Alaska: No. 51 football state

Originally Published: December 27, 2006

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Mark Schlereth

No. 51 Alaska

No state besides Alaska can claim actual frozen tundra, but the northernmost state with fewer than 700,000 people is the last frontier of the NFL. Northern highlights include rookie guard Chris Kuper (Dimond High School) with the Broncos, and Reggie Tongue (Lathrop High), who played for the Chiefs, Seahawks, Jets and Raiders.
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No. 51 Alaska

Like its entry into the Union at No. 49, Alaska comes late to this list. Dog mushing, the official sport in the land of the midnight sun, involves plenty of padding, but no jerseys. Nebraska corner Zachary Bowman, born in Anchorage, and Colorado State tight end Cory Macon are among those now playing Division I football.
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No. 47 Alaska

Alaska has only two players in the NFL, but Alaskans must really love football given the weather, travel and expense involved for high school teams. The state also gets bonus points because it is the home of ESPN's own Mark Schlereth, who played at Service High. Spring 2006 DI signees: one. Fall 2006 high school football teams: 29.
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