SportsNation Survey Archive 2006

Originally Published: September 8, 2004

When news breaks in sports, we want SportsNation to break down the news. So if there's a story out there generating buzz around the water cooler, we'll throw together some questions on all aspects of the topic and see what you think. You may be surprised to find yourself in the majority, or pleased to be in the minority, but it's always a chance to see where SportsNation stands.

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Hot off the Poll Presses

Would you vote Mark McGwire into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
NFL: How would you rank the best players in history?
MLB: Would Big Mac get your vote for the Hall?
NBA: How will the Heat fare without Pat Riley?
NFL: Which is the best playoff performance in history?
Coll FB: Should Nick Saban have left for Alabama?
Coll FB: Where does the Fiesta Bowl rank all-time?
NFL: How would you rank this year's playoff teams?
NFL: How would you rank this year's playoff coaches?
NFL: Which are the best quarterbacks in the playoffs?
NFL: Which are the best running backs in the playoffs?
NFL: Which playoff teams have the best defenses?
GOLF: Which are the PGA TOUR's best players?
NFL: Which NFL coaches are on the hot seat?
ALL: What are your predictions for 2007?
NFL: Which players are your award winners?
NBA: Should Fratello have been fired?
Coll BB: How much do you know about Bob Knight?
NHL: Who makes your top line of all time?
NFL: What should happen to Terrell Owens?
NBA: What does the Knicks-Nuggets brawl portend?
NCAA: Which football team is the best all-time?
MLB: Who were the winners at the Winter Meetings?
ALL: What do you think of pink sportswear?
NCAA: Who is the best college basketball player ever?
NCAA: What are the best Rose Bowls ever?
NFL: Can the Giants recover to win the NFC East?
NFL: Which NFC teams will make the playoffs?
MLB: Cast your vote for the Hall of Fame
Coll BB: Do you agree with the college hoops poll?
Coll FB: Which is your favorite play of the year?
ALL: Pick your favorite parts of Thanksgiving
NCAA: Which team has the best all-time roster?
MLB: Will Matsuzaka sign with the Red Sox?
BOXING: Which is the best boxing trilogy of all-time?
Coll BB: Will Florida repeat as national champs?
Coll BB: Which player do you want taking the final shot?
Coll BB: Which sleeper has the best chance to win it all?
ALL: Which has been the best game/event of 2006?

Archived NFL Polls

Is Peyton Manning the player most valuable to his team?
NFL: Which teams will reach the Super Bowl?
NFL: Which players are the best at the half?
NFL: Which are the top defenses in the NFL?
NFL: Which player is most valuable to his team?
NFL: How do you feel about Terrell Owens?
NFL: How would you rank these top players?
NFL: Who are the NFL's best leaders?
NFL vs. Coll FB: Which has better atmosphere?
NFL vs. Coll FB: Which has better rules?
NFL: Which is the greatest MNF moment?
NFL: How would you assemble a team?
NFL: Who are the best head coaches of all-time?
NFL: Will Steve McNair shine in Baltimore?
NFL: Where does Brett Favre rank this season?
NFL: Where does Brett Favre rank all-time?
NFL: How much does character matter?
NFL: Potential NFL draft busts?
NFL: First impressions of the NFL schedule?
NFL: How will your team finish in 2006?
NFL: Best free agent moves?
NFL: Terrell Owens to the Cowboys
NFL: How do you feel about NFL labor issues?
NFL: Rank the best NFL hires
NFL: What did you think of the Super Bowl?
NFL: Vote for the best Super Bowl commercials
NFL: Did the officials ruin the Super Bowl?
NFL: Is McNabb still a franchise QB?
NFL: How will Super Bowl XL be won?
NFL: Vote for top SB defensive plays
NFL: Vote for top SB offensive plays
NFL: Sizing up Super Bowl XL
NFL: Big Ben or Hasselbeck in SB XL?
NFL: Rank the Super Bowl difference-makers
NFL: Misery Index
NFL Draft: Rank the top 10 prospects
AFC championship: Steelers-Broncos
NFC championship: Panthers-Seahawks
NFL: What's your playoff IQ?
AFC playoffs: Patriots-Broncos
AFC playoffs: Steelers-Colts
NFC playoffs: Panthers-Bears
NFC playoffs: Redskins-Seahawks
NFL: Rank the eight remaining playoff teams
AFC playoffs: Steelers-Bengals and Jaguars-Patiots
NFC playoffs: Panthers-Giants and Redskins-Buccaneers
NFL playoffs: Rank all 12 teams
NFL playoffs: Rank the head coaches
NFL playoffs: Rank the quarterbacks
NFL playoffs: Rank the running backs
NFL playoffs: Rank the defenses
NFL playoffs: SportsNation's NFL playoff quiz
NFL: Your memories of Dick Vermeil, Deion Sanders

Archived MLB Polls

Will Alex Rodriguez ever win the hearts of Yankee fans?
MLB: How will Gary Sheffield fare in Detroit?
MLB: Who gets your vote for NL Gold Gloves?
MLB: Who gets your vote for AL Gold Gloves?
MLB: Which is the best team of the last 30 years?
MLB: Will the Giants make to the playoffs?
MLB: Is Piniella the right manager for the Cubs?
MLB: Who are October's biggest legends?
MLB: What does the future hold for the Yankees?
MLB: Who should win regular-season awards?
MLB: Most valuable players in the postseason?
MLB: What's your take on Alex Rodriguez?
MLB: Which are baseball's best clutch peformers?
MLB: Who deserves a spot in Cooperstown?
MLB: Trade deadline winners and losers
MLB: Trade deadline questions
MLB: Midseason awards picks
MLB: Best and worst free agency buys?
MLB: Worst All-Star snubs?
MLB: Who are your Ultimate AL All-Stars?
MLB: Who are your Ultimate NL All-Stars?
MLB: Will Clemens change the playoff race?
MLB: Should Ozzie Guillen be suspended?
MLB: How would you rate Bud Selig as commish?
MLB: Are pitchers ever right to throw at a batter?
MLB: Which player would be the best manager?
MLB: What's your reaction to the Grimsley story?
MLB: Who are your award winners through May?
MLB: How much will Rocket help the Astros?
MLB: What are the top 10 baseball blunders?
MLB: What are the top 10 AL blunders?
MLB: What are the top 10 NL blunders?
MLB: Do you care about Barry Bonds and 714?
MLB: Do you cheer Springer for hitting Bonds?
MLB: How well do you know your interleague?
MLB: Rank the top 10 HR hitters of all-time
MLB: Rank the most sacred records
MLB: Who's the greatest living pitcher?
MLB: Was Delmon Young's suspension fair?
MLB: Who would make your All-Latino team?
MLB: Do you prefer older or newer ballparks?
MLB: Which team will win each division?
MLB: Who is your MLB MVP pick?
MLB: Believe the latest Barry Bonds allegations?
MLB: Who from steroids era should make Hall of Fame?
Baseball: USA out of WBC
NBA: Who would you pick for Team USA?
MLB: What impact do Latin players have?
MLB: Pre-spring power rankings
MLB: How will Venezuela fare in WBC?
MLB: Will Cuba be a contender in the WBC?
MLB: Do you want Bonds to break Aaron's record?
MLB: Will Sosa make the Hall of Fame?
MLB: What are the top 10 MLB innovations?
MLB: Will Ichiro make it to the Hall of Fame?
MLB: Will Theo save the Red Sox?
MLB: Who should start for Team USA in the Classic?
MLB: Who should start for the Dominican Republic?
MLB: Best lineups
MLB: Steroids in the past?
MLB: Offseason rankings

Archived NBA Polls

Will the Heat repeat in 2007?
NBA: Which teams will meet in the Finals?
NBA: Can you pass our basketball quiz?
NBA: Will Team USA win Gold?
NBA: Who is to blame for the Warriors' woes?
NBA: What do you make of the NBA schedule?
NBA: Will Ben Wallace flourish in Chicago?
NBA: What next for Larry Brown?
NBA: Which teams made out best in the draft?
NBA: Will the Heat repeat in 2007?
NBA: Is Mark Cuban a distraction to his team?
NBA: Is Heat finished after two games?
NBA: How will the NBA Finals play out?
NBA: What do you know about the NBA Finals?
NBA: How excited are you for the NBA Finals?
NBA: Would you start your team with Dirk?
NBA: Which team will win the Western Conf.?
NBA: Which team will win the Eastern Conf.?
NBA: How are the final 8 teams playing?
NBA: How do the semifinals finish off?
NBA: Breakdown the best point guards
NBA: Who do you want taking the last shot?
NBA: What do you think of the officiating?
NBA: Were the Kings right to fire Adelman?
NBA: Which teams win the Eastern Conf. Semis?
NBA: Which teams win the Western Conf. Semis?
NBA: Best point guards in NBA history?
NBA: Who wins it all?
NBA: Who wins the Lakers-Suns series?
NBA: Who wins the Wizards-Cavaliers series?
NBA: Who wins the Pacers-Nets series?
NBA: Who wins the Heat-Bulls series?
NBA: Who wins the Bucks-Pistons series?
NBA: Who wins the Kings-Spurs series?
NBA: Who wins the Nuggets-Clippers series?
NBA: Who wins the Grizzlies-Mavericks series?
NBA: Who is to blame for not making the playoffs?
NBA: Rank the MVP candidates
NBA: Who's at the top of the NBA draft class?
NBA: Will Steve Francis help or hurt the Knicks?
NBA: Rank your MVP candidates
NBA: Which All-Star has the coolest shoes?
NBA: How will Darko fare in Orlando?
NBA: Who was the biggest All-Star snub?
NBA: Who's to blame for the Knicks' struggles?
NBA: Vote for the ESPN Radio's Ramsey Awards
NBA: Which NBA stars should be traded?
NBA: Will the Celtics or T'wolves make the playoffs?
NBA: Which teams will make the playoffs?
NBA: Will the Kings make the playoffs with Artest?
NBA: Rank the top rookies
NBA: Rank the top MVP candidates
NBA: Can Kobe top the century mark?
NBA: Has Kobe rehabbed his image?
NBA Power Rankings
NBA: Vote for your NBA All-Star team!
NBA: Can the Pistons win 70?

Archived NHL polls
NHL: How will your favorite NHL team fare this season?
NHL: Is the Rick DiPietro deal good for the Islanders?
NHL: Hot topics roundtable
NHL: Which teams made best offseason moves?
NHL: Who gets your Hall of Fame vote?
NHL: Can you pass our Stanley Cup quiz?
NHL: Which team will win the Stanley Cup?
NHL: Who advances past the second round?
NHL: Who is your NHL MVP?
NHL: Who advances in the NHL playoffs?
NHL: How closely did you follow the NHL season?
NHL: Where does Mario Lemieux's career rank?
NHL: What will happen in the season's second half?
NHL: How will Lemieux's retirement affect Penguins?
NHL: Midseason awards
NHL: Jan. 3 Power Rankings

Archived College Basketball Polls

Will Bob Huggins make Kansas State a perennial threat?
Coll BB: Which teams make your Top 25?
Men's Coll BB: Who will have the biggest impact?
Men's CollBB: Which teams are underrated?
Men's Coll BB: Early outlook in the Atlantic 10?
Men's CollBB: Is there a CAA Cinderella
Men's CollBB: Which Big 12 coach is best?
Men's CollBB: Best pre-ESPN era players?
Men's CollBB: Best ESPN era players?
Men's CollBB: Best ESPN era coaches?
Men's CollBB: Who wins - Florida or UCLA?
Men's CollBB: Kelvin Sampson to Indiana
Men's CollBB: Vote on Final Four
Men's CollBB: Your All-Final Four team?
Men's CollBB: Final Four quiz
Men's CollBB: Bob Huggins to KSU
Men's CollBB: Favorite cinderellas?
Men's CollBB: Tourney Quiz
Men's CollBB: Rank the Sweet 16
Men's CollBB: Sweet 16
Men's CollBB: Day 1 wrapup
Men's CollBB: March Madness!
Men's CollBB: Atlanta Region
Men's CollBB: Minneapolis Region
Men's CollBB: Oakland Region
Men's CollBB: D.C.Region
Men's CollBB: Which teams get No. 1 seeds?
Men's CollBB: Pick your All-America team
Men's CollBB: Vote on conference awards
Men's CollBB: Championship Week Pick 'Em - Week 1
Men's CollBB: What is the greatest UNC-Duke moment?
Men's CollBB: Who wins the UNC-Duke showdown?
Men's CollBB: What do you think of the Indiana job?
Men's CollBB: Which BracketBusters are most dangerous?
Men's CollBB: Pick the BracketBusters winners
Men's CollBB: Which team is in the most trouble?
Men's CollBB: Which teams will make the Final Four?
Men's CollBB: Best NCAA tournament buzzer beaters
Men's CollBB: Top homecourt advantage
Women's CollBB: Best player of the last 25 years?
Women's CollBB: Rank the Silver Anniversary team
Men's CollBB: Jan. 5 Power 16 Rankings

Archived College Football Polls
• Coll FB: ESPNU Honor Roll - Best rivalry | Best QB | Best defender | Best coach | Best RB | Best performance | Best game | Best bowl game | Biggest controversy | Best stadium
NFL vs. Coll FB: Which has better atmosphere?
NFL vs. Coll FB: Which has better rules?
Coll FB: Which RB is the nation's best?
Coll FB: Which QBs face the greatest expectations in '06?
Coll FB: Which schools have the toughest schedules?
Coll FB: How will top QB battles play out?
Coll FB: Which is the greatest upset ever?
Coll FB: Best to wear Nos. 1-20?
Coll FB: Best to wear Nos. 21-40?
Coll FB: Best to wear Nos. 41-60?
Coll FB: Best to wear Nos. 61-80?
Coll FB: Best to wear Nos. 81-100?
Coll FB: Should Jeff Samardzija try to play both sports professionally?
Coll FB: Who will go from the Senior Bowl to NFL?
Coll FB: Rank the top 10 heading into 2006
Coll FB: Best team of the last 10 years?
Coll FB: Pick your All-Bowl Team
Coll FB: Did Marcus Vick deserve to be dismissed?
Coll FB: Vote on Rose Bowl matchup
Coll FB: Will the Rose Bowl match the hype?
Coll FB: Vote on Orange Bowl matchup
Coll FB: Vote on Sugar Bowl matchup
Coll FB: Vote on Fiesta Bowl matchup
Coll FB: SportsNation's Bowl Index

Archived Tennis Polls
TENNIS: Who is the best American tennis player ever?
TENNIS: Who will win Wimbledon?
TENNIS: 2006 outlook
TENNIS: Who's the No. 1 women's player heading into 2006?
TENNIS: Who's the No. 1 men's player heading into 2006?

Archived Olympic Polls
OLY: Which is your favorite Olympic storyline?
OLY: Who is at fault in speed skating feud?
OLY: Will the U.S. hockey team upset Finland?
OLY: Which Olympic athlete does which sport?
OLY: Will you be watching the Olympics?

Archived Boxing Polls
BOXING: Top 10 boxers of all-time?
BOXING: Which is the most controversial decision?

Archived Golf Polls
GOLF: Golf Digest Masters survey

Archived Auto Racing Polls
NASCAR: Nextel Cup power rankings
NASCAR: Who will make the Chase?

Archived Miscellaneous Polls
ALL: Which candy do you most covet on Halloween?
ALL: Should journalists have to reveal sources?
WNBA: Which team will win the WNBA title?
ALL: Who are the best athletes of the last 10 years?
ALL: Are kids pushed too hard to win?
ALL: Who's #1?: Greatest Knockouts
ALL: Who's #1?: Trade Robberies
ALL: Are you part of Sports VoyeurNation?
CYCLING: What do you make of doping scandal?
ALL: What are the best things in college sports?
ALL: Most overplayed moments in sports?
ALL: Can you pass SportsNation's Spelling Bee?
ALL: Vote for the all-time best rivalries
ALL: Rank the top 20 TV moments
ALL: Pick golf's best U.S. Opens
ALL: Pick the best ever nicknames
ALL: Worst sports franchises of today?
ALL: Who's #1? Best Owners
ALL: Who's #1? Most Underrated Athletes
ALL: Who's #1?: Greatest Comebacks
ALL: What is the greatest fight of all-time?
ALL: Rank your favorite sports wives
ALL: Should sports gambling be legalized nationwide?
ALL: Vote for the No. 1 female athlete of all-time
ALL: Vote for the No. 1 single-season performance
ALL: Vote for the No. 1 driver
ALL: Vote for the best sports movie uniforms
ALL: Who needs anger management the most?
ALL: Are sports living up to Martin Luther King's legacy?

Super Bowl Superlatives
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Center
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Cornerback
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Defensive End

Where does Vince Lombardi rank among Super Bowl coaches?
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Defensive Tackle
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Free Safety
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Head Coach
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Kick Returner
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Middle Linebacker
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Offensive Guard
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Offensive Tackle
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Outside Linebacker
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Punter
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Place Kicker
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Quarterback
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Running Back
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Strong Safety
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Tight End
Vote: All-Time Super Bowl Wide Receiver
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Coaches
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Games
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Teams
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Records
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Performances
Rank: Greatest Super Bowl Players
Rank: Biggest Super Bowl Upsets

Finishing off 2005
ALL: How well do you remember 1995?
Over 84% could not remember Peter Bondra leading the NHL in goals in '94-'95.

ALL: How well do you know 2005?
56.6% incorrectly thought Roger Federer won the 2005 Australian Open.

ALL: Who makes your 2005 All-SportsNation Team?
Even though he won the 2005 AL Cy Young, Bartolo Colon received only 0.9% of the vote.

ALL: Rank the personalities of 2005
SportsNation chose Terrell Owens as the face of 2005.

ALL: Uni-Watch Year in Review
72.2% believed Oregon's use of eight different uniforms in 11 games was too much.

MLB: The year in baseball
The Cubs were the biggest dissapointment of 2005, according to 35.8% of The 'Nation.