Connecticut: No. 39 football state

Originally Published: December 27, 2006

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No. 37 Connecticut

Connecticut enjoys the dubious distinction of being the other site when the Patriots chose to build their new stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Allegiances here are torn among New England, the Jets and Giants. Two Pro Football Hall of Famers were born in Connecticut: Andy Robustelli, a defensive end, was born in Stamford and Ken Strong, a halfback, in West Haven.
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No. 41 Connecticut

Yale player and coach Walter Camp introduced many of the features of the modern game, including the first down. Not only were the Bulldogs unbeaten in 1909 but they also held opponents scoreless. "The Game" between Yale and Harvard annually draws boisterous crowds. Since the Ivy League stepped back from Division I-A, Connecticut has stepped into the fray, moving to the top division and building a new stadium in 2003.
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Yale fan Tracy Williams:
The Game, which has been played 123 times, is famous for distinctive tailgating. It is less broken beer bottles and team T-shirts, and more fine wine glasses and college sweaters. So intense is the revelry that Yale changed the rules to clear out the alcohol and tailgaters while the game was going on. With tailgating through halftime, officials can't truly measure attendance until the third quarter. Read more from Tracy

No. 43 Connecticut

Nationally, Connecticut might be better known for being home to ESPN than for high school football. The Nutmeg State, however, sent two players to the NFL who became Hall of Famers, has an ESPN 150 player this year and is the home of pass-rush demon Dwight Freeney. Spring 2006 DI signees: 17. Fall 2006 high school football teams: 154.
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1) Which of Walter Camp's changes to football made the greatest impact?

The line of scrimmage
11 players per side (instead of 15)
The forward pass
Creation of the safety and interference