do you think USC will lose some of it's recruiting power with so many unhappy players low on the depth chart? I mean, so many of their bench players could be starting at other very good D-1 schools.

SportsNation Ted Miller: Honestly, the RB situation has been baffling. I remember talking to Moody last year about why he would go to USC and they are very good at selling competition--if you think you're the best, you should come to USC and prove it, and win a national championship while you go to school there. The best players want to go compete and win the position. Moody would probably be the starting tailback this week if not for transferring. Still, other schools will use it as a recruiting weapon.

Chris (Eugene, OR): Ted, how will the Pac fare in the big non-conference games?

SportsNation Ted Miller: With all the talk during the offseason, I think the non-conference games are as important perception-wise as the conference games. The biggest one is Cal-Tennessee. If Cal beats Tennessee, you won't have to worry about anything else. If Oregon wins at Michigan, that would be a pretty marquee victory. The non-conference trials tell you the most, particularly with the SEC when they tell you how good the conference is. If Tennessee goes to Cal and beats their butts again, well, what else is there to say?

Brian (L.A., CA): Does BYU upset the Bruins and drop them out of the national picture?

SportsNation Ted Miller: BYU has a chance to beat Arizona and UCLA on back-to-back weekends. It woud be huge for BYU and the Mountain West and terrible for Carl Durrell. I'm picking AZ to win at BYU, though, and I think they made a mistake to schedule two Pac-10 opponents to start the season.

Jonathan (Lewis Center, Ohio): Locker, the quarterback from Washington, how will he fair early on in the season?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Huge moment this weekend for him. Washington fans expect him to be the next great QB at Washington. Very impressive-looking athlete. You'd think he was a linebacker if you saw him in person. Has everything you'd want physically. I think he'll be a great QB. But redshirt freshmen QBs tend to struggle wherever they are. It's not easy. When it's all said and done, I think he has the potential to be one of the greats in Washington history.

Mike (Reno, NV): Just jumped in here. Have we talked about Stanford and Harbaugh yet? Thanks...

SportsNation Ted Miller: Folks feel like, at Pac-10 media day, he was trying to make up for saying Pete Carroll would leave at the end of this season, so he decided to try to flatter USC to ridiculous lengths. I really like Harbaugh--drank a beer with him at Media Day. I think college football needs more guys who like to have fun. He'll turn Stanford around, but you do not mess with Peter Carroll. On October 6th, Stanford's gonna get a whoopin' in L.A.

Tim Pasadena, Ca: Do you think Longshore will put up better numbers than Booty considering he has a much better recieving core and a more proven running back?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Yes, I think Longshore will put up huge numbers for two reasons. One, he has a great offense, and two, his defense is questionable. Booty won't be asked to do that much because anybody who scores more than ten points against USC will have really accomplished something. USC's defense is outstanding, so Booty is better keeping his cards close to his chest.

Scott (Tempe): Hey Ted, Do you think Rudy Carpenter could have a bounce back year under Dennis Erickson?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Absolutely, in fact I would almost be tempted to guarantee it. Erickson has had the golden touch everywhere he's gone, and has done an amazing job. If Carpenter plays within himself and doesn't think too much can put up huge numbers. He has a great tailback and a veteran O-line, and a questionable defense, so I think Carpenter could throw for 3500-4000 yards this year.

Greg (NC): GOing on 18hrs. straight at work, and even though I don't follow the PAC-10, this chatroom has kept me sane. Thanks, and can you give me your thoughts on UCLA and Dorrell's future?

SportsNation Ted Miller: I think that it's amazing--Carl Dorrell has been on the hot seat since he was hired, and that makes a lot of sense because his situation is unique in that he plays ten miles away from the best program in the country, which happens to be his main rival. Carl has had to grow into his job, he's made mistakes, and there's no question this team should win. They should be in the top-3 of the Pac-10. If they lose four or five games, they have a reason to be upset, so yes, I think he needs to win this season.

Matt L.A. CA: What about Alex Brink? Booty and Longshore get all the press, but no one in the pac 10 has more experiance, and the Cougs have very talented recievers.

SportsNation Ted Miller: Alex Brink has taken more crap from WSU fans--it's amazing. He'll break all their passing records, and I get e-mails from folks wondering if he'll lose his job. He will put up a lot of passing yards. WSU's problems will have nothing to do with Brink and his passing game. I don't know if they can run the football or defend the pass. However, if the Cougs stay healthy, this is a team that could be in a bowl game. They just don't have much depth.

Tyler Oregon: How do you think Jonathan Stewart will play into the new Oregon offense?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Jonathan Stewart will play in any offense really well if he stays healthy and gets 20-plus carries a game. His problems are his ankles and instincts. He'll put up good numbers for them if he stays healthy. I like Chip Kelly as an offensive coordinator. If Stewart is healthy, he's one of the best backs in the nation. Dude's a physical marvel.

Dennis (Tucson): What difference do you think Sonny Dykes will make at Arizona?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Hopefully, for Mike Stoops, a huge difference. If they keep Tuitama healthy and protected, they'll be OK. They have a good defense and enough skill on offense to get to a bowl game. I think I'm higher on Arizona than just about everybody, but I was on the road when they played LSU, so I didn't see that debacle. The big question with them is their O-line, which got eaten alive with three redshirts. But Tuitama is talented. If he has time to throw, he'll make plays.

Tom (CA): Joe Mcknight, how about the fastest man in California Javid (The Jet) Best, Tedford always gets production from his number 2 back how does Best do this year?

SportsNation Ted Miller: Jeff mentioned him during the conference call, and said he'd get touches, but you have to wonder how many with two big-time guys in front of him. But I've heard lots of good things about Best--lots of speed and talent, and a potent weapon in one of the better offenses.

SportsNation Ted Miller: Release the hounds! The season is upon us. Hope your favorite team does well!

SportsNation Buzzmaster Our main man, Rece Davis, is up next!

SportsNation Rece Davis guys I'm here...thanks for being part of our 25 hour extravaganza. I'm college football's version of Jerry Lewis

Wes (Lincoln, NE): Do you think Hawaii will/should make a BCS bowl game, assuming they go undefeated?

SportsNation Rece Davis Wes,
Going undefeated is tough...their schedule isn't. To me, it will depend on how good Washington and Boise State turn out to be...and how good those wins look. I was told that a couple of big timers wouldn't play Hawaii this week...thus the weaker sked

Kiel (Berkeley, CA): I'm a little surprised Booty is getting so much Heisman attention. I know he's the quarterback on seemingly the best team in the land, but his numbers are obviously a product of how good his receivers are. How good do you think Vizalton and Turner will be?

SportsNation Rece Davis I agree with you. Booty is good. But he's a distributor. Then again, Leinart and Palmer were too.
Vidal Hazelton, Patrick Turner, Ausberry, Johnson the freshman will all be studs

Derek (Miiichigan): Rece, First of all you the man. Whith the canges on D for Michigan, do you think they will be able to handle the pounding that the big-10 has.

SportsNation Rece Davis I think so. I picked them to win the Big 10...but I have this gnawing feeling that this is the type of team that will come up big against Wisc, Ohio St, Penn State and dump one that they shouldn't.

Dontrell (Texas): Don't you think USC is a little over rated

SportsNation Rece Davis not yet---but I wouldn't put them up against '71 Nebraska until they actually play a game.

TJ Houston,Texas : BOOMER SOONER , All I can say is, well Im not saying it anything . OU is going to be doing all the TALKING on the field . National Championship here we come ! BOOMER SOONER

SportsNation Rece Davis If Sam Bradford works out...you may have lot you can say soon

Derrick (Tahoe): You remind me of Karl Ravech, has anyone else said that.

SportsNation Rece Davis nope. I get Brian Kenny sometimes. His wife once called to me across the parking lot...thinking I was him. It was a little dark outside so I'll cut her a break

Scott (Tempe): Rece, two part question, 1)Who are couple teams in the pac that you think could be sleeper teams this year. and 2) How many bottles of hair gel do you go through in a week on set?

SportsNation Rece Davis Arizona State---
Last yr I thought it was Zona...I broke an ankle jumping off that bandwagon.
No hair gel on the set. Flammable. Have to do your do before the show

Lawrence (Buffalo): UCLA looks to have one of their best teams in years, but will it be good enough to contend with USC for the pac 10 title? As well how good of a chance does Oregon have to win the pac 10 this season?

SportsNation Rece Davis I'm skeptical of Oregon. I don't think UCLA will win the league. But if the O meshes with Jay Norvell's system I guess it's possible. I view Cal as USC's biggest competition...and Ariz St as the game where the Trojans could get caught in a funk...like last year's Oregon State or UCLA games.

Mike (boston): Hey rece give me some love, its not too late for all these west coasters but its 1:30 am here in boston, i wanted to ask you about the BC eagles, lou holtz said they were the most overrated team in the country (how can an unranked team be the most overrated??? i'm dying to know). with 16 returning starters is this they year they break out of the purgatory that was the obrien era??

SportsNation Rece Davis You got it Mike. If I recall, I think Lou was just concerned about a first yr head coach stepping in to such an established team. You make a fair point about an unranked team having a hard time being overrated, but I think Lou was alluding to the fact that BC has been a fairly popular pick to win ACC...or at least the Atlantic.
O-B did a good job there. Purgatory wasn't that bad was it?

Harold (Los Angeles,Ca): Every year, the analysts say that Tefford at Cal is one of the smartest coaches around...but every year they manage to lose 2-3 games. If they end up in the Holiday Bowl (AGAIN), will his job be in jeopardy?

SportsNation Rece Davis I trust you remember the pre Ted head era. No way.

T. J. Brumfield (Bugaha, NE): Rece, a couple years ago Auburn was snubbed from the title game because they had started so low in the early polls. Do you think we need to stop doing preseason polls?

SportsNation Rece Davis I like preseason polls. I just think voters shouldn't try to validate their early opinions. I call it the "fluid time." Voters shouldn't be afraid to move teams several spots up or down early in the season regardless of who wins or loses in front of them. Obviously, later in the season you wouldn't penalize a team for an substandard performance...provided they found a way to win the game.

Scott (Pittsburgh): Rece, I know a lot of people like Taylor Bennett because he's not Reggie Ball, but people need to calm down about GT. If he was that good, he would have beat out Ball at some point!

SportsNation Rece Davis Scott...you must've been in the studio. I said those exact words to Mark and Robert tonight....well, at least your last sentence

Mike (Morgantown, WV): Hey Rece, what are the chances that Louisville has at least one loss coming into the game at West Virginia? I seem to be the only one who sees this happening.

SportsNation Rece Davis Not calling the upset yet...but don't sleep on that Kentucky game.

Keith (Wisconsin): Rece,,, Read my mind... What am I thinkin right now?

SportsNation Rece Davis where to put your Bret Bielema tattoo?

John (Albany, Or): I have heard all your experts on ESPN offer up their thoughts on Bama and since you are a Bama grad what do you realistically think the Tide will do this year? I see Bama's only real shot at winning is to out score their opponents. I think in 3-4 years Bama will win 9-10 or more every year but this year I see a losing record with an upset loss to one or two like Vandy, Ole Miss or Miss St as has been Saban's usual practice in prior stops. How hot would Saban's seat be if the Tide only wins 4 or 5?

SportsNation Rece Davis Not hot at all. Saban is in complete command in Tuscaloosa. Now if the season you describe happens in year 3...that's a different matter.
D is thin up front...I think the games that bookend the Arkansas, Georgia, Fla State run are prime upset candidates. At Vandy Sept 8th...and home vs Houston after those 3 other games I mentioned.
I think Nick will be in Tuscaloosa as long as he wants to be.

Jamie (faniq, Illinois): with the recruiting class that Illinois has coming in, do you see Illinois becoming a contender again in the Big 10 in the next few years ? and how likely is a repeat of the quality of this recruiting class on a semi-regular basis as long as Zook is around ?

Garrett, Ames, Iowa: How do you think the Iowa State Cyclones will do this year and do they have a chance to beat both Texas and Oklahoma at home.

SportsNation Rece Davis Bret Meyer and Todd Blythe are 3rd among active players in passing and receiving yds. Chizik, I believe will be an outstanding head coach. I can't see them winning either of the two you mentioned...not this yr.

Derek (Miiichigan): Rece, How do you think South Carolina Will do. Is the ole ball coach finnaly gonna turn the team around this year. Are there recruits helping them at all.

SportsNation Rece Davis I picked them to win the East. I say every team in that division has at least 2 SEC losses. Gamecocks beat UF and take tiebreaker.

Rece's Bed (Bristol, CT): Yo, where are you?

SportsNation Rece Davis not close...for quite some time.

Rob (Boulder): Any chance my Buffs can suprise in the North this year? 2nd year in Hawkins offense has to be an improvement

SportsNation Rece Davis your qb is 59-0. His dad told us tonight he sure hoped he got his mother's athletic ability because Mr. Hawkins didn't have much.
CU will be better...but still a couple of yrs away.

Chris (Columbus, OH): Rece, who will win the Ohio St at Michigan game this year?

SportsNation Rece Davis Is that you Spielman?
Right now, I'd say Michigan. By November, I might have a different answer.

Jamie (faniq, Illinois): rece, are you going to get back to my illinois question ?

Nate (Long Beach, CA): Let's get a prediction on how long it will take Saban to get out of Bama. He usually gets antsy after two to three seasons right?

SportsNation Rece Davis This might surprise you. I'll put the over under line at 6 yrs...and take the over.

Anthony: (NYC): Want to take a stab at the ND starter at QB?

SportsNation Rece Davis Jones. Tony Rice says he should start. Good enough for me.

John (Albany, Or): Who will a national title sooner? Saban, Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, Jim Tressell or Urban Meyer?

SportsNation Rece Davis tough question. I'll go with Stoops.

Rob (Boulder): Is Colt Brennan the real deal, or are we looking at the next Timmy Chang or Ty Detmer?

SportsNation Rece Davis June Jones says his release and accuracy are in the Jeff George Dan Marino realm. I think he's for real. George was gifted as a passer...if not as a leader.

Scott (Pittsburgh): Do you think Pete Carroll will ever go back to the NFL?

SportsNation Rece Davis I hope not. I sure wouldn't if I were him.

Scott (Lexington,KY): Rece.....What do you think Kentucky's chances are of having a better record than last year and where would you rank Woodson among the nation's top QBS

SportsNation Rece Davis I was looking at their schedule...tough for me to see them having a better record than last yr. If they do...only by a game or so.
I'd put Woodson in my top 5. I don't think I'm leaving anyone out.
Brohm, Brennan, Woodson, Booty, Henne

Scott (Tempe): Hey Rece, Who is one big name coach who you think is on the hot seat this year. Maybe Ty Willingham?

SportsNation Rece Davis their schedule is awful early. I hope they're patient with Ty.
I'd say Mike Stoops or maybe Houston Nutt...if things were to fall apart.

Schmee (Bham, AL): If you had to build a team around either Ainge, Woodson, or McFadden, who would you choose?

SportsNation Rece Davis Run DMc.

SportsNation Rece Davis Best. RD

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Sorry for the delay, guys. Trying to sort through some important business while chatting. I apologize.

Josh (Quincy, MI): Can Notre Dame possibly come out of their first 8 games at 5-3?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: I don't see it happening. Unless they're able to pull a repeat of 2002 and win a couple of games without scoring an offensive TD, I can't see ND getting more than three wins. Now, that's three wins in the first 8 games. I think 7-5 overall is the best case for the season.

Jeff M (Wash, DC): Although everyone likes Hawaii as a potential BCS crasher, what are their real chances since they only play one team that is likely to be ranked and two other teams that would be top 75? Even if they go undefeated, will they be punished with that weak a schedule?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: If Hawaii goes undefeated, there's a good chance they get into a BCS game, especially with a guy like Colt Brennan to put in front of a national audience. The only team I can see bumping an undefeated Hawaii from the BCS would be an undefeated TCU, and that would require the Horned Frogs to knock off Texas.

Alex (Philadelphia): Who is the biggest sleeper team and will have a Cinderella season and shake up the BCS?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: I don't know about shaking up the BCS, but here are a few suggestions that would surprise some. I think South Florida has a chance in the Big East, and Penn State has a good shot in the Big Ten. Those have been thrown out there by a few other people, though, so here's one that would be a shocker. If I had to pick a team that could come from off the radar to win a major conference like Wake Forest did last year, it would be Virginia. They got a lot better toward the end of last year and have much of that team back. I think they'll be in the Top 25 by midseason.

Nick (Madison, WI): Do you think after a near BCS miss last year, that Wisconsin can make it in this year?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Wisconsin needs to win the Big Ten or go 11-1 again. They'll sell a lot of tickets to a BCS game, which is always a factor when bowls are selecting at-large teams.

Pete (NY): Brad, what are your thoughts on Florida State? I believe with Fisher running the offense and Amato back, they have a legit shot to make some noise and challenge Va Tech for the ACC title.

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Because there are so many new coaches, I think it might take a few games for FSU to get rolling, but I expect they'll be really good by the second half of the season. Unfortunately, they probably have more loseable games on the schedule than any other Top 20 team, so they could take a few hits while finding themselves.

Matt (Birmingham, AL): What's the bigger game in the state of Alabama on Saturday...the beginning of the Nick Saban Era in Tuscaloosa (albeit against a bad Div. 1-AA team) or Auburn facing a team that beat Texas last year in K-State?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Saban's debut is the more anticipated game. Auburn vs. K-State is the bigger game...like you didn't know the answer to that when you asked the question.

CG (Waco): Pick me a winner between Cal vs Tenn.

SportsNation Brad Edwards: I'm going with Cal, and I think a lot of national media are of the opinion that Cal had better win this game. They are at home. They are higher ranked. They have the revenge motive. And just for good measure, Tennessee's QB is going to attempt to play with a broken finger on his throwing hand. If Cal doesn't win this game, they may disappear from the national radar until they play USC.

DC (Los Angeles): What would have to happen for the Pac-10 to start getting national respect?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: I think someone other than USC needs to emerge and be considered a Top-10 team. As long as the Pac-10 is believed to be "USC and everyone else" it won't get the respect it deserves. I happen to think the Pac-10 is the second-best conference to the SEC going into this year.

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Last question. I have to move on to my "real work."

scott (boise): What is your take on the increasing number of 1-AA teams that 1-A teams are scheduling?

SportsNation Brad Edwards: It stinks. No doubt about it. I understand why they do it, and it's great for the kids on the I-AA teams, but I wish the big-time schools would stick to playing other major programs. Everyone (coaches, players, fans) waits too long for that first game to have it be a glorified scrimmage. It's sad when you know victory is automatic, and you're just hoping that nobody gets hurt. That's not what a college football game should be about.

SportsNation Brad Edwards: Take care, everyone. Keep watching TV to see if Rece finally dozes off on camera.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Gooooooooooood morning!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: How's everyone doing this fine morning?

Matt (Watertown, NY): Morning Buzz.. Morning SN... The U.S. basketball team is still undefeated, which makes me wonder... If one of the players goes down due to injury, who will take their place... I nominate myself.. I've got a sweet jumpshot, and can run up and down the court a few times before getting winded....

Steve (NJ): So Buzz, we're doing a 25 hour chat for the start of college hockey season, right? Right? Is this thing on?

victor monroe,la: good morning Buzz MY question is for you. Do you think notre dame will beat georgia tech this weekend?

Crash (Hotlanta): It's MB time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!

George (Columbus): Great, we're down to less than 10 hours!

Jeff (Iowa): Speaking of dozing, where is Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Here!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Got my coffee and I'm pumped and ready to go.

Neal (Philly): Good afternoon Buzz! Or does it feel like night?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Not really sure what time it is.

jicha (cleveland ohio): good morning Buzz, why is the Big 10 losing respect, i cant handle people saying tyhat the pac 10 is the 2nd best confrence behind the SEC...the big 10 would have sweapt the SEC in our bowl games last year if THE Ohio State didnt lose to florida!

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Does this 25 hour thing remind you of when you were cramming for your final in chat management Buzz?

Sean (Philly): Buzz, went to see Wicked last night, I highly recommend it.

Alex in Richmond: So what is the difference b/w a Buzz and a Buzzmaster? Do you need to break a certain # of bricks?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Nope. I just got too tired to put my entire name in earlier this morning.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thought I would try out Buzz for a bit and it was shorter to type.

ELO (ORLANDO): Buzz, time to wake up and do the MB.

ben (dc): buzz, whats the deal w/ the archive of this chat, is there somewhere i can get it all the way back to 7pm yesterday?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're getting some questions on that. And I have the horrible job of telling you that I believe it's been lost. We had some tech problems. We're going to see if we can piece it together, but I don't know what we can do.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Buzz is getting angry!

Stuart (Springdale, AR): Good lord ben that would be like 400 pages.... wait I have nothing better to do at work... :)

Jason ( Minnesota): How do you get a question on this board?

Buzzminor (Bristol): Some day your job will be mine.

Tim (Detroit): wait a second, you are recommending a musical to SN?

Ed (SC): OK Buzz what's the latest on the ND starting QB situation?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I heard JaMarcus Russell's looking for a job.

Trav (Columbus, OH): Oh now that just sucks. All that chat.... gone. And this was an epic night too.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I hear you. Like I said, Buzz is getting angry!

Todd (Birmingham, AL): What's next up on the chat schedule?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We've got Bob Davie, then Tim Griffin, then Todd McShay, then Mel Kiper, then Joe Starkey, then Larry English, then Pat Forde, then Dave Brown, then Adam Rittenberg, then Ron Higgins, then Mark Schlabach, then Bruce Feldman, then football!

Jason (Red Bud, Il.): The chat kinda fell apart there for a while, until you came back. Big pat on the back for Buzz lightyear...oh i mean Buzzmaster!

Tyler (tulsa, ok): real first game of the season is Tulsa @ UL Monroe.
6pm on espn2. worth a watch Tulsa is an exciting team

Trav (Columbus, OH): What happens when buzz gets angry? Buzz smash? Or sting?

Greg(Gagnehaternation): OK boys, your breaking into 25 hours of College football, let's stay on track here, we still haven't discussed intramurals

al (DC): worst. morning buzz. ever

Ben Sheets (Chicago): I was reading the chat yesterday like i do everyday and I saw some kid named Kevin say the Cubs were gonna make me wish I was still on the DL after they were done with me. Buzz, do they make crow flavored Pop Tarts because if they do can we send Kevin one?

Mike (Happy Valley, PA): Did I miss Herbstreit?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Herbie won't be chatting today. *sad face*

ben (dc): when buzz gets angry u get: THE HAMMER OF THOR!

Trav (Columbus, OH): Now that's how you get angry.

Nick (Boston): I have been up all night chatting and I haven't got 1 thing posteasjhdgfasdjfaslkfasdfklj! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

toby (Indiana): Ok so I didn't stay up last night with you guys, but what did I miss?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: If you weren't there, I can't discribe it.

Zach (Tampa, FLA): so buzz, you chatted for countless hours, and you basically have nothing to show for it? that's gotta hurt.

Will (D.C.): I'm having a baby boy in a couple weeks. I can't imagine a better time for a boy to come into this world. I think I'll keep ESPN running next to his crib 24/7!

E-Dog (85-90 NJ): Damn it, I'm late!!

Neal (Philly): How soon before Buzz corrects describe?

Dave(vt): Im waiting for a buzz response like:
aondfasfhsdf. When his head hits the keyboard.

Joe (Madison): How about Big Z and his new contact. Since he signed he is 0-4 with a 7+ ERA. Suddenly that Zito contract doesn't look so bad.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): So just so I'm clear. Buzz angry=Hammer of Thor. Buzz sad=frowny face.

Jim (Toledo): Well you missed that you should NOT make Buzz angry unless you want the Hammer of Thor

Trav (Columbus, OH): toby, it was epic man. just epic. that's the only word to describe it with.

Josh (Lincoln, NE): Buzz, you can tell you're tired. You just spelled describe discribe.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Yeah, and I'm going to leave it.

Charles Valdosta, GA: NO HERBIE!!!! Dang, wanted to rub in the OSU meltdown against UF!!

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Nothing to show for it? What about that facial tic from drinking too much coffee?

E-Dog (85-90 NJ): Buzz doesn't get angry, he gets even.

Tim (Detroit): This exchange just occurred: Secretary:"We getting ice?" Repair Guy: "Yep" Secretary: "Cool". Me to myself "kill me"

Stuart (Springdale, AR): Buzz you can't deseribe it due to lack of sleep and delirum... don't lie

Patrick (DC): The MB is so bad today, that I'm considering going back to work.

Brian (Atl): Buzz, have you ever noticed the microwave instructions on the Poptarts box? "On high for 3 seconds"

ryan (the burg): when can we chat football again?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Go for it.

Seth (Columbus, Ohio): Buzz, I can tell you're tired because I'm actually right behind you.

Morgantonw, WV: Bottom Line, will WVU be in the national championship game?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Bottom line says......No......No......No.....No....

Tater (stillwater, OK): Buzz are you going to answer football questions!?!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Bring it on!

Kevin (Dallas): If someone from Boston doesn't whine in the next 2 minutes, then this won't truly be a morning buzz.

Dave(vt): E-dog is working the weather into his location everyday. It must feel hotter than 85-95 when youre on the parking lot that is NJ.

jason (chicago): today's my b-day buzz and got the day off work, boss said if i don't show up tommorrow don't bother coming in on monday though, woooohoooo 5-day weekend!!!!!!

Mark(HOF City ): Don't you just want to laugh every time you hear a guy say: "I'm going to have a baby"? No you're not! Otherwise, you would not be here, you would be posing for your picture on the Enquirer.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Is the repair guy the only one with the recipe for ice?

Tyler (tulsa, ok): why is LSU getting so much love?

ben (dc): i got 500 Stanley nickels that says WVU loses atleast 2 games this yr...

ryan (the burg): WVU will trip up again at some point...

Derek (Miiichigan): no Wv wont be in national champ game, they will lose one or two.

Neal (Philly): A good way to start the day at 4AM is with Bottom 10 guy Dave Duffey.

Seth (Columbus, Ohio): You heard it hear first. Biggest surprise the year, Buffalo actually wins a game.

Patrick (DC): Buzz, who do you think is going to be this year's BCS Cinderella-ella-ella

Derrick (Tahoe): your losing it buzzmaster 3 word answers

Tim (Detroit): Who is the Bottom Line guy and why is he trying to steal Buzz's chat?

Adam (NY,NY): Is this a make or break year for Wanstead now that he has "his players?"

tom* (parkville, md): I think Buzz was early enough today to more than make up for all the times he was late.

ryan (the burg): Will VT vs LSU be the best defensive football game this season?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Our guys last night were predicting a 14-13 game or something.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (10:39 AM ET ) By the way gang, our main man in programming, Dave Brown, aka the guy who helps figure out which games go on our air and where and when will be by to chat at 4 p.m. ET.

Jeremy (Iowa City, IA): Buzz, should I buy student tickets for Iowa this year considering the home schedule?

Godish (Chicago): Wannstedt, I forgot about him. We really miss him in Chicago.

Steve Austin (circa 1998): And that's the bottom line, cause Buzz said so.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): It's actually only about 80 at the lovely stretch of beach that is NJ

Tim (Detroit): Crap..another attorney just quit which means I get all her cases..sounds like a good time to ask for a raise.

Dave(vt): Quick someone mention some food, tv, beer, movies, anything thats not college football.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Surely you can't be serious, Dave. We've got the first game in less than 8 hours!

George (Columbus): So which Conference do you expect to have the most teams playing in bowl games, BCS and non-BCS bowls?

Matt (Grand Rapids): Meeeeeeechigan!!!!

Tater (Stillwater, OK): No one misses Wannstedt in Chicago! Smith is the man

Trav (Columbus, OH): Buzz, who is the best running back in the Big 10: Beanie Wells, Mike Hart, PJ Hill, or Tyrell Sutton?

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Wannstedt is the Tom Selleck of college football. That stache is epic.

JB Atlanta: Might I say a hearty, How Bout Them Dawgs!!!!

Thinking 27-23 Dawgs over Pokes.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: By the way, SportsNation'ers, I ran into Jeremy Green today. He's in the house!

Hunter (New Orleans): Give Tulane a shout Buzz! What's the over/under on 3 wins for the Green Wave now that they fired Scelfo? We like to keep expectations low around here.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Food, TV, and beer are crucial to football Dave thanks for bringing them up.

Steve (Ft Laud, FL): I am in serious and stop calling me surely!!!!

ben (dc): whats the proper amount of vacation time to use for a thurs night ESPN game? half day thurs, all day fri? all day thurs and fri? half day thurs and just suck it up and go in on fri?

Rob (Baltimore): Mike Hart is Trav

Greg (Hastings, MN): Mike Hart by far he isn't afraid to run through someone if he has to and he's a born leader

Kevin (Dallas): Too much sports talk around here. What is this? foodnetwork.com?

Chad (Savannah, GA): It's actually 9 hrs and 19 minutes until kickoff.

toby (Indiana): this 25 hour thing was a brilliant idea, i say we do one once a month

Kevin (Manassas): The Cubs dropped a game last night, but at least the Cardinals lost too. They will bounce back with a win tonight and take 2 of 3 from the Brewers, and increase their division lead. Go Cubbies!

Dave(vt): I know buzz, i just was looking for one out of 25 hours of jokes, people making fun of others and food.

Jason (NY): I really don't give a crap about college football. I'm out.

Blake (Waukesha, WI): I think Chicago misses Curtis Enis....

Jeff (Iowa): Did Lady Buzz check in and see how you're doing?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Talked to her earlier. She didn't seem too pleased with the 4 AM wake up call.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Who knew she didn't have to be at work until noon?

E-Dog (85-90 NJ): Kevin is suddenlty counting on other NL teams losing...fading optimism

Chris (New Jersey): With Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, and now Emmanuel Moody tossed into the picture, how realistic are Florida's chances to win another national title in the next year or so?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Well, considering Moody isn't eligible until next season, I don't see Harvin, Tebow and Moody winning anything this year.

Trav (Columbus, OH): Speaking of food, what do y'all grill out at your tailgate?

Jeff (Iowa): I'm guessing when you crash tonight, there will be little sympathy at home?

Hende (OH): Buzz, this whole chat has a TRL feel. Um, based off of what I heard cause I would never watch TRL.

jason (chicago): college football is terrible where is the defense....

Brett (Colorado Springs): Kevin just posted about the cubbes, that means it really is the MB

Derek (Iuka, MS): Buzzmaster, is Ole Miss a bowl team this year? They could beat Vandy, Memphis, LTech, NWSt, MSU, and one other team and be a bowl team?

Stuart (Springdale, AR): Don't make buzz do this once a month you'd kill him, he's not in collega nymore.. I don't think

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): Trav, I am from Cbus, and I have never heard anyone say "y'all"

Steve(Arizona): This chat sucks...mainly because none of my questions ever get posted.

Bill (Unionville, CT): Buzz, who do you like, UConn or Duke? And "neither" is not an acceptable response :)

Greg(Gagnehaternation): so Buzz, who wins the 1-AA(or whatever the heck they call it now)? How about Div 2 and 3, come on, can we get a peek into the mind of div 3 Buzz

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We don't want to go there.

Godish (Chicago): ah, a Tex-Mex whine.

Brandon (Bourbonnais, IL): My messages never come through...:(

Bobo(TN): It's a shame that everyone's comments aren't shown. Chat shouldn't be by selection.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Newbie. This ain't no deomocracy. It's a chat-ocracy.

ben (dc): the only winner in a ucconn duke game is those people who dont have to watch it

Jeff (Iowa): Hey Buzz, I think Notre Dame will take it all this year. Go Irish!

Crash (Hotlanta): Instead of lunch chat, let's do gametime food chat. My meal will consist of a 12 piece, half hot, half lemon pepper, all drums, seasoned fries and a Cherry Coke followed by shots of Patron. I cant wait!

Gray (Chicago): Duke 2 - UConn 0. Snap over the punter's head for a safety.

Stephen (Chitown): Can we get Bob Davie in here early? I'm a little bored. Sorry, Buzzmaster.

James (MN via ATL): Whiny McWhinerson award to STEVE!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner, Sorry folks.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): I demand more Steve in Arizona posts!

Matt (Watertown, NY): everywhere like such as.... I can't stop watching the Miss S.C. clip...

Matt (Watertown, NY): It's a buzz-ocracy....

toby (Indiana): Bobo if all the chats were shown it would be hell to sift through them all

E-Dog (85-90 NJ): PLease be advised that emoticons are prohibited on the morning buzz.

Blake (Waukesha, WI): Who is the biggest rivalry in college football today??

MGOBLUE(Meeechigan): Come on Buzz, cant we talk about Grand Valley State?

Trav (Columbus, OH): Oh! Oh! Do we get to play Smack-a-Domer now?

Mike (chicago): Cubs tomorrow. Hawkeyes at Soldier Field on Saturday. Is there a better weekend? I think not.

Brian (Enfield, CT): Did all the whiners decide to show up en masse today?

Chris Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Even with a Rshirt Freshman QB, and Iron Curtain O-Line and explosive offense, what chance do you give the Sooners to play for a BCS or National Title?

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): all we need to know about Div 3 is that they have let a 59 year old man play

Nate (omaha): everyone wants their 5 seconds of fame

Kevin (Dallas): Cherry Coke has got to be the most underrated cola of all time. Who doesn't love it? I need to order it more often

Clint (Berkeley, CA): Did the ESPN Cafe stay open all night or where did the late night snacks come from?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We had some snacks.

Trav (Columbus, OH): you dont mess with the buzz dude y'all. he'll drop the hammer of thor on ya man! boom!

Godish (Chicago): Biggest rivalry has to be Marquette vs DePaul. First one to get a football team wins.

Sean (Philly): Bobo, this chat is owned by ESPN, which is owned by Disney, thereby forcing the chat to stay PG. Therefore Chat by selection.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Remember, Bob Davie is up in about 10 minutes.

James (MN via ATL): So Buzz; You must rate on a scale of 1-100 of how funny this is.

Yesterday; walking to class, a car stops right next to me, rolls down her window, and a woman really nicely says, "Hey, are you going to call me?" Never meeting her before, confused, I say, "sure...". She all of a sudden screams, "YOU DONT HAVE MY NUMBER"...and skids off...

Gray (Chicago): Just got an email that the office closes at noon tomorrow...nothing better than that.

George (Columbus): My Post aren't getting posted. And I think App State is giving another run for the 1-AA title, until I see someone other than Michigan on Saturday, beat App State, they are always in the running.

Rich (FL): Notre Dame is not on the decline. Top recruiting classes and a great coach, recie for winning

Matt (Watertown, NY): I think Bob Davie should let us know what he's having for lunch.. in the spirit of lunch chat!

Curtis (Baltimore): is ESPN after hours dark and scary like a haunted house?

ben (dc): i feel like the top whine of a 25 hr chat should get some sort of special award...

Ed (SC) : Who selects what gets posted?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Ooh! Oooh! I know that one.

Mitch (St. Louis): Cubs? Try a weekend of Cardinals and Mizzou.

Nick: Buzz is this chat a dictatorship or a democracy? Do we have any say in what posts get posted??

Jason (Red Bud, Il.): Ditka vs Buzz? Who ya got?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Ditka in a landslide.

BJ Carmel, NY: Inexperienced QB with almost no returning starters at the skill positions is a recipe for disaster...

Clinton (Indianapolis): *poking my head in* Hey everybody. Wendy's for lunch. *removes head*

Chris (Atlanta, GA): Oh so many confused new people. It's like the first day of high school.

E-Dog (85-90 NJ): Buzz, do we celebrate yearly anniversaries for being on TMB, because I've been doing this for over a year...not sure how I feel about that.

Miami,FL: Best rivalry? Canes-Noles, Canes- Gators. Probably the first one, even though I hate the Gator more.

Tim (Detroit): James your story deserves a solid -50 on the funny scale.

Jeff (Iowa): Buzz, I sense a very large newbie quotient this morning. Am I correct?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I love it! I hope all of these people who have discovered the 10 am Morning Buzz will come on back.

George (Columbus): Baconator is the top sandwich for Wendy's recently. Selling 25 million in the past 2 months.

Dan (Chicago): Clinton, it's not even 10 yet in Indy. How come you're already thinin' bout lunch?

Trav (Columbus, OH): Ok, Ditka vs. a hurricane. *superfan voice*

Sean (Philly): I don't know Buzz, Ditka probably can't even type, his fingers probably hit 3 keys at a time. So he couldn't be the Buzzmaster.

Crash (Hotlanta): Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!

ben (dc): how does the 25 hr chat fit into the WIR? just the 10-11 hr gets a mention?

al (DC): So BB 8 is getting pushed till 2:07 am tonight for a Skins preseason game -- what should i do?

Zach (Tampa, FLA): I can't get Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to do with it" out of my head, someone please shoot me

Godish (Chicago): Dan, I'm in Chicago with you. I think about lunch circa 8:30

Crash (Hotlanta): Most.newbs.ever. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Derek (Miiichigan): someone from ohio not talking about football,, they never know whats going on. nuts

Jason (KY): 25 million Baconators = 26 million heart attacks. There's that much bacon involved.

Nathan (Madison): Buzz, I am so excited for COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Hugh (Florida): I wasn't too impressed by the baconator. It feels like eating partially molten lead.

Derek, (Iuka, MS): LSU 45 MSU 17

Sean (Philly): Good one James...Not! I figured someone had to bust out the Not for the 25 hour chat.

Clinton (Indianapolis): Dan, Indy is an hour ahead of Chicago. It's almost 11 here.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're just minutes away from Coach Davie!

Andrew (Bristol, Tn): Good question Ed, I havent seen the first question of mine posted yet...and still wondering if Buzz thinks about what chances UT has of winning the SEC east.

Micah (Gulfport, MS"): LSU 42 MSU 3

Jason (KY): Derek you're giving MSU too much credit.

Matt (Watertown, NY): Rock over London.. Rock on Chicago... Newbies in the MB.. Quit yer whining!

Freak(Miami,FL): BB8 being pushed here till 1 AM for a Dolphins game...I'll be tuned in to the World Wide Leader in Sports for College football.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're getting Coach Davie right now!!

SportsNation Bob Davie: Hey everyone, it's probably the most exciting time of the year. We finallys ee the ball kicked in the air. Instead of just speculating, we'll find out!

Steve: Coach, do the Wolverines have a realistic chance of going 12-0? And is Wisconsin their biggest obstacle? Thanks!

SportsNation Bob Davie: Anytime you have experience and talent at the three most important positions on offense-QB, RB, and WR--you have a chance to win every game. Obviously Michigan must rebuild its defense, but there are always enough athletes in Ann Arbor. Michigan has a legitimate shot to win it all. With that said, don't overlook Appalachian State. Anything can happen.

Delonte (Columbia,SC): Because there is no real dominant team in the SEC East this year, do you think the Gamecocks will win 10 or more games this season?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I'll tell you after next weekend, when I get to see South Carolina in person play at Georgia. Before we get too carried away, keep in mind that Georgia shut the Gamecocks out last year. A good sign for South Carolina is that Steve Spurrier seems genuinely confident that they can compete for an SEC title.

steve (Charleston): What game or games are you most looking forward to personally broadcasting this year.

SportsNation Bob Davie: It's too early to tell. As you know, the schedule for our broadcasts are never finalized until a week or two before the games. I start off the season with two great games--OK State at Georgia and South Carolina at Georgia. Both those games in my opinion are even.

Trav (Columbus, OH): Notre Dame has a tough schedule that could leave them at 7-5 at the end of the season or worse. Does Notre Dame miss a bowl game this year?

SportsNation Bob Davie: Notre Dame will play in a bowl game, and in my opinion will win nine games. Their schedule is difficult early but they will gain experience and momentum and finish strong, because their late-season schedule is weak.

SportsNation Bob Davie: Obviously, a lot depends on who emerges at QB.

Johnny (Birmingham, AL): Other than LSU who do you think has a real shot at winning the SEC?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I look for Auburn to compete with LSU in the SEC West. Tommy Tuberville likes the fact that Alamaba and Nick Saban have dominated all the conversation in the offseason. Overall, look for Florida and possibly South Carolina to come out of the East.

SportsNation Bob Davie: One thing we know for sure is that nothing comes easy in the SEC. Even though LSU is talented and the favored to win, nothing would surprise me.

Derek (Iuka, MS): Do you think Ole Miss will be a bowl team this year with wins over Memphis, Vandy, Lousiana Tech, NW State, Miss State, and one upset? (Ole Miss took LSU and Bama to Overtime last year and was beating Auburn in the fourth quarter)

SportsNation Bob Davie: Obviously you have the formula for what it takes for Ole Miss to get to a bowl game. I not only think that's realistic, but it should be expected. If I'm Florida, I would be careful about going in to Oxford early in the season. They've recruited well and once again in the SEC, anything's possible.

chris (KC): What are the chances Florida shocks the world, again, by winning back-to-back BCS championships (effectively rendering Herbstreit catatonic)?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I think Herbie will be OK either way, but the key for Florida in my opinion is how well does the backup QB progress? Because of Urban Meyer's style of offense, using Tim Tebow as a runner, the backup QB is critical. Also, Tim Tebow plays QB like a linebacker and loves to try to run defenders over.

SportsNation Bob Davie: No one can predict injuries, but Tim Tebow's health is critical to Florida's chances of repeating.Florida is becoming the USC of the East.

Nate (omaha): If (when) Penn St. wins the Big Ten. What are the odds of them playing for the national title especially if you say the SEC is so unpredictable.

SportsNation Bob Davie: I would wait to see how Penn State plays against Notre Dame the second week in the season before I made any strong statements. Anthony Morelli must prove to me that he can be consistent at QB. Another question is who will emerge at tailback. Keep in mind Penn State's defensive front is young and a little bit undersized. I don't think this will be a great Penn State team, even though they have ability at the skill positions.

Douglas (DC): Coach, how do you think Pitt will do? They could be 7-0 by the time they play Louisville.

SportsNation Bob Davie: Easy, now, easy! The last time I saw Pitt, they were struggling, and that was with Tyler Palco at QB. I don't think Pitt can take anyone for granted. They do have a great schedule, but they must show major improvement, particularly on defense.

Chris (EL): What impact do you think new coach Dantonio will have on the Michgan State Spartans this year, and in the near future? Is he the right coach to bring MSU out of its shell? Or will he be just another "coach that coulda"

SportsNation Bob Davie: Most people think Michigan State is a sleeping giant, but there's a reason they have been inconsistent in the past. Mark D'Antonio is a good football coach, but it takes everyone working together in the entire athletic department to win big. A lot depends on recruiting and the overall support he receives. Keep in mind that John L. Smith was a good football coach, but for some reason MSU has always been inconsistent.

Casey (Morgantown, WV): I don't understand how everyone is saying WVU will not make it to the National Championship, they have possibly the best offense in the nation and two Heisman candidates, what is your take?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I agree with you. It would not surprise me at all in WVU ends up playing for the national championship. In the end, the key will be the development of their defense, particulalry in the secondary. It's amazing, the impact Rich Rodriguez has had on offenses in college football. He deserves credit for really starting the spread offense that everyone runs now.

SportsNation Bob Davie: Obviously, Louisville is the one team in my opinion that can match up with WVU.

Doug (St. Louis): Coach, who wins the Big 12 North? Mizzou or the 'Huskers?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I think it's even right now. Offensively, Missouri is probably a little more explosive, particularly because of their experience at QB. It will be interesting to see if Sam Keller at Nebraska is as good as advertised. It's amazing how many more quality teams are in the Big 12 South than the Big 12 North. The North is wide open and there for the taking.

Derek (Miiichigan): Coach, In your opinion who will win the Big Ten. Thanks..GO BLUE>

SportsNation Bob Davie: I like Michigan to win the Big Ten because of the experience on offense at the key positions.

SportsNation Bob Davie: A healthy Manningham, Mike Hart, and Chad Henne are tough to beat. Plus, the late season losses to OSU and USC are great motivation.

Brian (AZ): How many passing yards do you think Hawaii's Colt Brennan and NMSU's Chase Holbrook will combine for when they play each other? (I'm thinking 1200 Passing yards or more)

SportsNation Bob Davie: I wouldn't bet against that. Both teams obviously have great offensive schemes, and just as obvious, both have lousy defenses. If you like offense, that game may be the most entertaining of the season.

SportsNation Bob Davie: Jones vs. Hal Money--that's a great matchup.

Anthony ((Peabody,MA)): Coach,what can I expect from BC this season? Can they break through and win the ACC and do you actually see them bidding for a BCS bowl?

SportsNation Bob Davie: I think Jeff Jagadinski is in a unique situation. It's kind of a high-risk, high-reward job right now, with the expectations and returning talent. I think it will be difficult for BC, with a new head coach and a new offensive scheme, to win the ACC.

Derek (Miiichigan): Which player this year has a break out season.

SportsNation Bob Davie: I'm anxious to see several players. Rudy Carpenter at AZ State, Willie Tuitama at Arizona in particular. Both those QBs are talented and in new offensive schemes that I think will take advantage of their ability. Also, another guy to keep an eye on is Matt Stafford at Georgia.

SportsNation Bob Davie: We'll talk to you next week--we'll know a lot more after the first few games!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Next up is Tim Griffin, talking about the Big 12!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We've got Tim! Bring on the Big 12!

Graham (Auburn, AL): Will anyone in the Big 12 besides Oklahoma have a good defense?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: I think Texas has the opportunity. They should be able to if they can have some young DB's emerge. I think A+M is improved. They'll play better. Actually, I think it's unusual, but I think Tech will have a better defense. They have two good safeties. I would think that Nebraska will be stronger if they can straighten their pass rush out. I'll be intrigued to see how Zakary Bowman comes back. He'll get a big test early against USC. I think Missouri will have some playmakers. I think a lot of people will be better. I'm a little concerned about OU's defense, because of their line. There will be a challenge there for them. They've got some holes to fill.

Nate (omaha): Is Nebraska as good as advertised, or is the big 12 down this year? It just doesn't seem as competitive.

SportsNation Tim Griffin: The Big 12 will be down in the sense that Texas and Oklahoma won't be as good as the past. I expect Nebraska to be improved this year. If they can get their running game turned around. The Cornhuskers, I think their defense will be improved. I'm intrigued with Sam Keller. The rest of the conference will get closer to Texas and Oklahoma. It can be argued that the Big 12 has the group of the best QBs.

Derek (Iuka, MS): Missouri vs. Texas Big 12 Championship?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: Considering I picked OU and Nebraska, probably not. But it will be close. I'm concerned about the youth in Texas in their secondary. They're breaking in some new people on the offensive front. Also they've had some injuries in their WR. You don't know how they'll fare in competition. I'm concerned what might happen with Colt McCoy. I actually think the South is going to be close. I'm not drinking the Missouri Kool-Aid just yet. I think they'll have a lead after the first month, but I think Nebraska chases them down. Missouri hasn't won a championship since 1969. They've got games at Colorado, at K-State. They have some games that can trip up a team that's not experienced with playing with the lead. I really like Nebraska's WRs. I like the depth they have at RB. I think their defense will be improved. I think they'll get better as the season goes on.

Alex (Columbia, MO): Which talented Big 12 quarterback has the biggest year?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: That's a tough question, because I think there are six or seven that are very very good. It would be easy to say McCoy. But I'll go with Bobby Reid at OK State. The weapons he has around him and the talent he showed late last season, he's a guy that could throw for more than 3,000 and run for 500. They have some good RBs and WRs. I'd say he has a surprising statistical year. That's a tough question and a good question. I think the Big 12 has the best collection of QBs in the BCS conferences.

Louis, (Texas): Who do you think has a better pass offense? Texas Tech or Hawaii?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: I think that Hawaii probably does, because I like their receivers. Traditionally, Tech has been able to develop a lot of receivers that have emerged. Michael Crabtree is a guy I really like for Tech. As it stands right now, Hawaii has better receivers. As for QBs, I think it's closer. Of course, I think it's inflated because they play against worse defenses.

Jeff (dallas): Tim, What do you think of Demarco Murray? Next closest thing to Reggie Bush?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: That's a description that I've heard from him that he shows some abilities like Bush. We'll see him play a lot because of the iffy condition of Allen Patrick. It will be interesting to see what he does as he emerges in the offense. I think Stoops is going to be cautious in using him.

Mike Louisville, Ky: OK State will be the sleeper of the Big 12. What do you think. 8-9 Wins

SportsNation Tim Griffin: I think that's a good point. OK State I have penciled in as the third best team in the South. They have a big road schedule starting Saturday. I really like the collection of offensive talent. They'll be involved in a lot of shootouts. The back seven on defense is back from last year. It all hinges on the pass rush they get early on. I have them right on the cusp of being in the top 25 nationally.

Brian (Lawrence, KS): With their easy schedule, do you see Kansas having a chance to make a bowl game? Or even better, win the Big 12 North?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: They might be a sleeper team in the North, but their lack of offensive playmakers will catch up with them. I do like their chances of going to a bowl game. Their pillow soft non-conference schedule should get them to 4-0. I'm still concerned about their QBs. They're going to be looking for a new RB. Considering the non-conference schedule, I look at them winning 6 or 7.

Jacob(Columbia, Mo): What team do you think poses the biggest threat to upset a Big 12 team beside TCU in the first week?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: As far as upset teams, I'll go with two of them. The first might be tonight. I think ISU might have some difficulty. You're always concerned about a new coach in his first game. The other is Kansas. A new QB. I think Central Michigan might be able to go in there and sneak out a win. And an outside chance of Tech going on the road against SMU.

Eric (Columbia, MO): Tim, who do you think has the best overall offense in the Big 12 North?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: Best overall offense? I'll go with Missouri. I like the collection of receivers. The two TEs are probably the best pair in the country. A lot of teams underestimate Chase Daniel. Brad Smith broke a slew of NCAA school passing yards and people are saying Daniel could be better. I look for Missouri to be one of the most explosive offenses in the country. They do have a nice collection of talent all over there.

Jack (Houston) : How well does OU's new qb Sam Bradford need to play to win the big 12 south?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: I think it will be a big challenge for him to go into the Texas game and win. It's not impossible, McCoy was able to go in and do it. I think he'll have a nice collection of people around him. He has a nice defense. RBs can do a variety of things. WRs are nice. I think their TE, who might be a little underrated. He's going to have tools. The interesting thing will be if he has some adversity, how long Stoops stays with him. If he has a quick hook, that might be detrimental to his confidence. If he does have some early struggles, it will be interesting to see how long they stay with him.

Derek (Miiichigan): Tim Does Texas Tech have a chance to be unbeatin going into the Texas game.

SportsNation Tim Griffin: I like their non-conference schedule. It will be difficult for them to do that. I think they can go out and do some things there.

Brandon (Vernon, AL): How do you see the Auburn/Kansas State game playing out Saturday?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: It sounds like to me that K-State is confident going out. It will depend on which Josh Freeman shows up. If he plays and shows the flashes he showed last year, I think they've got a shot to keep the game close. But I've got some questions about their ability to go out and win a big game. The good thing about KState is them going out and playing a game like this right off the bat. Even if they were to go and lose that game, it's a positive situation for them.

tim (missouri): does Nebraska have any shot at pulling off the upset of USC in the third week

SportsNation Tim Griffin: That will be an interesting game. USC has thrived in a variety of road situations. I remember them beating Auburn and toying with Arkansas. I think that game really serves as a litmus test of the turning around of that program. We'll have to wait and see. I think their chances will be a little better with the health of their WRs. I like their chances, but that is the No. 1 ranked team. If I am to believe everything everyone's saying on the West Coast, this could be Pete Carroll's best team.

Chuck (Houston): C'mon, let's have some Baylor talk! How do you think the Bears will fare this season? Will they be at the bottom of the south again?

SportsNation Tim Griffin: It's unfortunate that Baylor is in the division that they're in. Even with improvement they might have, it's difficult to really be able to show that because you're playing against A+M, Tech. Quantitatively, it's difficult for them to go out and have success in the conference. It's in the non-conference games that they can show their improvement. I was around Baylor this weekend and it seems like they are confident. They feel like they have a shot up there. We'll see. I think it will be difficult for them to crawl out of the cellar, because the teams in front of them will make it difficult.

SportsNation Tim Griffin: Look for interesting Big 12 conference races this year. I don't think Texas and OU will be as quality BCS challengers. The rest of the conference will catch up.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Next up is Todd McShay! I just saw him walk by. I'm going to get him.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Todd is just finishing up on the phone. He'll be here in one second!

Seth (Columbus, Ohio): If you're going to be away from the chat that long shouldn't you at least play In-a-gadda-da-vidda?

SportsNation Todd McShay: What's happening, SportsNation? I'm feeling badly coming in on my white horse with less than seven hours remaining in this marathon chat... Buzzmaster looked exhausted!

Cameron (Denver): Todd, give TCU some love please...everyone is basically saying they should even make the drive to Austin for the next week game...Tell me they have a chance b/c if the team should drive then why am I flying?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I assume you mean shouldn't. My advice is to hang on to the plane ticket. TCU isn't in the same ballpark in terms of overall talent, especially two-and-three deep. But Gary Patterson's defense, headlined by one of the premeir DE tandems in the nation (Tommy Blake and Chase Ortiz) could give the Longhorns some trouble for a few quarters.

SportsNation Todd McShay: I think TCU is the best team not from a "Big Six" conference. Unfortunately for Frog fans, a loss to Texas could kill the BCS bowling dreams.

SportsNation Todd McShay: Hawaii and Boise State aren't quite as talented but both teams have easier schedules.

Matt (Kansas): Who has a better season? DeMarco Murray or Joe McKnight?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I will go with Murray. From what my boys at Scouts' Inc. (Luginbill and Haubert) tell me, McNight is the better talent. But with Peterson gone and the injuries/suspensions at RB for Oklahoma, it looks like Murray will get more "run" than McKnight will at USC.

Garrett( Ames, Iowa): Would you consider Bret Meyer and Todd Blythe to be one of the best 1-2 punch in the nation and how that will help the Cyclones win under Gene Chizik.

SportsNation Todd McShay: Not even close. How about Michigan's Chad Henne and Mario Manningham? Or Texas' Colt McCoy and Limas Sweed? Or Oklahoma State's Bobby Reid and Adarius Bowman? Kentucky's Andre Woodson and Keenan Burton? Or Louisville's Brian Brohm and Mario Urrutia (and Harry Douglas)? Well, you get the point...

sean (Omaha, Ne): Is Nebraska going to be a top ten team under Bill Callahan? He can't seem to beat a ranked opponent.

SportsNation Todd McShay: It's tough to finish with momentum in the polls when the Big 12 South keeps beating up on the North in the championship game. Having USC on the non-conference schedule doesn't help matters, either. But I like what Callahan has done and I think the gap is closing quickly between Nebraska and the Big 12 South. By the way, don't forget a win over No. 24 Texas A&M last season...

Derek (Iuka, MS): Could Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis (Ole Miss) be one of the most underrated runningbacks in the SEC and the nation?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I think that's a great call, Derek. Green Ellis is a tough runner that picks up a lot of yards on his own because he hasn't gotten a great deal of help. Ole Miss' O-Line will be better this season, but Green Ellis needs a semblance of a passing attack to take some pressure off him. I think Green Ellis could emerge as a first-day pick in the 2008 NFL draft.

SportsNation Todd McShay: I'm going to Ole Miss on Sept. 22 for the Florida Game for College GameDay Radio (w/ Scott Reese and Trevor Matich). I can't wait. It's a great place to take in a college football game -- one of the best in the country.

Scott (Columbus, OH): Who is the most over rated team in college football right now?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I think it's Florida. The Gators got whiped out on defense by the NFL draft, they don't have a premier running back and I happen to think QB Tim Tebow will struggle to live up to expectations as a first-year fulltime starter. Staying healthy and improving his accuracy are Tebow's two biggest challenges this fall.

Matt ( WVU): WVU = most over rated come on i live here and say this.

SportsNation Todd McShay: I think the entire Big East is in the polls right now. The non-conference schedules for WVU, Louisville and Rutgers is a JOKE. They've designed it that way in order to generate hype for the conference late in the season. It has helped the past couple seasons but I can't take any of those three programs seriously in terms of the national title discussion until they start playing better non-conference teams -- like South Florida's trip to Auburn. In fact, I would gladly take a one-loss team from the SEC (or Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-10 this year) over an undefeated Louisville, WVU or Rutgers.

Mark(Columbus, Ga.): Is Fran going to break out this year and lead Texas A&M to anything special? And if he doesn't is he toast?

SportsNation Todd McShay: Am I missing something here? I know he was on the hotseat coming into last season but doesn't he catch some slack for nine wins, including a win over in-state rival Texas? I've got news for you Aggies' fans; the Texas A&M job is not one of the best 20 in the country. Your expectations are too inflated. I think coach Fran has this program headed in the right direction and I think they're legit contenders in the Big 12 this season. Back off!

Jack (Huntsville, AL): If Auburn loses Brad Lester indefinitely to an academic suspension, how big of an impact will it have on Auburn's season?

SportsNation Todd McShay: Auburn always has a lot of good backs and coach Eddie Gran is one of the most underrated assistant coaches in the country, so he'll have the backups "coached-up". But in all honesty, I think it will be a big loss. I know the team was counting on Lester as its premier back this season. Not only do you lose his running skills, but also his experience in pass protection, which was a big problem last season for QB Brandon Cox. If Lester is lost, Ben Tate, Mario Fannin and Carl Stewart will really need to step up.

Mike (Philadelphia, PA): How high on the draft board would Xavier Adibi be if the draft was today

SportsNation Todd McShay: If only seniors were included, I would put Adibi in the first round. His speed is what intrigues NFL scouts most. Vince Hall is a tackling machine in college but Adibi is the better pro prospect in my opinion.

drew (lake oswego, OR): Whos better- Desean Jackson or Mario Manningham?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I would take Jackson over Manningham because of his versatility. Manningham is the best pure vertical weapon in CFB -- but that's all he does. And injuries have been a problem for Manningham. Jackson is small, which limits him a bit as a receiver, but he still averaged 18 yards on 59 catches, while also leading the nation in punt return average (18.3) and punt return touchdowns (four) last season.

SportsNation Todd McShay: After studying all the top WR's on film, I believe Jackson is the most dangerous open-field runner in the nation -- and that's including Harvin. Jackson's lateral quickness is rediculous.

Khalil (Orlando ,Florida): Will Florida State win the ACC title this year?

SportsNation Todd McShay: No. The 'Noles will be much improved -- more because of their coaching hires (Fisher and Trickett) than anything else. They may win the Atlantic but I strongly believe Va. Tech will win the conference.

Bobby Midland Park NJ: Hey Todd how long until my canes are kickin tail and takinf names

SportsNation Todd McShay: 2009 would be my guess.

Darren Mcfadden Fayetteville AR: How many games do my Hawgs have to win for me to get the Heisman?

SportsNation Todd McShay: I would say at least nine wins for McFadden to win the Heisman. There's little doubt in my mind that McFadden is the best overall player in CFB right now, but we all know the Heisman isn't an MVP award. More often than not the hardware goes to the quarterback of the best team -- and that puts USC QB John David Booty in the driver's seat.

Derek (Miiichigan): Hey Todd, Which team has the best QB, WR< and RB combo. Been Wanting to know All nite. GO BLUE

SportsNation Todd McShay: You ask because you know the answer... I'll fall into your trap nonetheless. I would take Michigan's Henne, Hart and Manningham over WVU's White, Slaton and Reynaud. Also making the list would be Oklahoma State's Reid, Savage and Bowman, Texas' McCoy, Sweed and Charles, and Kentucky's Woodson, Burton and Little.

Brian (L.A., CA): Spurrier's chances of winning the SEC East?

SportsNation Todd McShay: Not great but I would never count him out. The problem for Spurrier and South Carolina Fans is that the SEC East is the toughest division within the toughest conference in the land. Florida, Tennessee and Georgia are all legit contenders with S.C. Plus, while Kentucky and Vandy have no shot of winning the division, I think it's safe to say each program enters the 2007 season with more talent than they've had, respectively, in over a decade.

Brody (LA): Is it safe to say Calias Campbell is the prototypical 4-3 DE and Jake Long is the prototypical 3-4 DE? With all the 3-4 defenses in the NFL, are scouts salivating more over Long?

SportsNation Todd McShay: You mean Chris Long from Virginia. And to answer your questions, Brody, I think YES and YES. Campbell has the ideal combination of size, speed and athletic ability to emerge as a first round pick for a 4-3 NFL team in 2008 (if he leaves school early). Chris Long, in my opinion, is the best defensive prospect in the country and he could fit at DE in either a three-or-four man front. He was flat-out dominant last season but nodody noticed b/c he was playing for a rebuilding Cavs' team. UVA will be much better this season and Long should wind up on most All-American teams at the end of the year after being snubbed by most lists in the preseason.

Rob (Cedar Grove, New Jersey): Todd, any chance the Noles will play in a BCS Bowl game? Also do you think Greg Carr will be an all american after this season? This guy can be a very dangerous playmaker.

SportsNation Todd McShay: I already said I like Va. Tech to win the ACC. If I had to pick a second-favorite team it would be a toss-up between B.C. and FSU. So, to answer your question, I would be surprised if FSU made it to a BCS bowl this year. As for Carr, last time I checked he wasn't even in the starting lineup, let alone all-american. Jimbo Fisher evidently has been underwhelmed by Carr's work ethic.

SportsNation Todd McShay: That's all for me today. I think Mel is up next. Give him trouble for voting Florida No. 1 in the preseason poll. Be well.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Todd! Mel Kiper's up next!

SportsNation Mel Kiper: We've got some outstanding matchups this weekend in college football. A lot of good stuff to talk about.

Charles (Tampa): Mel, do you think Darrius Heyward-Bey can eventually be a top 10 pick. With his size at 6'2 and his speed around a 4.2 what do you think?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: No question about it. Internally, I've been hearing some great things since he signed on at Maryland. He's been one of their best athletes. He's learning about the WR position at this level. With sophomore WRs, he's right there. In fact, I have him in the sophomore group, the second highest rated WR, behind Percy Harvin from Florida. Harvin, Heyward-Bey, Hakeem Nicks, Brandon LaSell, Demaryius Thomas. Those are your top 5 WRs.

Nikolas (Michigan): Is this the year Hart, Henne, and Long finally win not just a bowl game, but a BCS bowl game?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: It depends. I have big questions about their defense. This was a defense that was torched in the final two games last year. You take all those guys off that defense and you have to wonder. A good indication of this team will be against Oregon. They have some good WRs. They will give you a good indication of what kind of team Michigan has this year. They have three big home games early.

Tony (South Bend, IN): Mel,I've got two years left at Notre Dame, any chance I see a title before I graduate?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I'll tell you what, with two years left, I'd say no chance. Claussen has a chance to be a good QB, but not this year. I think the QB that I'm intrigued by is a guy that's committed to Notre Dame is Dayne Crist. I've watched him throw the ball on tape and he could be phenomenal. The future of the QB position at ND is unbelieveable. With Crist and Claussen, whoever ends up being the started at some point has a chance to win a title, but not in the next two years. This is a completely rebuilding year for Notre Dame. They're almost back to the drawing board this year. I'd be thrilled with 7-5 this year.

Derrick (Tahoe): Hey Kiper, Who would you rather run your offense Matthew Stafford of Tim Tebow. also who do have being the first wide reciever taken in the draft.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: Very good question. I have Stafford rated ahead of Tebow. Another QB I really like is Jake Locker at Washington, who's a sophomore. He'll be responsible for the resurgence for the Washington football program. I have Stafford, Locker, Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman from K-State.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I took a lot of heat for this, I said before Stafford played a down at Georgia that he would be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft. He made some mistakes, but he has rare arm strength. He has a John Elway caliber arm. That's why he's my No. 1 sophomore QB.

Matt (Apple Valley, CA): Hey!! Where's the Ian Johnson talk? Last year he was one of the best backs in football, and now... nothing? Does anyone think he's good?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think Ian Johnson is a good football player. The thing about him is his size. He's only about 5-10, 195. Plus he's in a class with other junior RBs with guys like, and this is how I ranked them, Darren McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Steve Slaton, Felix Jones, Branden Ore. Ian Johnson might be in the top 10 or 12. And he's attacking some questionable defenses. The games that I'll be watching for Boise State this year is at Washington and at Hawaii. Those are two critical road tests.

Tim(woodbridge, va_: Do you think Percy Harvin will be up for the Hiesman at all this year?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: It's possible. He's such an outstanding football player and he's only a sophomore. Their offense on paper looks pretty good. The question will be their defense. But he'll be in the mix, but when you're as versatile as Harvin, you have a chance. If things fell right and there wasn't another QB or RB, he could slip in there and get some attention.

Joe Boca Raton, Fl: How do you think Miami will fair this year, with Shannon at the helm

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think it will be a so-so year at Miami. Kirby gets the nod at QB. The WR are a big question mark. Ironically, they have two of the best defensive players in the country. Calias Campbell is arguably the best DL player in the country. They used to have 6 or 7 guys like that. The quality overall with the talent is not where it needs to be. They could be an 8 or 9 win team. If they went 8-4, 9-3, that would be a great year for Miami.

Brian (L.A., CA): Hi Mel.
Best linebacking crew in the nation? Rivers, Maualuga, Cushing?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: Yeah, I think it is. The depth is the key to the whole thing. The depth of talent they have. When you have guys backing them up that could be first team players for a lot of teams. They go 6 deep at LB.

sonny (Boston,MA): Where do you think Matt Ryan of the Boston College Egeales will end up in the draft?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think Matt Ryan right now is anywhere between the second and fourth highest rated senior QB. All those guys are outstanding prospects. Ryan has to improve his decision making. He's a big kid. He's a little inconsistent. Once in a while, he'll make a bad decision. If he makes strides in that area, when he's on top of his game, he can pick teams apart.

Sam (Thomasville, Ga): What game are you most excited about this weekend?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The games that you have to look at - my No. 1 game is OK State at Georgia. Then it's Tennessee at Cal, Georgia Tech at Notre Dame, Missouri-Illinois. Those are some games right off the bat.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: Back to OSU-Georgia, It takes in two of the best conferences - the Big 12 South and the SEC East is phenomenal. That's for bragging rights for the best conference. I don't think Georgia'll run OK State off the field. You see a lot of young players that have to step into key roles in the secondary for Georgia. They need some big years out of some guys that are inconsistent. There are no big superstars on the team for Georgia. It will be interesting to see how they matchup with that offense.

Troy (Louisville, Ky): Is Brian Brohm being hurt in the Hiesman talk by having a new coach?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: No, I don't think that will hurt him. Kragthorpe is tremendously respected. The high regard won't change. I don't think Louisville misses a beat with Kragthorpe. Don't forget after Brohm leaves, it's Hunter. This team should not drop back that significantly. Their three most important conference games are their final three games. The big early test is at Kentucky at September 15. They lose out on the national title if they lose that game.

Caleb (Newcastle, WY): Who is the most explosive player in CFB this year, ala Reggie Bush?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I'd say just in terms of game breaking speed and he can outrace any defensive backs, one name comes to mind and it's Steve Slaton. When you have a QB with the speed of Pat White and Slaton, it's easier to see how they have such an explosive offense. Slaton looks like he's shot out of a cannon.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): I respect your stance on naming Florida number one and sticking to your guns. That way they wouldn't have to worry about leapfrogging a pre season 1 or 2.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think what others are doing are trying to project where the teams will finish. My point is that you can't take them off that perch yourself. Just because you think that's going to happen, you can't gaurantee that it will happen. An assessment of a team before a game is played is wrong. You'll be right as much as you're wrong on the teams. If they guess wrong on Florida, it's an injustice to that program. Let's let someone beat them. Let's let Tennessee or Ole Miss or Auburn or someone on that schedule beat them. Wouldn't it be great intrigue if they're undefeated when they play LSU. It's going to play out anyway. They're going to come off that top spot when they lose that first game anyway.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I want a team to take them off the top spot. I don't want an analyst to take them off. That defending champion deserves the right to be No. 1. I'll be saying that in any year and I won't waiver on my thought on that.

Nikolas (Michigan): How high will hart go in the draft? He isnt the most explosive guy, but he never fumbles.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: He never fumbles. He's not physically imposing, not real fast. But production, reliability, he's one of the true MVPs in college football. He's got great character, work ethic. You never count out Mike Hart. He's the fourth highest rated junior RB - Tashard Choice, Allen Patrick, Hart along with Ryan Torain or Dontrell.

Skylar (phoenix): Where do you have Antoine Cason rated on your draft board. Is he a lock for a top 10 pick?? Also who is the first overall pick in the draft?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: No, no. The big thing for him is his recovery speed. When he's beat, does he recover quickly enough. Terrell Thomas from USC is no. 1, then Lowery, DeJuan Tribble, Simeon Castille or Cason at No. 4. Right now, he does not have a first round grade.

Jim (Pittsburgh): Despite a few good recruiting classes, the results on the field for Pitt have been minimal. Is there any hope in the near future?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: It is hope, because you have a chance with the recruits. The key will be the young players and how they develop. The guys I'm looking at are - the QB Pat Bostick coming in, he won't start, but the future is in his hands; a couple of others are WR Oderick Turner, Nate Byham, Aaron Berry. Those players are the ones you have to look at. LeSean McCoy is another one at RB. Those are some young players that need to deliver.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The best senior prospect is Jeff Otah, a big LT prospect.

Bobby ( Texas): Bowdens Noles have selected Drew Weathorford as their starter, do you believe he will finish the season as the starter or will Lee finish it off?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: They'll probably both play and end up in the mix. There's another kid that you can't count out that has some intriguing athleticism. His name is D'Vontrey Richardson, who's a redshirt freshman. He's an interesting guy to see how he develops. I think Weatherford and Lee will both play. This will be Weatherford's year.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The only way I see Lee is if Weatherford doesn't get it done then you go to Lee. The revolving door never works at QB.

Steve: How do you see Chad Henne projecting to the NFL?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The big thing Chad has to do - he has a strong arm, powerful arm. He can play in some bad weather conditions and he's still throwing the ball all over the field. He's not a guy who's going to be able to bide time, roll out of the pocket and get a first down. For a guy that's been starting for so long, The first six games last year, he did a heckuva job. But with the talent they have coming back, he should have a good year and have a chance to be a first round pick.

Aaron (Edmonds, Washington): Where will Colt Brennan end up in the draft, will he go low because he's from a weak conference?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The system is the thing. It's a very QB friendly system. What you like about Brennan is he has a quick release, but he's a little sidearm. He's got to add some weight and strength. There are some concerns about how he projects. I've always questioned system QBs. He's got to get a little bigger and a little stronger. He's going to get some Heisman consideration. Their most difficult challenges are their final two games. If they win all those games, they'll build up on the Heisman momentum. I have to reserve judgment on the draft.

Kyle (Lake Tapps, WA: What do you guys think The University of Oregons chances of beating Michigan and USC are this year?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think they'll win one, not both. The Michigan game, if they can compete for four quarters. Michigan's going to put up some points. They have sophomore corners that are excellent. Dealing with the Michigan WRs and Chad Henne. How does Oregon's offense deal with Michigan's rebuilt defense? USC goes to Notre Dame and Oregon in back to back weeks. That's difficult. I think Oregon goes no worse than 8-4.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: It wouldn't shock me if they won 9. I think they're underrated team this year. They need two things to happen - Dennis Dickson needs to emerge and Stewart has to stay healthy all year.

Paul (AZ): Who are you favirites to play for the national title?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think USC. I can't see them losing more than one game. If that's the case, they're playing for the national title game. I think talent wise, they're ahead of everybody. The team that plays them is the tough part. I'm not as high on LSU as everyone else. There are a lot of teams that are sketchy. Some of the options are: Michigan, I can't go with them; I'm not going to go with Florida; I'm not going to take Penn State, I think they can win 10 not 11 or 12. I think WVU has a chance, but the problem is they have to win every game. The thing with them is they play late in the year against Rutgers and then Louisville. They have to win both of those games. Plus a tricky game at South Florida Sept. 28. They think they can outscore everyone. It has to be a decent defense.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: The problem is when you approach the season and knowing that you have to win every game. WVU on paper is expected to win every one of their football games.

Bruce ( Houston, TX ): Will the impact of Saban's return to the SEC be felt immediately or does he need a few seasons to return the Tide to a dominant presence in the SEC?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think he needs some time. There's not enough big time talent there. The talent level is not where it needs to be. Antoine Caldwell, Andre Smith, John Parker-Wilson, two very good receivers. The running game has to prove itself. They're probably an 8 win team. Anything better than that would be phenomenal. A tricky game is at Vanderbilt.

Mike (Stafford, Va): Mel, How do you see Butch Davis doing in his first year at UNC and how do you think he'll change the landscape of UNC Football over time?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think he'll change it dramatically I think he'll get it to the way Mack Brown had it. I think they can get back to where they were, being one of the best teams in the ACC. I think John Blake is one of the best recruiters in college football. Everyone seems to think that UNC had the best recruiting year in the ACC.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: They will not concede any area of the country. It's going to keep getting better. They have a little bit of star power - Kentwan Balmer, Hilee Taylor, Garrett Reynolds, Hakeem Nicks.THey just don't have enough of those guys. I think in three years, this program is competing for an ACC title.

Tucker (Virginia Beach,VA): Mel, if Virginia Tech beats LSU, can they go undefeated?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: Yes they can. Their schedule will allow them to go undefeated. The tough games are at home. I don't think they'll beat LSU, though. At night and at LSU. That's a tough venue.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: If you lose that game, you're out of the national title picture. Whichever team loses that game is out of the national title picture. If LSU loses, they have to hope that Virginia Tech loses two games.

SportsNation Mel Kiper: We covered a ton of ground from a college football standpoint. This will be our last preview chat. And we'll be back to our regular Wednesday slot at 1 p.m. ET next week.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Next up is Joe Starkey, who covers the Big East. Start sending in your questions!

Kile (Indiana ): What will be the hardest task for Louisville going undefeated? Morgantown?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Morgantown or those guys in Piscataway. Maybe even South Florida. And, Louisville struggled with Cincinnati last year. The upset bid can come from any angle in the Big East.

Jon, (Lynchburg VA): Joe, West Virginia Could very well be in the National Championship game according to me, what do you think?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: It didn't sound like a prediction. It sounds like you're hopeful. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they end up in the title game. But their schedule is going to hurt them and I believe Louisville will win the conference.

Smitty (Enid, OK): Will South Florida upset either Lousiville, West VA or Rutgers bid for a BCS bowl?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Sure they have a chance. They've beaten Louisville and WVU within the past two years. They've shown they can beat anyone in the conference. They have a great QB. But I would still put them fourth. Their overall talent level doesn't touch the top three.

John Parkersburg, WV: Why doesn't WVU get the respect it deserves?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Because it doesn't play enough tough non-conference games. Those kinds of high profile games are what raise your national reputation. Now, that said, I would agree that WVU is probably underrated nationally. I think they have the most high powered offense in the country. The questions I have are on defense.

Keith (Washington, DC): Hey Joe, what do you think of Owen Schmitt's draft prospects?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: I think he's highly regarded across the country and by NFL teams.

Nick (Wrightstown, WI): Joe, does West Virginia have a good enough passing game to go undefeated and get through Louisville?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Yes, I don't have any questions about West Virginia's offense. I think Pat White is an underrated passer. All my questions about that team are in regard to its defense.

Brock (Pittsburgh, PA): What is the state of the program at Pitt? What once was a storied program has all but become a non-factor year in and year out. What can turn this around?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: In Dave Wannstedt's first two years, I've seen no signs of it. But I would also be willing to let the process play out a little bit and give him four full years before we make a final judgement. At least you can say he's had some pretty decent recruiting classes according to those who make a living looking at that.

Andy (Greensboro, NC): What are the chances of South Florida winning the conference this year? Also, who will be the leading rusher this year on the team now that both Mike Ford and Jamar Taylor will be playing?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Not good in my opinion. I picked USF to finish fourth. I pick them to have a major upset.

Steve (Roanoke, VA): Joe: which major conference do you think has the most parity, top to bottom?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Hmm. I would say the SEC has the most parity, although in every conference you'll find teams at the bottom that are practically non-competitive. This isn't the NFL where you'll find 75% of the teams are competitive.

Bill, CT: Predictions on UConn/Duke? Do you think UConn will win more than 1 or 2 Big East games this year?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: No. I don't think they'll win more than 2. I noticed that coach Randy Edsall mentioned that he doesn't think his program has fallen off since it's first year in the Big East. I strongly disagree.

Ed (NJ): Do you see two big east teams playing in bcs bowls this year?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: I see a chance, but I think it's going to be a difficult, again, because of the out of conference schedules. You're not going to see any Big East team score a lot of points in the BCS standings with an out of conference victory. There's no high profile on the OOC schedules. I still think there's a chance. If you have a couple of 11-1 teams. Certainly, WVU and Louisville, if they're tied they would be a hugely attractive BCS bowl candidates because of their star power.

Cameron (Grand Rapids, Michigan): Do you think that the new head coach of Cincinnati (Brian Kelly) made a lateral movement going from Central Michigan to Cincinnati and do you think he can turn that program into a football program?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: A lateral move? He went to a major BCS conference. It's a tremendous step up as he'll discover. Ultimately, it's going to be hard for any coach to win big at Cincinnati. Certainly to win over what is really a professional sports town but at least apparently he is going to try and bring an entertaining offense that will try to attract fans.

Starkman (Morris Plains, NJ): What does Rutgers have to do to sustain itself as a power in the Big East and not end up going the way of Uconn or Syracuse?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Continue to recruit the way that Schiano is all of a sudden recruiting. He's bringing in some big time players from all across the country. There's no reason to believe that is going to stop any time soon. He's exploiting that market right around the New York/New Jersey area. They're getting kids they should get, plus some national recruits. As long as he keeps doing that, then that program will sustain itself for a long time.

Jon PA: Hey Joe: Give me your picks for Big East POYs on defense and offense.

SportsNation Joe Starkey: If you're asking me to make single picks, I'm going to go with Brian Brohm from Louisville as your offensive player of the year with obvious challenges from Steve Slaton, Ray Rice, Pat White.

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Your defensive player of the year could be a guy like Erik Foster from Rutgers, or Erik Wicks from WVU. But let's face it, this conference is built around offensive star power.

Tommy (Keller, TX): Don't you think the Big East is overated because it's so close to the media centers on the east coast?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: If you consider the Big East to be a notch below the SEC and a notch above the ACC and right in the mix with the other BCS conferences, then I think you're rating it just about right. I'm not so sure it's being overrated by a lot of people. I think it's rated right where it should be.

Matt (South Bend, IN): Hey Joe, Is Matt Grothe the best quarterback in the state of Florida?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: Put it this way, if you ask any Florida school if they would trade their QB for Grothe, they would think long and hard. He's in the top 5 in the country as far as entertainment. Check out his YouTube clips if you don't believe me.

Andrew (Tn): How is Rutgers going to be in comparison to Louisville and West Virginia? Could they upset either team ?

SportsNation Joe Starkey: I don't know how other people are rating it, but you throw Rutgers into the same pack as Louisville and WVU. Turn it over and any team has a chance to win. We're talking about a Rutgers team that has a legit Heisman trophy candidate at tailback. A QB that might be better than people think. An emerging star at WR. And a couple of elite players on defense. Absolutely Rutgers could win this conference and deserves to be mentioned with WVU and Louisville.

SportsNation Joe Starkey: This should be the most entertaining season in the Big East since it reformed after the mass exodus. People should just sit back and enjoy the show. Don't worry about where it ranks with the other conferences. It's legitimately earned its BCS bowl bid and will provide the most entertaining football in the country. OK, maybe not more than the SEC, but the rest of country.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Joe! Next up is Larry English from Northern Illinois!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Send in your NIU and MAC questions!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Larry's here!

Doggett Coralville, IA: Larry what do you think the experience will be like to play in Soldier Field? Do you think it will intimidating that all of the Hawkeye fans will be there and be loud? Good Luck, I know you will need it!

SportsNation Larry English: It will definitely compare to last year's game. I don't think it will be any more intimidating than playing in Iowa City. In college football you have to concentrate on what's going on on the field and not let the crowd be a factor.

Bryan (Naperville, IL): Larry what's your take on NIU's Defense this year? After seeing Iowa last year how do you prepare for them this time around? Can you make it to the MAC title game with the pressure on the defensive side of the ball?

SportsNation Larry English: First of all, our defense can be a strong point in our defense this year. We have a lot of athletic guys. We just need to be consistent. It helps having seen Iowa last year.

Gray (Chicago): Larry, how do you see Garrett Wolfe performing in the NFL? How has his experience been thus far?

SportsNation Larry English: I was pretty good friends for him. It's exciting to see him play and playing for the hometown team in the Bears. It is nice.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Larry, What is your fav. pregame meal?

SportsNation Larry English: I guess yes. We actually have the same pregame meal before every game. We have chicken and prime rib, steak and potatos. We have the same thing even when we travel too. That is nice. For other rituals, I don't really have anything. Just try to relax.

Chuck (Geneva, Il): Larry, what'd be more important to you this year, a win against both Iowa and Wisconsin, or a MAC title?

SportsNation Larry English: I definitely think it would be special to get wins in non conference games, but getting a title is No. 1 on our list. In our eyes, every game is just as important.

Wesley (TN): Larry, what about the Huskie fans? Do they give a lot of support at home and on the road?

SportsNation Larry English: Actually, it's gotten a lot better, especially in traveling to the bowl games. I don't know the exact numbers, but we had a good following with us in San Diego. With the away games, it's pretty good. It's on the upscale. I know it will be nice to have 20,000 people at the game this weekend.

Keith (Washington, DC): Hey Larry, who is the toughest QB you've ever played agains?

SportsNation Larry English: I would have to say that it's last year facing Troy Smith. He had a great supporting cast and some playmakers.

Chris (Frankfort,KY): Hey Larry, what do you think about your skills on NCAA 08 and did they do you justice?

SportsNation Larry English: To be honest, I'm one of the few people that's not that big on video games. Having time to do it is crazy lately. I haven't followed the games as much. I played a little bit. I heard that they got me fat on the game.

Chris (Orlando, FL): What's your favorite thing about DeKalb?

SportsNation Larry English: I definitely would have to say that it's nice that it's close to a lot of family and friends. My teammates and coaches are a great fit for me. Being around the people. We have great fans.

Nick (Houston, TX): What has been your favorite stadium in which you've played?

SportsNation Larry English: Hmmmm. Probably it was nice playing in the Big House two years ago. It's a storied program in a storied stadium. It was nice going there. Playing in front of that many fans.

Travis (Canada): Larry, a few players have made a named of the MAC division by being drafted early in the NFL draft, what if anything can the division do to promote itself to bigger named recruits that maybe don't get offers from the bigger named schools?

SportsNation Larry English: I think the biggest thing would be just wins and exposure. I think it's getting better int he conference. We're getting more and more bowl games and more and more appearances. That's the biggest thing to help with recruiting. At NIU, outside of the midwest region, it might not be as well known as some of the other big schools.

Jake (Seattle): Larry,without Garrett Wolfe, how will Northern Illinois recover?

SportsNation Larry English: It's a little bit of a different look, but we have some other players that are ready to step in. I think it's going to open up the game a little bit more to have our QB and WRs get a bigger part of our offense. I think we have a good QB. He's experienced. He's a winner. We have two or three talented receivers. I've been most surprised with the WRs and QBs and how the offense has changed a little bit with the passing game.

Steve (NJ): What was one of the key factors that made you choose NIU over other schools when you were being recruited?

SportsNation Larry English: The two factors for me was when I came up here and visited, I felt comfortable with the team and the coaches. The other thing was when I was being recruited, Northern had won three big games against some non-conference teams. The exposure was big.

SportsNation Larry English: I appreciate the questions. Go Huskies!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Larry!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: How's everyone doing out there?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: According to the ticker on ESPN.com's front, we've got about 5 hours and 12 minutes left.

Jimmy (Tampa): Awesome.

wesley (TN): Doing great. Getting Ready for some MSU Bulldog football tonight. Do we stand a chance?

Dale (Bossier City, LA): Jacked up about LSU Football!!!

Alan (Indy): 0-10 today with questions about my Purdue, Buzz. I guess if you're slated as 5th in your confernece, no one cares.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Roll Tide Roll

Andrew (Tn): Great Buzz, just about to bust with excitement of the beginning of the 2007 season!!

bob(Ark): not soon enough

George (Columbus): Pretty good, still awaiting the Counter to reach Zero. And hoping this reply makes it to the board.

Matt (Watertown, NY): Buzz, I'm hanging in there.. You?

Adam Brooklyn: Who is the greater NIU star Garrett Wolfe or Michael (Burner) Turner

Steve (NJ): I can't wait. I got my snacks and beverages ready for when I get off of work. I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL...

chris (westport, ct): (wang is pitching a no-no)

JD (Newark, DE): I'm still trying to figure out how to get a question through

Keith (Washington, DC): I'm jacked about ANY college football. You can bet I'm tuning in for Tulsa and ULM!

Josh (Toledo, OH): Good Good, just waiting to talk some ACC with someone

James (TN): ready to kick off!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Pat Forde's on tap next. He'll be here at 3 p.m. ET to chat!

Ryan (Iowa): That ticker is not moving quick enough!!!!

Josh (Toledo, OH): Good, just waiting on the Bowden Bowl this Monday!! Who you taking in that game Buzz???? Go NOLES

Clint (Berkeley, CA): How are you keeping your intensity level so high Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Because it's college football baby! How can you not get pumped?

James (Kansas City, MO): Rise all loyal Cougars, and hurl your challenge to the foe...GO BYU!!!

Jimi Kimble (Petersburg, WV): Going to an early tailgate party tonight after work. This will be a special year for WVU fans.

Chris (Detroit): Larry with the recruiting class notre dame had this year and the key players returning, does notre dame have a shot at beating USC at home?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Let me ask you a question..why would you ask the starting DE for Northern Illinois this question?

Trey (lubbock): Buzz, do you decide what messages get through? and is there any method or just random? I need to give some love to my Red Raiders!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Trey, we've had over 20,000 posts come in since last night at 7 p.m. ET. So it's hard to see them all!

Alan (Indy): Football doesn't start for me until 7pm Saturday with Purdue at Toledo. CHOO, CHOO!

Jeff (Austin Tx): Why did it take ESPN 2Hrs and 20 minutes to begin discussing BIG 12 Football last night, Why so little respect from the CF crew?

Chris (Little Rock, AR): Wooooo Pig Soooieeeeee!!!!! I am ready for KICKOFF!!!!!!!

Jimmy (Middletown, New Jersey): Is Ray Rice the next Heisman Winner?Go RUTGERS!!

John (Gainesville, FL): If UF wins again, should all other schools just give up sports?

Greg(Gagnehaternation): So Buzz, can I host the morning Buzz tommorrow when MSU beats LSU, I think it's only fair since this is a big ledge I'm on alone

Keith (Washington, DC): And Buzz, are there any statistics on how many users have logged in to chat? I'm curious.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Me too. But they won't be official until the chat is over.

Alan (Indy): Buzz, do the guests pick the questions they want to answer or you do all the picking for them?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Both.

Grapedrink (Notre Dame, IN): Even the DE for No. Illinois knows the irish are insanely good.

Josh (Lincoln, NE): Buzz quit drinking Haterade and stay on that caffeine!

Ben (SF): I know it's college football, but what about the NFL preseason games on tonight?!?! 4th stringers against 4th stringers. It's FANtastic

Darron (Atlanta): Just glad to see live football on TV again no matter who is playing! Go Gators!

George (Columbus): I think if Florida takes another Championship, the other schools will just quit the NCAA.

Steve (Indy): buzz any word on whether the early hours of this marathon were recovered?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think we've recovered everything up through 2 p.m. Still trying to figure out how to recover the rest, if possible.

Grace (Fayetteville): Hey Buzz.....let's chat about the RAZORBACKS!!!!!

Drake (LA): Buzzlightyer, Post my USC posts. Because you know USC is the best team ever this year!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Bandwagon jumper!

George (Columbus): And for those of you remaining from this morning, I haven't accomplished anything at work, except eat lunch, and get paid.

Chris (Orlando, FL): Buzz, are you a Gator fan? Why all the UF talk getting through? Go Noles!

Brandon (Tampa,Fl): I am tired of everyone questioning how good the ACC is going to be this year. Am I the only one that noticed that the Big Ten is the most overrated conference in football.

John (Atlanta): War Eagle from ATL!

Scott Bradenton, Florida: So what should us Sooner fans expect this year from a freshman QB....maybe a championship?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: You want a championship from a freshman QB? Hold on there cowboy.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Or should I say Sooner.

Chad (Savannah, GA): Go this Go that...Well GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Brett (Colorado Springs): that whats nice about PU fans, we haven't had a bandwagon to jump on for a while now

Matt (Honolulu): My wife and I won a trip to Vegas with tickets to the UH/UNLV game with tail gate party and all that jazz. I'm actually an LSU fan but sionce we live in Hawaii, that?s the game we got. What does it look like for UH this year. I hear they are alright, but I don't know much about WAC?

Matt Flynn (Starkville): We're about to put a beat down on Miss St.

Lindon - Pine Bluff, AR: Fear the backfield!!!! Hillis, Jones, McFadden - Nuff Said!

Gavin (Mount Pleasant, MI): Alot of people do not look at the MAC as a good division but wait until CMU puts the hurt to Kansas and Purdue

SportsNation Pat Forde: hello. is something going on today? football, maybe?

Chris (AZ): Forde!
What does Cal need to do to win against the Vols? And, how important is this game to the Pac-10? Thanks!

SportsNation Pat Forde: Chris: Cal needs to tackle better on the perimeter than it did last year, and I believe it will. In part because Tennessee does not have as much explosiveness out there this year. And Cal needs to establish Justin Forsett running the ball to open things up for Nate Longshore throwing to DeSean Jackson and others. The game is very important to the Pac-10 from a credibility standpoint, and to shut Les Miles up.

Drake (LA): Forde, will anyone be able to hang with the Trojans? I don't think so because USC is best team ever.

SportsNation Pat Forde: Who are you, Jim Harbaugh? USC has four months to prove it's the best ever. Actually, they need to prove their the best of 2007 first. Until then, let's not even talk about it. (But I believe USC will win the national title this year.)

Andrew (Louisville, KY): Pat - gotta show some love to the hometown. Everybody is talking about Brian Brohm, but what about Louisville's D? They could be one of the best in the country, right?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Andrew: I don't know about being one of the best in the country, but I do think Louisville's D will be good this season. The linebackers look very good, and the secondary should be improved. If the D-line interior can replace Amobi Okoye, this unit should be quite strong.

Chip(Champaign,IL): Pat-Am i going to see My beloved illini make a bowl game before i graduate in the spring?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Chip: If you want to see Illinois in a bowl before you leave campus, I recommend pursuing a Master's degree.

Adam (Tampa): Forde... you are the best... with that in mind could you answer my Q? With all the talk about which conference is better... Do you think, given the current way schedules are made and bowl structure, that there is even a way to compare one conference to another?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Adam: Good point, and not just because you're sucking up. I hate comparing conferences. It's way too hard to get an accurate gauge on which league is better, for a variety of reasons -- not the least of which is bowl tie-ins. The Big East had a good year last year but put several teams in lesser bowls as huge favorites, and thus went 5-0 in postseason. I would rather have seen Rutgers and others play better opponents.

OSUBeaver (Corvallis): Pat, what are the chances the Beavs have at matching or improving on their 10-4 season last year? Any shot at beating Cal or UCLA?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Beaver: Matching or improving 10 wins sounds difficult to me. I'd say 7-5 and win a bowl game, maybe. At Arizona State Sept. 22 should be a huge one, cuz both teams should be unbeaten.

Steve (Bloomington, Indiana): Do you believe the Indiana Hoosiers will be going bowling this season?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Yes, I do. 6-6 or 7-5. It would be a nice tribute to the foundation laid by Terry Hoeppner.

Adam (San Diego, CA): Does Missouri have the team this year to go from good to great?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Adam: Missouri has the offense to go from good to great. And it has the defense to go from great to good. That's my early read on the situation. Gonna need to win some games by outscoring people. First two will be critical: Illinois in St. Lou and at Ole Miss. Win those and the October games against Nebraska and OU loom large.

James (Boise, ID): Pat - It seems everyone has once again counted Boise State out. Admittedly Colt Brennan of Hawaii is a very good player, and Boise is starting a new QB with some of our top seniors leaving. But it seems that the experts have simply dubbed Hawaii as the greatest thing the WAC has ever seen. What are your thoughts, is it all over and Hawaii wins or will Boise State live up to their motto for 2007 and "reload" and take the title once again? Or better yet is someone else going to surprise the conference?!

SportsNation Pat Forde: James: I touted Boise State on First Take this morning as the answer to the question, "Who will be this years Boise State?" So not everyone has counted the Broncos out.

Carl...DC: Pat - have you recovered from your strong convictions prior to BCS Game that The Gators didnt have a prayer against OSU

SportsNation Pat Forde: Carl: Yes.

Mike (Hampton Roads VA): Pat -- Everyone else has been asked this so why not you...If the Big East champion goes undefeated, will they play in the NC game?...

SportsNation Pat Forde: Mike: If that undefeated champion is either West Virginia or Louisville, I believe the answer is yes. they'll start out highly in the polls, for one thing, and each have at least one semi-quality road game. WVU at Maryland and UL at Kentucky. Win that game and it should count for something. And, of course, they gotta win all the others along the way.

Matt (Boulder, CO): Pat- Who wins the Rocky Mountain Showdown this Saturday, and how many games do you think that CU will win this year?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Matt: Tough call. In my pick'em contest I originally went with CU, then switched to CSU. I expect it to be close -- and I expect CU to be better this year. I'll go with at least four wins for my boy Dan Hawkins.

Joe (Happy Valley): Pat, care to drink the "PSU for the Big10 title" kool aid with me? What do you think their chances are if they get out of Sept. undefeated? What about NC?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Joe: YOu have the Koolaid all to yourself, my friend. I have to see an improved Anthony Morelli before I buy in. I can believe Penn State at 3-0 going to Ann Arbor, but 3-1 coming out.

Ryan (Lincoln):: Pat - If Callahan plays more aggressive does NE have a chance over USC in Lincoln?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Nope. I don't think that game will be close.

Brandon ( Philadelphia, PA): What is the biggest game in college football? Don't tell me Cal Tennessee because I find the game overrated.

SportsNation Pat Forde: What would a guy from Philly prefer? Temple-Navy? I'll take Cal-Tennessee, but I'm also intrigued by Ok State-Georgia, Wazzu-Wisconsin, Illinois-Missouri and KState-Auburn. It's a bad openiing week, but there are a few worth watching.

Paul (Cleveland, OH): Are we really considering Kentucky a quality road win... come on Forde, I love you but that is a J-O-K-E!!!!

SportsNation Pat Forde: Paul: Kentucky went 8-5 last year and whipped Clemson on a neutral field in the bowl game. Beat Georgia in Lexington. Bring back most everybody from that team. I'd say it's a legit game.

Charlie Weis (Notre Dame): I'm confident about this upcoming year. Do you think I'm overly confident or could my team suprise quite a few people like I'm claiming?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Charlie: Best of luck to you, but I think it's gonna be a tough row to hoe. I see you going 7-5ish and perhaps winding up in a winnable bowl for once.

SportsNation Pat Forde: whops -- gotta do radio with dana jacobson! be back in a couple minutes.

Justin (Milwaukee): Pat, who are your potential sleepers for this year?

SportsNation Pat Forde: UCLA biggest sleeper. 11-0 going into USC game???

SportsNation Pat Forde: ok! back. where were we?

Alex (IA): Is Big Ten redemption even possible this year? With zero non-conference opponents being ranked in the top 25, it seems like a Big Ten team would have to win the National Championship. How can that happen with LSU and USC potentially going undefeated?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Alex: I wouldn't count on two teams going unbeaten. I think USC has a great chance, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the winner of the SEC with one loss again. So if a Big Ten team runs the table, it could again have the right to be steamrolled by a super-fast team in the national title game. (Sorry, gratuitous shot there.)

Dave Atlanta: what is your take on Ga Tech/ND?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Dave: Very good game -- can't believe I forgot to include it on my list of big games for the weekend. I like ND playing at home, but just barely. I see John Tenuta throwing a bunch of heat at the ND QB (presumably the more mobile Demetrius Jones). We'll see how he handles it. And we'll see if Weis' offense looks appreciably different with a run-pass guy at the helm instead of a pocket guy.

Chip(Champaign,IL): Whose your heisman Frontrunner? Slaton is my pick this year!

SportsNation Pat Forde: Chip: Slaton is my pick as well. Were you just listnening on the radio? That's who I gave to Dana. But it's a guess at this point. I really like him, Brohm, McFadden and Ian Johnson, and you must keep Booty in the mix as well. And Brennan. Wide open???

Jamison (Omaha, Ne): With USC's center going down in practice with a torn tricep, and USC's backs being hurt, do you think the noise in Lincoln will be enough to rattle the Trojans? Possibly a Husker win?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Jamison: No. USC can move the very proven Jeff Byars to center and it still have five healthy backs -- and more of them will be healthy by Sept. 15. USC by a lot.

Brock (Charlottesville, VA): Pat, what are your views on the job Al Groh has done at Virginia? What about his choice of Sewell as a starter last season? It seemed as if he gave up on the season 4 games in simply to give him experience.

SportsNation Pat Forde: I am underwhelmed by Al Groh's tenure at Virginia. Let's just say that.

Paul (Cleveland, OH): Why is it that all the West Coast and southern teams get home field advantage in the biggest not conference games. If the bowls are going to mean something, then those super fast teams should have to come play in Columbus or Ann Arbor once in awhile... what up with that?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Were you in Arizona last year? There were more Ohio State fans there than Florida fans, I'm pretty sure. So forget the homefield advantage. Now, in regards to playing a "warm-weather" brand of football in the bowl? Well, it's only been that way since the dawn of time. If the Upper Midwest teams are good enough, they'll win in warm weather too. It's happened fairly often before, ifyou check the history books.

Ryan ( Pittsburgh, PA): Pat- How many more years do you think JoePa can coach? I'm all for him coaching till he dies on the sideline

SportsNation Pat Forde: Ryan: Hey, if that's what you want. I just hope I'm not at that game.

Jeff (Dallas): Pat, can we get some big XII love in here! what are your predictions for the big XII and does OU have enough to make a National Title run?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Jeff: I like Texas by a smidge over OU in the South, with A&M a competitive third and Tech/Okie State battling for fourth. Baylor will be in its customary place.

North: Nebraska, Missouri, KState, larry, curly, moe.

I don't see OU making a title run with a new QB and without Adrian Peterson.

rich (lexington): where's the Woodson love Pat? Brohm this and Brohm that but Woodson is the preseason AA, picked by your employer. Do you disagree?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Yes, I disagree. He was picked by Ivan Maisel, whom I love and respect, but not by me. if it were my selection, Brohm would have been the first team AA.

Les Miles (Lousiana): True or False: I said the tings I said about the Pac-10 b/c I am already tainting the jury pool to allow for a one loss SEC team in the NC over an undefeated team from another conference.

SportsNation Pat Forde: > Les: True. And you also said it to cushion the blow with your fan base should you lose a game. The message to Tigerland was: Hey, this ain't easy. Cut us some slack.

Mark (Chicago ): Pat, little sidebar here, what's your favorite drink to enjoy while watching college football?

SportsNation Pat Forde: Mark: Depends where I'm watching. At home? Sierra Nevada. In the press box? Diet Coke.

Alrighty, folks, that's it for me. Got a story to finish for tomorrow, editors calling, etc. Enjoy the games -- football is finally here!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Pat!

Chad (Savannah, GA): 25 hrs of chat means 25 hrs of chat...NO BREAKS ALLOWED BUZZ!!!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Who's breaking?


SportsNation Buzzmaster: Up next is Dave Brown, aka the guru of college football programming here at ESPN. If you've ever wondered how a game gets picked to go on air, ask him!

matt (ny): hey i know they are not a big football school in any way at all but how do you see hofstra doing in a "ifee" division? thanks, matt

Josh (Lincoln, NE): I have a feeling Dave is going to have the whiniest chat this side of Boston

Tyler (Florida): buzz: i'm surprised there isn't 92,138 alabama fans on here chatting your ear off...

Bret (Baton Rouge): what will be the score tonight?

Stuart (Springdale, AR): Tyler lets just hope buzz doesn't have the computer set to read text with "microsoft sam"'s voice... yikes...

Brick (Atlanta): Considering I am on ESPN during work hours, I hope a FSU question gets answered.

Mike (Happy Valley, PA): Hail to Buzz for this 25 hr chat! Til tomorrow SN, I'm out!

kody (slc, ut): this chat is really STRECHING now... The programming director??? Couldn't we have got the director of advertising?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: You don't think people want to ask about why their team isn't on TV? I beg to differ. We'll see in a little bit when everyone starts talking about it.

Mike (Ft Myers): I think my eyes are starting to cross... is there an eye doc in the hizzle? Oh, and Hail to the LIONS!

Chad (Savannah, GA): LSU 42 MSU 10...MSU gets a first half field goal then scores a TD against the 4th string D.

Taylor (SLC, Utah): Not much talk about the Utah Oregon State game. Thoughts??

Matt NJ: Hey, how good of a shot does Rutger have at the Big East Title??

Greg (iowa city): Tailgating starts at 7AM saturday at soldier field. gotta love it!

David (Gainesville, Fl): Hey Bret, I went to LSU, and I think that LSU will when by 25 pts. (LSU 35- State 10)

Keith (Washington, DC): I'd actually be interested in an article about how they pick the TV schedule for the season

Caleb (MS): Is it just me or is the whole media in love with USC? They aren't unbeatable at all. And what's up with Booty getting picked for the Hesiman? Please he is so overrated.

matt (ny): Hey has anybody heard of Tristan-Rodney Hazelton, He is the usc star wr Vidal Hazeltons cousin. he got a full-ride to Cal and was a top rb in High School in Georgia

Chad (Savannah, GA): Oh BTW...Matt Flynn will amaze you in the first half then Ryan Perrilloux will astonish you in the second half!

Andrew (Tn): LSU will blow them outta the water tonight! LSU 52- MSU 14

Ryan B. (Little Rock): I'm probably not going to watch that one im just pumped for the razorbacks game

Shawn ( Dothan, AL): 31-14 LSU- MSU will play it closer than everybody thinks for the 1st half

Creg (Cal): no John david Big Booty is not overated

Chad (Savannah, GA): I was born and raised in Louisiana and have seen Booty play since HS...Watch how many passes he has batted down at the line of scrimage. It will cost USC at least one game this year.

Hugh (Florida): Upset tonight!!! MSU 24 LSU 21!

George (Columbus): The Media is in love with anyone who is pre-ranked 1st. Last year, I loved it, because Ohio State was on TV all the time.

Matt (New Jersey): I agree Booty is overrated. he just has a good offense. Brohm is a real Hiesmen contender.

Brian (LA): Booty is way overrated. UCLA shut him down last year and made him look like a HS QB.

Chad (Savannah, GA): Hugh ='s Wishful thinking from a Florida fan!

Talley (Fayetteville, AR): BOLD PREDICTION. MSU beats LSU in a shocker 17-14. You heard it here first.

Shoe (Seattle): Where is this guy Buzz? He late or what?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Dude, chill. It's 3:58.

matt (ny): Ray Rice for Heisman!!!!

Mike (PA): Davone Bess is better than Colt Brennan

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're getting Dave right now!

Caleb (MS): Arkansas fan saying that. Just wait till Thanksgiving. I love my pig roasted.

Matt (New Jersey): I'm going to the Rutgers game tonight. I'm taking my 2 kids. 8 year old boy 2 year old girl.

jon (ia): not for him though, he is in seattle buzzmaster

Jon (Baton Rouge): Hey Dave, I have a question I just thought of, how does a game get picked to go on air?

SportsNation Dave Brown: With this game, you can not go wrong with an SEC game in the opening game on a Thursday. The No. 2 team going on the road. Those are the types of things we look for when we put games on air.

Chad (Savannah, GA): Dave, how difficult is it for ESPN top pick a game and a slot for its programming? I mean ABC and CBS get 1st pick over ESPN,don't they, so that has to make it a bit more difficult.

SportsNation Dave Brown: Now, that ESPN programs ABC, so we work to allocate all the great games between ESPN and ABC, which means that both get great games. With CBS, it's a little bit, but we get three of the first 10 selections, but we like to think our schedule is good as well.

Jordan (SC): Dave Brown, if you're even partly responsible for WVU games on Thursday night. Thank you, I owe you dinner and a beer.

SportsNation Dave Brown: Jordan, the next time I'm in the great state of South Carolina, I'll take you up on it.

Kevin (Cincinnati. Ohio): How do you determine what games go on TV? Did UC upsetting RU on national TV last year help Cincy's chances of more ESPN exposure?

SportsNation Dave Brown: It certianly helps. We look at everyone in the offseason and what they've got coming back and make judgements on how good everyone will be. We're lucky enough that after the first few weeks, the games pick themselves, based on how the teams go through the season. Certainly Cincinnati is one of the reasons we did the Oregon State game as a Thursday night game this year. We look forward to having the Bearcats on.

David (Gainesville, Fl): Is it a mutual agreement between schools for a game, like LSU vs MS, to be played on Thurs. or does one school trump the other?

SportsNation Dave Brown: It has to work both for the SEC, LSU and MS State. All three need to agree. Luckily in this case we were able to get all of them to do it.

Eddie (Fresno): Dave,If Temple and Duke ever collide on the gridiron, will it be a given that ESPN will be there to document the ulitmate clash of losers? Maybe you oculd even send GameDay there.

SportsNation Dave Brown: While Temple and Duke may not be where they want their programs to be right now, 10 years ago, Boise State was a I-AA program, and look at them now. Anything's possible.

Lucas (Ann Arbor): Dave- nice to have you here. What is your take on the Big Ten Network? There are going to be a lot of angry midwesterners in a couple weeks when they realize they cant see their team!

SportsNation Dave Brown: Our view is that there's room for everyone. If a conference wants to start their own channel, that's their decision. We focus on getting the best possible games that we can. We have a new 10-year agreement with the Big 10 that will give us a lot of games. Big 10 has been a staple of our programming for a long time.

Chris (East Lansing): Is there one game every year that you always try to snatch up...like any rivalries?

SportsNation Dave Brown: Other than the obvious ones - OSU-Michigan, UCLA-USC - the other one is the Bowden Bowl. It's unique when one father goes against his son. This may be the only time you'll see that. It's a unique rivalry. I can't wait for Labor Day.

Keith (Washington, DC): Dave, there was a lot of controversy when games started running long last year, and rules changes and all that jazz. What is your take now, a few years later?

SportsNation Dave Brown: While I was initially skeptical of taking plays out of games, I think there's a lot to be said about moving the game along in a crisper fashion. Fans, student-athletes, TV viewers, no one wins when the game takes 3:50. I applaud the rules committee for taking a lot of the dead time out of the game. We like to try to find ways to make the game flow as quickly as possible and talk to the conferences about that.

Chad (Savannah, GA): How much does it hurt the PAC-10 not having games on ESPN? And that Whiny McWhinerson commish of the PAC-10's argument that ESPN doesn't have the days or time slots suitable for the PAC-10 is cow patties.

SportsNation Dave Brown: This year, you'll have seven or eight games on ESPN or ESPN2 for the first time. We're excited about that. They're a tremendous addtion to our schedule.

Matt (Watertown, NY): Dave, I'd just like to thank you for televising the SU/Washington game... I don't think there will be many chances for me to watch the 'Cuse in action on the TV....

SportsNation Dave Brown: Everybody with a great season has an opportunity to get more appearances. Look at Rutgers, they got on a lot more than we initially forcasted.

A.J. (San Jose, Ca): Dave, which conference is the Best Non BCS conference?

SportsNation Dave Brown: They're all great, but it's especially gratifying when a team like Boise State has the success they do from a non-BCS conference. The bottom line is they're an important part of our schedule and it's great to see teams like that rewarded. It's a very positive development going forward, because everyone has a chance.

SportsNation Dave Brown: Thanks for the questions. Enjoy what should be a great college football season. We look forward to it starting tonight.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Dave had to run off to take care of some business. He's on site for tonight's game and busy!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Who's got some snacks? I'm getting hungry.

David (My dorm): Buzz, I'm back. I had a long history test today. It amazes me how some of these athletes (our starting punter is in one of my classes) balance school, athletics, and social life.

Jason (KY): Who's next, Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Adam Rittenberg will be by to talk Notre Dame and non-BCS.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): Buzz, I have hoagies! Jersey Shore style

RRA (WA): yep time to go eat

Keith (Milwaukee): I got Quaker Rice Snake cakes in front of me right now... YUMMM

Nick (Marshall U): I hit out kicker in the head with a basketball today in class.

Steve (NJ): I've got a frozen strawberry Pop-Tart here for ya, Buzz.

Kyle (CA): SC has the best defense in the nation. They will probly lose one game but will still be in the title game and will destroy an SEC competitor!

Brian (L.A., CA): In N' Out burger animal style for sure!

Matt (Watertown, NY): tsk, tsk, tsk Buzz.. You should always have frozen Pop Tarts on hand for instances like this....

Heath (Houston, TX): Buzz I'm trying to convince my wife to take our daughter to gymnastics tonight instead of me...so i can do "housework" of course! Any suggestions on the convincing part?

Steve (NJ): Buzz, LadyBuzz knows to leave you alone until tomorrow morning, right? She's not going to ask you to do things when you get home, right?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: If she knows what's good for her she won't. But we'll see. Buzz has responsibilities at home.

Jason (KY): I say we try this 25 hr thing again down the road only next time it should be 25 hr Morning Buzz.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): Heath, do some housework

David (My dorm): Just tell her it is time for football season. Every woman understands that.....

Matt (Fairfax, VA): Does Penn State have a good shot at winning the Big Ten?

Steve (NJ): I imagine Buzz is like Pigpen from PCU...at 7:00 he'll be screaming 'pins and needles!!!' in his PJs.

DERRICK (L Tahoe): BUZZ why do use !!!! so much, are you that happy or being sarcastic!!!!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm so pumped and wired right now. All I've got is the !!

Matt (Watertown, NY): Up next is Mrs. Buzz.. Here to tell us all of the embarassing stories from the legend that is.. BUZZ!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Uhhhh. No one wants that.

Keith (Washington, DC): I think PSU has a chance, but Morelli is going to screw it up somewhere...prolly the Big House, but somewhere on the road

Andy (Wisconsin): Buzz, why does everyone say Notre Dame and non-BCS. Notre Dame is non-BCS, so why not just say Non-BCS.

James (BSU campus): This chat is hindering my studies...so much for reading about Accounting and Management it's football season!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: James, you've got all semester to read your text books.

Jovan (oxford, oh): buzz I will not finish my paper for my class until you post a message of mine

ELO (ORLANDO): It's nice to see some of the ol buzzmisters hanging in there all day with the chat. along with work ,of course

Robby (Class): Buzz, this is Bush-League...I have made multiple comments and none of them get posted. Tell your wife that you wear the pants.

John (Florida): yeah too bad the season goes all semester, good luck studying!!!

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Notre Dame isn't even the best non-BCS team this year so I agree with Andy and just with the Non-BCS title.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): Notre Dame is non-good

Steve (NJ): Whiny McWhinerson at 4:26. That might be a new record, Buzz.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're close to getting Adam on here. I'm calling him right now.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: You better send in your questions!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Adam is here!

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: As Charlie Weis would say, 'Fire Away!'

Jeremy (Chicago): Have you heard anything of James Aldridge? He's allegdly challenging Thomas as the Notre Dame running back.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think they'll play multiple running backs for sure. Aldridge will be second in line. He and Thomas are both straight-ahead runners. Armando Allen, more of a speedy guy, will also see some time.

Jordan (SC): "What is the qb situation?"

That's the only ND question that can be asked and answered without a cross being burned.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: They've tried their best to keep it as secret as possible. You could say that all signs point to Jones being the starter Saturday. Things could definitely change given the difficulty of their schedule.

Adam (Royal Oak, MI): Adam, Why is there such a downplay of the new offensive players (skilled positions)at Notre Dame this year? They have a couple of guys in the running for quarterback that were 4 and 5 star guys coming out of high school that had no choice but to wait behind Quinn, who was one of the best QBs in the game last year. Also, they are a legit 4 to 5 deep at running back this year which they did not have a year ago with a Darius Walker and then nobody. Carlson is back with a load of TEs (which Weiss likes) and the weakest spot is looking to be WR. I have yet to hear anything about how these guys might actually be but since its not Quinn or Walker, it's a weakness.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think the concern is that you lose a few record holders--two of your best all-time receivers. It'll be a different-looking offense, and that could be a good thing. the receivers are smaller, but they're probably faster. It doesn't necessarily mean the team will be a lot worse.

JD (Delaware): Do you think Notre Dame's lack of size on the defensive line is going to be a huge problem this year?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think it could be. I wa surprised they're keeping Trevor Laws at defensive end. Keeping a 295-lb guy there is strange, but the way they use their linebackers could make up for it; they've been burned speed-wise in the past few years, and this new defensive scheme highlights that.

Curt (Ann Arbor): Everybody seems to think Michigan will roll over Notre Dame, and on paper they should. It is, however, a rivalry game and the rankings tend to go out the window when these two meet. What's your prediction?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think it could be closer, at least in the first half. It will only be the third game for the new QB, and it's a tough environment. I don't see ND's defense able to stop someone like Manningham.

Sydney (Buffalo): Adam, a non-ND question for you...but who is this year's Boise State--the team (or teams) from the non-BCS conferences that will make the most noise?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: The team that jumps out is TCU. I covered their bowl game last year and they were playing as well as anyone in the country. they have a solid defense and don't need to rely on gimmicks. Boise State will be worth another look, as does Hawaii, but TCU deserves another look.

David (My dorm): Adam, what chance does Kent State have against Iowa State tonight? Also, if TCU loses on a last second play to Texas and dominates the rest of their schedule, could they still make the BCS?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Kent state really fell off at the end of last season, but I do like their QB. As far as TCU, it's unlikely. People feel there will be four or five undefeated non-BCS conference teams, so it'll be tough for them to get in, but not impossible.

Keith (Washington, DC): Adam, a non-BCS question: Tulsa or UL-M tonight? First game of the season!

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Tulsa will give them a good test right off the bat. The Sun Belt is wide open, so it's tough to tell. There are a number of teams in that league that will get better as the season goes on, and Tulsa got a pretty good coach to replace Kragthorpe.

Darren (St. Paul): Mount Union verses Temple. Who would win?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think Temple might actually start to show some signs of life. Al Golden might actually get them going, but you could make an argument on the other side.

Pat (NH): Adam, Whose your winner to the Catholic game, ND or BC?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It's gonna be a tough one. You'd like to think ND would have some sense of stability by then. BC always gives ND fits, and if ND doesn't have the QB settled by then, they'll lose.

Danny (School Library): Brian Johnson of Utah? Gonna make a lot of noise this season?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: i think Utah will be a pretty good team in that league. Johnson was a guy who was pretty good a few years ago. He should provide leadership on offense to allow them to compete. They should have a pretty solid season with him back,

Chris NJ: Which 1 game do you see ND upsetting. Out of these 3, USC, Michigan, Penn St

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Tough question. I don't see them beating USC under any circumstances. Penn State is a possibility if they get a good performance from their QB, but I don't see them winning any of those games.

Jeff (Newark, DE): Real non-BCS, who ya got tonight: Delaware or William & Mary?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It's hard to pick against the Blue Hens.

Jonathan (Cali): Adam - Most years Fresno state puts together a great team year after year. Last year was really tough for them. Do you think they can bounce back this year and have a winning season?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think they have to, and they should. What Pat Hill has done there over time speaks for itself. They had a lot of problems last year, injury-wise. Hill even sounded exasperated when I talked to him last year. What they've done there has worked before, so they should get back to a bowl game this year.

Jeff (Los Angeles): Will Appalachian State be able to make a game out of it with Michigan? I know probably not for the whole game, but could it be tight at the half?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Michigan usually lets a team hang around during the season opener. It could be closer than people expect, but by the second half, it'll be a larger margin.

marshall boise id: i think Boise State is gonna run the table this year and beat Hawaii. their defence is better than it was last year even with corey hall gone(bigger and faster this year) and our secondary will be older. will we get a bcs birth if we do run the table?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Absolutely. What they did last year will almost assure it. The defense was overlooked a lot last year, and if they go undefeated, I'd be shocked if they didn't go to a BCS game.

Mark S. (Huntington): Does the Herd have any chance of being competitive with either Miami this week or WVU next week?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It's been a few years, I think they're due to be better, but with those two teams, they'll take their lumps early.

Aaron (Richmond, VA): Which non Bowl Division teams do you think have a shot to pull upsets in the first few weeks? Beating Duke, Temple or Buffalo doesn't count!

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It will be interesting to see how Indiana responds at Indiana State. That could be a closer game than people expect. I covered Northwestern last year after Randy Walker died, and you never know how a team will respond to something like that.

AJ (Milwaukee): For non-BCS schools, do you think college basketball's tournament a lot more favorable than college football's system?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Of course. Everyone has an opportunity. You could have TCU lose a game early, then do great, and not have an opportunity to go to a big-time bowl. It's certainly more beneficial.

Aaron (Houston): Troy St. has some big games against AK, UF, OK St.to start the season and Georgia later in the year. Are they good enough to compete in these games and possibly win a couple?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I like Troy State. I like what they did last year, coming out of nowhere to win a very open league. I don't see them beating AK or Florida. Maybe Georgia, because it's later in the season and injuries could come in to play.

Nick(Los Angeles,CA): So tell me guys... Who do you think Notre Dame's starting QB will be and in your opinion who do you think would be best for the Irish?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: With not knowing the extent of Clausen's injury, it's hard to make that judgment. If his injury limits him, it will be Jones for sure. He gives them a bit of a different look, and all the reports say he's looked great in practice. He's the guy who gives them the best chance right now.

David (Lansing, MI): What is preventing Notre Dame from competing with the elite? Is it the athletes, coaches, changing atmosphere of college football?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Mainly the athletes. The games they've lost over the past few years are against teams with a huge speed advantage. They upgraded their speed last year and still had a hard time. Their schedule isn't easy, though.

Michael (Sumter,SC): Do you think the NCAA should ban teams from BCS conferences from playing non-BCS schools in season openers? I see it as a preseason game thats good for nothing more than fine-tuning your team which gives those BCS teams an edge as opposed to those that play other BCS openers.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I understand the point, but I think the bottom line is it's about money. If you get an extra game, they'll take advantage of it. Is it fair? Debatable, but it's here to stay, and those schools could be hurt by it if they're not getting challenged enough.

Nick(Los Angeles,CA): When was the last time ND had a dual threat offense? You think it might work to their advantage to have a wider spread of plays and options to choose from?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: I think it has to this year, especially if Jones is the QB. They had it going a bit with Holliday, but his ability to pass over time has been a drawback. With their overall complement of skill players, it could be an advantage.

Adrian Gonzalez (Dekalb, Illinois): With the loss of Garrett Wolfe how do you think NIU will do this season with a new running back in the backfield?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: they have a kid in Clanton who will step in, and definitely is the guy who could be the next Wolfe. Excellent elusiveness and bigger in size. Justin Anderson is another guy who could play. Their offense became too one-dimensional around Garrett Wolfe. They'll have a decent, not great season.

Ryan (Nashville, TN): Do you think Vandy will finally turn the corner and have a winning/bowl season?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: It always seems like a struggle for Vanderbilt. They've had some good talent go through there. Opening with four straight home games helps. If they get off to a good start and steal a game against Alabama at home, they certainly could make a bowl game.

Steve (NJ): In the 80's and 90's every player wanted to go to Notre Dame. Why do top high school athletes want to go other places now?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Part of it is the style of play. It's becoming more appealing now with Weis, but it doesn't seem to have that fun element that exists at places like USC. People want to go to a place with less restrictions than Notre Dame.

Mike, (Chicago): I think that Clemson's gonna be this year's surprise team. What do you think?

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Proctor is definitely a capable QB. With some tweaks on offense, they could have a pretty good year. Obviously the first game is huge. FSU starts them off. You get that game, you never know what could happen.

SportsNation Adam Rittenberg: Enjoy the season!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We're less than three hours until kickoff!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: 1 or 2 hours for some.

Waco (BR): BUZZ, you are da man!

Brad (Omaha,NE): They are arguing on "around the horn" about whether the SEC is the toughest conference.

David (My dorm): Buzz, dinner choices for tonight: Order a pizza and watch the game here or go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch the game there. Suggestion?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: C) get some buddies together, order pizza and watch it from the dorm lounge.

Brady (TEXAS): SEC is by far the toughest conference! Pac 10 is by far the most overrated conference!

jp (la): how much do you get paid for this buzz

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Not enough or too much, depending on who you talk to.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): The SEC is the toughest conference. I know this because they tell us so over and over and over and over......

Darren (St. Paul): You're in SEC country, of course you are.

Jason (KY): Woah, is this the first ever dinner chat?

Jason (Durham, NC): I don't want to sound mean..or harsh..but is the only reason the game day crew is doing the Virginia Tech ECU game because of the shootings that occurred last year..I could think of better places they could/should be at..

John (Gainesville, FL): i cant believe this guy on espn: Plaschke

he is such a homer for USC, he has no idea.... claiming USC has such a hard schedule, and that the SEC is cake? HAH

Chris Earth: Buffalo Wild Wings! Good Beer there.

David (My dorm): There is no argumant to that. The SEC is by far the best conference. That sounds great Buzz, Hungry Howie's Pizza is calling my name.

Brady (TEXAS): Buffalo Wild Wings....sounds great!

Steve (NJ): If you have an HD TV stay home!!!!

ben (dc): i think is a pretty unanimous too much, Buzz, no matter what it is, ur job is to talk sports on the internet all day long...

Darren (St. Paul): Buzz, that's a HORRIBLE idea? The dorm lounge? You don't want chicks coming in every 5 minutes asking if they can watch Big Brother 12!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think the girls will stay away when they see a pack of dudes shoving pizza in their mouths and swearing at the TV.

John (Gainesville, FL): my choice for supper is the SWAMP! i'll be there for kickoff of LSU (partially cause i have a meeting there, and partially cause it rocks)

Matt (Boulder, CO): Buzz- Who wins the Rocky Mountain Showdown this Saturday, and how many games do you think that CU will win this year?

jason leathers (tupelo,ms): plaschke is a moron anyway..

Steve (NJ): Damn, I know I'm funny, but having a SportsNation imposter? This is totally ruining my mojo.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Kalua pig and laulau baby! Only in Hawaii!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I'm very jealous. And no *sarcasm* there. I want to go to Hawaii.

Trindon Holliday (Starkville, MS): I will run back the opening kickoff. 92 yards. I am the fastest man on the planet in helmet and pads.

Steve (NJ): Shoot, our lounges didn't even have TVs at IU.

David (My dorm): Unless they are chicks that like football. I like to call those keepers.

Pam(Princeton & "down the shore"): dinner chat? ok, I bought lobsters today, splitting 'em and grillin' 'em along with some fresh Jersey corn. Buzz, you are invited

Jon (Iowa City): Yeah I agree about gameday. They should be at Cal for the Cal Tennessee game, hopefully those Cal boys can at least keep up this year.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Come on down Buzz. Better hurry though, Waikiki Beach is startin to fill up.

ben (dc): when i was in college my dorm lounge didnt even have a tv...now i fell old, like jeff (iowa) over here

Robbie (Boston): why are none of my posts being put on here?

Frankie (Tampa): Tim Tebow is gonna run all over the SEC this year!!! GATOR BAIT!

Steve(Scotch Plains, NJ): Sorry buddy I should put my town down too i guess.

Rich (Dallas, Tx): Buzz, how about an Iowa question? DO you think the Hawks are being over-looked? I think they'll win 10

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't know about that.

Felix Jones (arkansas): I am faster than you Trindon

William (Durham, NC): Buzz, are you even gonna be awake to watch the game or are you gonna fall asleep after kickoff?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: After all this, I better make it to kickoff.

Chad (Savannah, GA): Tim Tebow will run over the SEC...Vandy is still in the SEC right?

Jeff (Baton Rouge): Hey frankie... too bad Tim Tebow wont be throwing all over the SEC too, florida will lose 2 games before the confrence championship.

Scott (Murrieta CA): Hey Buzz, If Tebow has a great year this year & next - will he leave early for the NFL. The Gators just recruited another great QB this year. What are your thoughts?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't know. If I were an NFL GM, I would tend to stay away from QBs that leave early. There's something to be said about a four-year player.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Tebow will not make it through the season if he TRIES to run all over the SEC.

Kevins mom (Manassas): Buzz you better have the normal chat back tomorrow. Kevin had alittle incident reminicent of Rainman trying to get on the plane because you did not have his normal chat today.

Anthony (LA): I'm disgusted to hear about USC Coach Todd McNair, and that USC defends his actions. It seems like the evidence mentioned in today's LA Times article is pretty compelling.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: But isn't that story 11 years old now? Didn't he pay his debt to society?

Peter Draggon (Woodstock, Va.): I don't see how USC is ranked so high. Just because you have an ungodly amount of RB's doesn't make you a big threat!

Cody (Boise,ID): why does everyone think Tebow will be so good he was gimmick QB last year now defenses will be spending all week preparing for him florida goes 9-3 at best i think

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I think that's a good season for that team.

Josh (Lincoln, NE): Kevins Mom's comment was great! The best part about the beginning of college football season is that it means all the predictions and boasting are settled on the field and not on a chat.

Kevin (Manassas): Stop making fun of me. Go Cubbies

Bo (Honlulu, HI): UH will put up triple digits this Saturday against Northern Colorado!

Tony (Boise, ID): Hey...I know Cody!! He's my roommate!

Justin Dougherty Iowa: The Hawkeyes will win the big 10!! agree Buzz?

Jim(Columbus, OH): where is my post?

Chris (Austin): A guy from Boise calls another team's QB a gimmick? Oh the irony

Nick (Chicago) : Um, is, err, Ron going to answer questions?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Yeah, it looks like Ron got tied up.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: He's at the game right now, prepping for the big showdown tonight!

Brent (Ashdown,AR): Why is Arkansas not considered a threat in the SEC? The only thing i've heard is everyone talking about DMC winning the heiseman. People act like Arkansas doesn't have a chance at winning the SEC. Do you think Arkansas has a chance.

Evan (Ohio): Jim Tressel will annihilate his old team, Youngstown State, this Saturday, 86-3

Evan NJ: Iowa is terrible, Go Blue

Bo (Honlulu, HI): The Hawkeyes will NOT win the Big 10!!! Agree Buzz?

herb (iowa): the buzz doesnt know anything unfortunately

Darryl (Oakland, CA):: The best QB to come out of high school in the last five years is Jake Locker, but espn seems to be hung up on funny little QB's like Matthew Stafford. Locker has the same skills as John Elway but nobody notices because he's on the west coast. Too bad.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Darryl, where have you been? Mel Kiper was on here earlier today talking about how he has Locker as his second or third ranked QB.

mark (arkansas): Houston Nutt is the reason why noone thinks the Hogs will win

Darryl (Oakland, CA):: Hey, does anyone remember what USC did to Arkansas the last few years?

Steve (NJ): AFTERNOON BUZZ; it's like the Morning Buzz, only not. Kinda like Baywatch Nights...only without Hasselhoff.

Gray (Chicago): Buzz, can we expect 25 hour chats before the beginning of every sport? Why just college football?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Because football is king. It pays all the bills and then some.

Derek (Iuka, MS): Big showdown? Big BLOWOUT! Henig is awful for State LSU will win BIG!

Willie (Portland, OR): What game will be the biggest blowout this weekend? USC v. Idaho?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Good nomination right there.

Rich (Dallas, Tx): You're all right about Buzz. He's anonomous because he's scared the truth will be known.....he doesn't know what he's talking about!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: When did I ever say I knew anything? Why do you think we lined up all these guys to chat for the last 25 hours? If I was an expert I would have chatted myself for 25 hours straight.

John (Jackson, MS): Hey Buzz, is Schlabach coming in soon?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Yes, he's supposed to be here in about 5 minutes.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Will they have a 25 Hours of Football for the nfl?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I don't know if we'll be doing this 25 hour thing for a while.

Bo (Honlulu, HI): C'mon Buzz, I thought I already told you guys this, biggest blowout is UH - Northern Colorado, 112-13.

hank (texas): hopefully with a new buzzmaster

ben (dc): 25 Shrute Hours for the Office Premiere!?!?

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): why not Buzz?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Cuz I'm TI-red.

brett (Colorado Springs): maybe we could do the 25 hour thing for college hockey?

Bo (Honlulu, HI): Im gonna borrow a line from david thorpe on this one, Hank - you're banned.

Jason (KY): Why don't Texans like you, Buzz?

Brian (OKLAHOMA): I`m ready for some Football !!

David (My dorm): Buzz, did you say something wrong about the state of Texas? These Texans are ripping on you.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Just some pent up anger knowing that Texas is going to have a down year this year.

Brad (Omaha,NE): Daryl, do you remember what life was like for USC up until just a few years ago? Were you even a fan then?

Cole(UT): Bo, Not sure running up the score against the first of your D2 opponets as anything to brag about. keep to telling us nice the weather is and how great the beaches are.

Joel (TN): Buzz how the heck do I get you to post something I write?

Mike, (TX): Yo Buzz, you holdin up ok?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Not too bad.

David (My dorm): By the way....Hungry Howie's is on the way. I'm going broke. Is ESPN hiring?

luke (ca): well if he wasn't horrible.....

Aaron (work): What happened to the last 25 hours of my life?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Buzz, you ready for relief?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Phew! Go for it Mark!

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Who's ready for football? Less than two hours now....Here we go. I've been in Blacksburg, Va., since Sunday. Really looking forward to Saturday's game and experiencing the ceremony and festivities in Lane Stadium. If you haven't had a chance, check out Steve Wulf's excellent piece in ESPN Magazine on the Marching Virginians, the Hokie band. It's worth the time. Here we go...

brett (slc ut): mark, who will win the m.w.c.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I'm thinking TCU. I'm curious to see how Utah plays at Oregon State tonight. Getting Brian Johnson back at quarterback should be a big help.

Curt (Ann Arbor): Who poses the biggest threat to Michigan in September? Oregon has a mobile QB, which Michigan has had trouble with recently. ND is a rivalry, so even thought we're better on paper that could be a tough one. PSU has a heck of a defense and a QB with some potential, judging by his bowl performance. Does Michigan get through unscathed?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think Oregon could be a really tough test for that young Michigan defense. If Dixon plays more consistently at quarterback, they've got two great running backs to really balance the offense. Penn State will be tough, too. I know Michigan is going to be very good on offense, but I'm still not 100 percent sure how good the defense will be.

Dane (Denver, CO): Mark, is Andre Woodson really the best quarterback in the SEC...I can't believe it considering the mark that he was still fighting for a starting job with Curtis Pulley last year

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: JaMarcus Russell was an oft-injured and inconsistent quarterback until last season....Woodson really came out of nowhere last year. He had the tools all along, but couldn't put it together mentally. A lot of credit goes to Randy Sanders, the once much-maligned O.C. at Tennessee. I think Woodson is the best QB in the SEC. Stafford, Tebow and Cox can be very good, but Woodson is the furthest along.

Darren (Austin, TX): HEY MARK!---Are the polls a sign of favortism when everyone says the SEC is the toughest football conference but doesn't reflect it in the polls by placing teams in lesser confrences higher?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think most voters probably realize the odds are the SEC champion isn't going to be undefeated and most teams will probably lose a couple of games.

Victor (Chicago): Mark, what are your expectations for Illinois this year? Do you think they will pull the upset tomorrow and is a bowl game not out of the question? Thanks

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I don't think a bowl game is completely out of the question. The Illini might get to 6-6. But I do think it's a couple of years -- perhaps Juice Williams' senior year -- before they really start enjoying the rewards of Zook's recruiting prowess.

Ron (Everett, WA): who wins the sec east?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I change my mind every day. I went with Florida, but the lack of experience on defense and now losing the left tackle really concerns me. Schedule is tough. Georgia's offensive line scares me. Lack of defensive end experience, too. But the backs are good, the linebackers can be solid and the secondary is deep. Tennessee's receiver corps won't be nearly as good as a year ago. Losing the TE hurts. The secondary is inexperienced. Not really great up front. Don't know what to make of South Carolina. I've heard the high expectations so many times. But Spurrier is there now. Can Blake Mitchell grow up? The defense will be better. Offensive line will be better. Two good backs. Brutal schedule, though.

Jeff (Irondale, MO): Im so pumped about mizzou's season, i cant wait for the Mizzoui and Illinoies Game. Mizzou is being picked to win its confrence. What is you Opinion about Mizzou This Year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I'll have to consult Mizzou grad Pat Forde, who was just out in Columbia. Believe he has a big piece running on Illinois and Mizzou tomorrow. I think Mizzou or Nebraska wins the Big 12 North. Love the Tigers' talent on offense.

Ron (Everett, WA): With the weeks biggest game CAl vs Ten, who wins?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I'm going with Cal, even though I attended last year's game and saw the Bears get beat down. Redemption. Revenge. No LaMarcus Coker. Ainge's pinky. Colquitt's quad. Will they really use a freshman cornerback (Eric Berry) against DeShawn Jackson. The game is in Berekely, so I'll go with Cal.

Mark's mother: Mark would you please answer a question about Todd Dodge and North Texas?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I didn't see the question, but I like the hire. Hope it turns out better than Gerry Faust at Notre Dame. Big-time high school coach with a lot of ties to Texas. Great offensive mind. But it's a very tough place to win. Dickey had two great tailbacks and rode them as long as he could.

Rob (Blacksburg, VA): Mark, how excited are you to hear "Enter Sandman" as the Hokies take the field this Saturday?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Pretty darn excited. What a range of emotions in that stadium this Saturday, though. But I know the Hokie Nation has been waiting so long for this game, to get together and enjoy themselves.

Brandon ( Philadelphia, PA): HEY MARK! YOUR AWESOME!

What do you think of Penn State this year. 3-0 going into Ann Arbor? My main question is can Penn State beat Big Ten contenders like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio State, and become a Big Ten contender themselves?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Penn State can win the Big 10, in my opinion, because Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin all have issues. Michigan's defense. Ohio State's offense. Is Wisconsin really that good? And the Badgers have a new quarterback. Morreli has to play well, though, and they've got to find a solid running back.

Tyler (CA): Mark do you ever see the pac 10 increasing to 12 with a couple teams from the m.w.c. or any other team with potential? i.e. hawaii, boise st

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Only in our dreams. that would pave the way for a plus-one or playoff, though.

Joey(Virginia Beach,VA): How do you think Virginia Tech plays this year with everything that has happened this year at thet school?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: It's going to be interesting to find out. I know Frank Beamer and his staff have worked really hard to keep the players focused. I did a piece earlier in the week and talked to some coaches who have been through similar experiences -- R.C. Slocum after the bonfire accident at Tx A&M, Chris Scelfo at Tulane after Katrina. It's not easy...

Matt (Berkeley, CA): hey mark what do you think about all the talk about USC having nobody to play. What about #12 CAL

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: What about UCLA and Oregon State, which beat the Trojans a year ago. Pac-10 is the second-best league in the country this year, behind the SEC.

jp (la): Who is going to be USC's biggest offensive threat besides Booty? Who is going to step up and become the play maker they need?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Patrick Turner? The fullback, Stanley Havili, will be more valuable than you think, though.

Rick (Ny): Hey Mark, Does Tim Tebow have enough skills to take Florida to back to back Title Hopes

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think he definitely has the toughness and leadership skills. No doubt about it. We'll see how well he throws the ball and stands in the pocket and manages the game. I think he's going to be very good, though.

Nick (Marshall U): Is Owen Schmitt the best Fullback in the nation? Cody Slate the best Tight End?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Schmitt is probably the best FB. But I really like Cox at Ga. Tech and Hillis at Arkansas. The aforementioned fullback at USC is very good, too. There are some very solid tight ends out there. Beckum at Wisconsin. M. Bennett at Tx A&M, Carlson at Notre Dame, the two TEs and Missouri. A lot of them out there.

Matt (Louisville Kentucky): hey Mark, Do you think Kentucky can shake things up and make the sec championship game?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I don't know if Kentucky is deep enough and good enough on defense to win the SEC East. But I do think the 'Cats are capable of beating any team in the SEC East, as well as the other I-A team in Kentucky (and I'm not talking about W. kentucky).

Rutland( Birmingham,AL): My Auburn Tigers are 33-5 the last three seasons which I believe is third in the nation. We also were the only blemish on florida's championship season. don't you think that deserves some credit when it comes to predictions?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: The Tigers are better when they don't have lofty expectations. Don't complain.

Ben (Provo, UT): Mark, will we ever see a non-BCS team get a shot at the National title again? What if a TCU or Boise State go undefeated this season, and there is only one BCS team that is undefeated (like what happened last year and in 2004)? What would it take to get a mid-major team a shot?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: A very good non-conference victory during the regular season. For instance, if Boise State had gone to Georgia last year and won (instead of losing badly in 2005), they would have had a valid argument. If TCU beats Texas and finishes unbeaten, and USC, for instance, is the only unbeaten out of a BCS league, the Horned Frogs would have a valid argument.

Darwin (Miami,FL): According to cnnsi.com the pac-10 is fifth in line for best conference this year. They ranked the big east ahead of the pac-10. what do you think about that.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think it's way too low. I'd go:

1. SEC

2. Pac-10

3. Big 10

4. Big 12

5. Big East

6. ACC (unless Miami and Florida State and Clemson are indeed legitimate)

Doug, VA: Mark, Lets talk Bowden Bowl. I expect to see CJ Spiller and James Davis control this game so that Cullen Harper doesn't have to do too much and FSU's offense, especially QB, to struggle, and clemson to win. Your thoughts?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I'll be at the game. Depends on how Weatherford plays at quarterback. Spiller and Davis, even though they're two of the best backs in the country, will have a tough time running against FSU. I'm sure Mickey Andrews is going to stack the line and make a new QB beat him. I've heard encouraging things about Harper. It should be a very close game.

Gary R. (Big Blue Nation): Hey mark how is the Rutgers team this year, me being a kentucky fan can I look forward to seeing louisville go down again?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think if Mike Teel can improve at quarterback, Rutgers is capable of doing what they did a year ago. But I do believe the loss of Leonard will make Ray Rice's job much tougher. You always had to keep an eye on Leonard because of his running and receiving skills.

Anthony (Peabody,MA): Hey Mark, can you tell me why FSU is ranked while BC isn't? Is it because of BC's defense? Or is it because this is Jag's first year here? Either way, I think BC is underrated by almost everybody.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I like BC. I like Matt Ryan. Like the defense. I think the coaching change has BC flying under the radar a bit. They can win the Atlantic Division.

Chris (Baghdad, Iraq): I'm an OU fan and haven't didn't have a chance to watch the spring game or see much of Sam Bradford. How do you think he'll work out this year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: We'll always answer questions from Iraq. I think Bradford will be fine. The running game with Murray and Patrick (when he's healthy) will take pressure off him. They've got a plethora of solid receivers. I think he'll be pretty good.

Taylor (Lincoln,NE): Why in the world is UL-Monroe vs. Tulsa nationally televised while Oregon St. vs. Utah is only regional?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Don't know. Todd Graham going back to Tulsa, Paul Smith is a very good quarterback. Some people actually picking UL-Monroe to win the game. Probably the late start at Oregon State. Very intriguing game, though.

Dave(el paso, tx): is Army gonna beat navy this year?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Not this year. As long as Paul Johnson is at Navy, it's going be hard for Army or Air Force to wrestle away that hardware.

Steve, Tempe: Since you are high on the Pac-10 do you think that Arizona State will improve under Dennis Erickson and how far do you think ASU can go in the next few years??

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think with Carpenter coming back and Torian behind him, the Sun Devils could bounce back. The defense has to improve, though.

Roy (bloomington,IN): Hey Mark, Do you think the Hoosiers will make a bowl game this year, giving the former #1 party school something to celebrate?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Yes. I think Bill Lynch will finish what Terry Hoeppner started. With Lewis, Thigpen and Hardy, that's a lot of firepower on offense. The schedule sets up well for them. I think they'll win 7-8 games.

Brian (Miami,FL): Mark,I think espn should be giving alittle more love to Wake Forest's meeting with Boston College on Saturday.Even though both teams are unranked,the last two meetings have bin decided under three points.Thoughts?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: I think it's a very intriguing conference game. BC is flying under the radar. So is Wake Forest. Jim Grobe is one of the best coaches in the country, and the Demon Deacons are capable of doing what they did in '06. The defense has some work to do, but the offense might be even better.

Mike (Ann Arbor): Why is everyone so down on Michigan's defense. Michigan will basically be as good on the defensiive line, will have solid linebackers, and the only real concern is the secondary, where there is ridiculous young talent. Why the

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: They've got to replace seven starters from a very good defense.

JJ(austin, tx): Can oSu's offense top Georgia's defense? Should be an exciting game!

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Georgia's defense should be pretty good, but they've got to find some pressure off the edge after losing Q. Moses and C. Johnson. I think the LBs will be solid and secondary might be very good, even without CB Paul Oliver. But it's a very difficult first test. Can Oklahoma State's defense slow down Georgia's offense. If the Bulldogs can block.....

Kelvin (Madison,MS): Nobody is talking about Confernce USA. Is that conference THAT BAD? Can teams like Southern Miss and Houston do better in another conference?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Southern Miss could beat Boise on the road. It's a conference that really needs some energy injected into it. Memphis should be better. Tulsa will be good under Todd Graham. UCF should be better. Marshall should be better. East Carolina is a potential bowl team, if they get the QB situation cleared up.

Rick I (Tville, FL): I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about LSU . . . But as it is so difficult to go undefeated in the SEC, can LSU make it to the national champ. game with one loss? Thanks.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: With that schedule, yes. Florida did it a year ago.....

Andy (Lafayette, LA): Night class in 10 min and teacher doesn't like when you leave early. Suggestions?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: puke.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: Folks, I gotta run. Great to be here. Hope you enjoyed 25 hours of chatting. I'll be back again on Monday. And we'll actually have games to talk about! Enjoy the opening weekend.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I'm ready to take your questions. I even took a couple of practice swings in the old chat room just to get ready for this.

Scott (SoCal): Bruce - your thoughts on UCLA this year? Can they take the PAC 10 crown? You must admit they have momentum going into this year after beating USC last year.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think that sacrificed some of that momentum bu flopping against that mediocre FSU team in the bowl... moving forward I talked to their new OC Jay Norvell who is predicting big things from Ben Olson now that is finally has some chemistry with his receivers and some comfort level. Now if they can get some big play threats to emerge... Terrance Austin maybe?

James (Milwaukee): Bruce, which game tonight has the best chance for us to see an upset

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Utah maybe, although they really opened flat last year against a Pac-10 team.

Jacob (Atlanta): Having a ton of fun with this and made it through about 17 hours of it so far awake and paying attention. Who is the more explosive playmaker: Desean Jackson or Percy Harvin?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I'd take Jackson, although Harvin is a bit bigger. I think Jackson has as much speed and is even more elusive.

Mike (Hampton Roads VA): Bruce -- I'm gonna ask you the same question I've asked a couple of the other experts -- Does an undefeated Big East Champion play in the NC game?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I could see it, although I think LSU and USC have decent shots also of running the table too. WVU to me has the best chance in the BE, but U of L will be tough and going to MD on a Thursday night could be tricky.

Ron (Everett, WA): who will get into the big 12 title game this year? is it the year for nebraska to make the bcs?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: No, I think Mizzou wins the Big 12 North and Texas wins the South. I really think the Tigers will have a dynamic offense.

Ivan(San Diego,California): Will Syracuse make a bowl game this year or the next? If so, Which bowl?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: No, no bowls for the Cuse for a while.

Mike (Baltimore): Bruce, are you pumped? The season is finally here?

Brady (TEXAS): What do you think about the Canes QB situation? Will Kirby Freeman get the job done? I know he is an amazing athlete with a cannon for an arm!

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I don't know about the cannon part but he's a legit 4.4 guy and Shannon likes his leadership skills. If he can avoid the bad picks, I think UM will surprise a lot of people because the D is going to be salty.

Pat (NH): Bruce. USF vs Auburn. who do you like?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Auburn.. Their DL is scary and I think USF is still a year away... too many people picked this as the trendy upset call. Those usually don't pan out.

Zach (Pasadena California): Do you think that UCLA's Defence is the best in the Pac Ten

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think USC is deeper and more talented so I'd go with them.

Ron (Everett, WA): Bruce, is patrick turner of USC gonna make all america this year?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I doubt it. He won't be the best WR in his own conference (DeSean Jackson) and I'll go with Adarius Bowman as the other WR.

Chris (TN): Cal vs. TN is the game of the week. Who ya got?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Cal. The Bears won't flop or be scared at home. I think they learned from that nightmare.

Tanner(Goddard KS): im just sayin right now that the Kansas Jayhawks are guna be pretty good this year. winning season, or more.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Yeah, plus they have the softest schedule this side of the Ivy League.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I'll take Kenny Phillips from Miami.

James (Altadena CA): Who is the best saftey in the NCAA, strong or free?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Sorry I answered a question that didn't seem to post.

Kirs (Fairbanks): Please tell me the Hogs have a chance to win the SEC West by having adopted the 'us against the world' mindset!!! God Hogs!!! D-Mac for Heisman!!!

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Losing Marcus Monk for any long stretch of time will really hurt. Teams have to scheme around him. I don't think Ark will be as good as they were in 2006.

Ben (Chicago, IL): Travis Beckum: great tight end or greatest tight end?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: best in the country although the Mizzou tandem of Rucker and Coffman are close.

Kris (Fairbanks): He'll be back for the 'Bama game...

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I talked to someone inside the program yesterday and they say he actually might not be back in time for that one.

Trey (Baton Rouge, La): prediction for tonights game anyone?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I got LSU but I dont think it'll be a blowout. I think Titus Brown will give LSU some problems and Anthony Dixon is a load and he'll do some damage early. The big issue is will the Tigers knock Mike Henig out of the game?

Hardley (New York): Hey, Bruce, how good can Kenny Britt potentially be?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: As good a TE as LJ Smith was, I think Britt can be that kind of talent at WR. He's 6-4 and can really run. I have a buddy on that staff and they've been high on Britt even since he committed.

Bob ( Fostoria Ohio) : How do you think ohio state will do this year?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: They'll ride Beanie Wells to an 8-0 start but I dont think they'll have the balance to stay in the top 10.

Richard (Bowling Green): Im from Bowling Green and i want to know is there a chance of western Kentucy upseting Florida in their first game

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: 0.00001%

Jeremy (Athens, GA): Is it just me or is LSU possibly the most overrated team in years?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think it's just you. Not only are they loaded on defense and have speed on offense but also all of their toughest games are at home.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Hey, I got a game on TV.. It's Rutgers and Buffalo and our man Coach Donnan is calling the game!!! Football's finally back!

Steve (Iraq): Thoughts on DeMarco Murray?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think he'll be THE breakout star of the weekend. Allen Patrick is nursing that ankle and Stoops will save him for Miami and Murray's speed will be evident. He's dynamite.

Mark (Blacksburgh, Va): How do you guys feel about VT?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Good D. Very good special teams. Excellent RB and they're well coached, but riding this emotional wave will be tricky. I think they'll lose at LSU.

Jeff (Sacramento, CA): Better pro prospect out of USC- Rey Mauluga or Keith Rivers?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Rivers. He's more disciplined and makes a lot less mistakes. Plus, he doesn't have a few off-field incidents to account for as he will when they evaluate Maualuga.

Gregg Indiana: Do you believe Matt Flynn will be more or less effective than Russell at LSU? Russell took a ton of sacks and loss yardage plays against top teams.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I'll say more effective. He's a very potent dual threat with the run and pass.

Windsor, Ontario: Mike Hart vs. PJ. Hilll?
Who would you take?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Hart, of course, I probably just jinxed him and he'll probably fumble twice against AP state.

Doug (Washington, DC): I know you appreciate the OB as much as anyone. What are your thoughts on the Canes changing venues?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: When there is a big game there, it's the loudest of all the stadiums I've ever been in, but it was time to move on. That place was falling apart. Besides, it's not like that was a walk from Coral Gables anyhow.

Justin (Baton Rouge, La): Bruce, should I take LSU on an 18+ spread tonight?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I wouldn't.. plus I think a wet field helps MSU.

John (Coconut Creek, FL): Bruce, do you think Miami beating Oklahoma on the road is a long shot???

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: With UM's defense I think they have a legit shot especially if they can establish a running game. I don't think UM is as far away as most people think.

Brian (Seattle): Can Penn State win the Big Ten???

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: They have a good shot if Austin Scott can fill in for Tony Hunt. I think they'll have a good passing game.

Mark (Champaign, Illinois): What do you think about the Illini's bowl chances?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Outside shot because Juice will be a lot better now that he has some talent around him.

Ryan, Atlanta, GA: What are the chances of UGA holding OSU to 21 points this saturday?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think UGA wins 34-24.

Michael (Sumter, SC): How does Clemson's offense look now that Harper is leading it? Is it more balanced and better than last years? Can they win the ACC Atlantic?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: If they get past FSU, their schedule is very manageable since their toughest road game will be at GT.

Kev (NYC): Over/Under 50 TDs for Colt Brennan?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I think he gets 60.

Bill (Philly): Looks like Buffalo isn't going to upset Rutgers.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: No, it'll be an upset if they;re within 30 at halftime.

Charlie(Indiana): Notre Dame chances to win a bowl game this year?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Decent because they'll probably be in a horrible bowl facing another 7-5 team.

Wayne (Kansas City, Mo): What's more likely to blow Missouri's shot at the Big 12 North ... Tony Temple's fumbling or a shaky defense?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: The D.

Nick (Lexington, KY): Will Kentucky play a role in who wins the SEC east?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: They can score, but I don't think their D is good enough to get them past the 7-win level.

Kev (NYC): Do you see the 5 yard pullback on the kickoffs having any major impact?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I do. It'll force lots of starters to play special teams and you'll see a lot more injuries I think.

Dru (Huntsville, AL): Just wanted to get some things off my chest. The SEC champ should play for the national championship every year. We have the toughest teams year in and year out. Next I would like to say War Eagle. It's football season!!!!!!!

the lev (Atlanta, GA): Georgia Tech better or worse with Reggie Ball no longer QB?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: < not better but that's because Ball took Calvin Johnson with him.

Kev (NYC): If you would forecast the #1 pick from in next year's draft today, who would it be?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Brian Brohm.

Golden Gopher (St. Paul, Minnesota): Being a Minnesota fan, do you think the new coach will make ANY diffence?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I do, but it'll take some time. He's a good recruiter.

Germaine (Orlando): Do you think UF is over hyped? I do.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: A little. Only two defensive starters back and they're 6th? I think that's too high.

Ryan (Jacksonville AL): USC could win 3 out of 4 against: LSU, Florida, Georgia, and Auburn. True or False

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: I'll say true. My buddy here says at least, but if they had to go to LSU I think they'd lose there and they might lose at Florida.

Taylor (Britich Columbia, Canada): Will the Henner/Hart era of losing to Ohio State and a Bowl Game end?
Also what are your thought on Michigans defense?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Yes, I think they finally beat OSU this year.

Sean (Beatrice): John Booty gets bent in half when blindsided by Steve Ocatvian...True or False.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: false.

Bruce (Sewanee, TN): Why is the Heisman Trophy overrated?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Because it's really only about the highest profile player not necessarily the best. No defensive player has a chance to win it.

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: Thanks for all your questions.. enjoy the games, and if you have any more questions please send them to me through my mailbox for the blog.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks Bruce!!

Mike (Baltimore): Buzz, when is the next 24 hour+ chat? Before the NFL opener?

Aaron (Tucson, AZ): Less than 30 minutes to kickoff!!!

Freddie (Seattle,WA): I thought we lost you Buzz.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: So, I've talked to our IT department and to avoid what happened to us over night, we only have a certain number of posts that we can put up for the rest of the chat. Less than 100 right now.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: So let's make them good ones, you hear?

Daniel Fort Worth, TX: Keep an eye on Boise State.

Chuck (Tampa Florida): Come on now! Nobodys Talking anout Florida State. I think they have the potential to turn some heads this year. Maybe even finish with only one or two losses. What do you think?

Deb(Austin,TX): Hey Buzzmaster! Just curious...how much caffeine have you consumed in the last 25 hours? Enjoy the game, you earned it!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Enough to pay for a small village in Colombia.

Jacob (Atlanta): Why wasnt that countdown timer on this page so I wouldn't have to keep another window open to keep checking on the seconds?

Brian (Westport, CT) : What are Michigans chances of a championship appearence? And what is Mike Hart's chances at teh heisman?

Daniel Ft Worth, TX: Mississippi State wins tonight, with defense. 17-10 over LSU

SportsNation Buzzmaster: I like that. Predictions for the first weekend of games. Good way to spend our last dozens of posts.

Mike (Baltimore): Give it up to Buzzy. He made it through 25 hours of this. Listen ESPN! This man deserves to be paid.

Ryan (Las Vegas,NV): Whatever happened last night,stays in Sportsnation.

James Huntington Beach CA: Buzz I've read all your post and I have to say your football knowledge stinks. What are you the janitor for ESPN?

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Nope. I'm the janitor's janitor. I clean his house. And who said I'm a college football expert?

Eric (Grand Island, Ne): Nebraska 34 USC 10. Huskers catapult into the Top 10, all analysts at Espn fired. It will be a sad day for Trojan fans

billy (medway, ma): bc beats wake on saturday no doubt.

Tim (Lansing, MI): Are the Badgers for real? They are really hyped up to win the Big Ten with a first year starter at QB and a second year coach.

Russell (Clemson): Clemson beats FSU 31-13 with a defensive TD in the second half

SportsNation Buzzmaster: 10 minutes to go!

Ron (Cape Cod): Buzz is an expert on soggy chips,and pop tarts.

Eric (Grand Island, Ne): Oklahoma State 21, Georgia 7

Shane (Denver): Eric, great prediction. I love how all the analysts are so easily writing off that game as a cake walk. Have they ever been to Memorial Stadium on a game day. Pretty impressive.

Russell (Clemson): wisconsin didn't have any pro-caliber players so they returned alot of decent seniors...they are overrated

Eric (Grand Island, Ne):: buzz, you are the man.

Bryan (Bangor,ME): Buzz shoud get a lifetime supply of pop tarts for hosting this chat.We love you here in Bangor!

Mike (Baltimore): BUZZ, some people confuse chat board overseer with college football analyst.

James (Huntington beach, CA): FYI: Just to make you feel better I still envy your job even if you are the janitors janitor

SportsNation Buzzmaster: We've only got a couple of dozen more posts left before we break this thing. Come on SportsNation, let's hear you!

Peter (Medford,MA): Don't ever forget that buzz came up with the idea of chicken with ranch!Buzz rocks.

Roy (IN): Vols over Cal 31-17...Ainge throws for 300 yards

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Another bold prediction. I like it.

Michael: GO MSU BEAT LSU!!

Al (Williamsburg): VaTech 56-3, bold prediction

Randy (Iowa): Iowa 35 NIU 7

Lamar (AZ): Arizona 17 BYU 13

Al (Atlanta): Buzz, you should become a columnist

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Start a write-in campaign.

Greg (Iowa): BC beats Wake Forest in double OT 34-31.

Jason (Red Bud, Il.): Clemson 42 Florida ST. 17 The best runningbacks in the nation are going to run all over the Noles! C.J. Spiller for Heisman!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Hold on. Got to check the post count.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: OK, we still have some room left.

Buzz's Brother (Cali): Buzz,the lady buzz is waiting home to watch college football with ya!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: That's why Lady Buzz rules!

Shane (Denver): Nebraska 42 Nevada 14. Keller throws for 315, Lucky runs for 120.

Dan (Cincinnati, OH): Ohio State 45 YSU 3...Beanie Wells rushes for 225 yards!

George (Columbus): We are 5 minutes til LSU kick Off. Today was fun, Thanks Buzz. Good Luck to everyone's home or favorite team. GO BUCKS!!

Dan (Phoenix, AZ): BuzzMaster could replace Juan Valdez as the poster boy for coffee

Russell (Clemson): i'm more happy about tonight than my birthday...college football is the best

Eric (Grand Island, Ne): MSU 28

LSU 10

Andrew (DE): Just hoping I can get in on this truly epic event! Buzz4Pres

SportsNation Buzzmaster: OK, who gets the last post. We only have about 10 or so left before we break this thing.

Jason (Orlando): Food of choise for the game tonight.....POPTARTS!!!!

Rob (Blacksburg, VA): Sept 8th. Va Tech 14 - LSU 13

Tyler (SC): FSU 27 Clem 17

Chris (Tennessee): Ladies and Gents, give it up for Buzz!

Mike (CA): Roy is retarded. CAL wins 42-10. LONGSHORE throws for 300 yards.

Ted (New England): This is why espn,and buzz rules.

Patrick (LA): DeSean Jackson- Heisman candidate?

Jason (Orlando): Buzz, enjoy the game buddy....i'll see you tomorrow at the morning buzz with everyone else

Ryan (SF, CA): Real football in one minute!!! I'm so excited I just barfed my pants!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: That's gross Ryan. Go clean that up!

Steve (East Lansing): Help me, I'm a Michigan fan stuck in East Lansing!!!! Go Blue!!!!

USMC Bob (Okinawa, Japan): Everyone overseas looking forward to a great season as much as back home. This was a fun countdown. Hook 'em!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Bob, you get the last post!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thanks to everyone for participating in this historic chat. Thanks to all our writers who chimed in over the last 25 hours!

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