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Updated: February 9, 2006, 4:40 PM ET
Wednesday, Feb. 8

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Story of the Day: Open Market
 Terrell Owens
Do you need to be a mile high to think T.O. would work our for the Broncos?
It won't be long until we can all stop talking about Bill Leavy, Jerramy Stevens and the Super Bowl and get back to important football issues. Like Terrell Owens.

The NFL offseason is upon us, but T.O. seems to have become a story for all seasons. The entirely enigmatic receiver is looking for a new home, whether via a trade or after being released by the Eagles, and the Denver Broncos appear to be the leading suitor. A majority of voters think it's a good idea for the Broncos to get him if Super Bowl XLI is the goal, but even more voters think the pass-catching paradox is incapable of going two or three years without causing problems.

Of course, T.O. isn't the only big name on the market, not with Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James potentially up for grabs. But surprisingly, it's not the reigning MVP or a perennial Pro Bowler who voters would most like to add to the backfield this summer; that honor goes to Reggie Bush.

Super Bowl XLI
The oddsmakers (insert your own Phoenix Coyotes joke here) think the Colts are Super Bowl favorites next season, but check out SportsNation's take on the five official favorites.
31.1% Patriots
27.2% Colts
26.0% Steelers
9.1% Seahawks
6.4% Panthers

Which team would be more likely to reach the Super Bowl next season? (8,164 votes)
58.7% Broncos with Terrell Owens
41.2% Broncos without Terrell Owens

Would adding Terrell Owens be a good move for the Broncos? (67,222 votes)
55.0% Yes
44.9% No

Under the right circumstances, do you think Terrell Owens is capable of playing two or three years for a team without causing any major problems? (7,881 votes)
64.6% No
35.4% Yes

Which team reportedly interested in Terrell Owens would be the best fit for him? (7,881 votes)
49.5% Denver Broncos
27.4% Kansas City Chiefs
23.1% Miami Dolphins

Stay or Go?
If there was ever a good place to be second banana, it's yellow-crazy Pittsburgh. Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt appears to be on Al Davis' short list for the Raiders vacancy, but 54% of voters think he should stay in Pittsburgh and wait for a better opportunity. Vote!

Which running back would you most want to add in the offseason? (103,867 votes)
41.7% Reggie Bush
33.7% Shaun Alexander
24.4% Edgerrin James

What will happen with Seattle free agents Shaun Alexander and Steve Hutchinson? (42,234 votes)
35.4% Both will return
26.4% Only Hutchinson will return
26.2% Only Alexander will return
12.8% Neither will return

Will the Steelers be able to keep Antwaan Randle El from leaving in free agency? (6,832 votes)
50.7% Yes
49.2% No

Voice of the Fan: McNabb vs. T.O.
Why did Donovan McNabb wait sooooo loooong to defend himself? It doesn't make sense for him to try and ruin a trade for T.O. now; his team is trying to get better. If he drives T.O.'s trade value down, isn't he now the one ruining the Eagles?
Todd (Georgia)

Monday Night Football
SportsNation voters are split over the new Monday Night Football crew of Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser, but we can cut the detractors some slack, considering 55% of voters think Al Michaels and John Madden formed the best booth in recent MNF history. Vote!

I never consider Donovan McNabb to be an idiot, but yes the black-on-black-crime statement devalued his argument. But I'll give him some slack, because he has always been sensitive about racial issues and every criticism he's evoked during his career has mostly focused on his skin color. Can you blame him for going there?
Mark (Washington, D.C.)

I still really don't care. But by calling it a black-on-black crime seems to be taking it a little too far. People of any race, creed, or religion, can be obnoxious jerks.
Hende (Ohio)

At this point there is no need to say anything about T.O. Everyone hates him and all he wants is attention. McNabb already has everyone on his side; this story is over.
Sham (wbl)

It's a little devaluing to the phrase "black-on-black crime," when that phrase is really a reference to gang violence and murders within the black community. It's a little devaluing to the people who work in black-on-black-crime organizations to try to reduce this type of crime to then call a war of words between two millionaires a crime.
Jeff (Cleveland)

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    SportsNation's Show: Expert Opinion
    JScott (Tallahassee, Fla.): Where does T.O. play next season?

    Alan Grant: I think that Denver is a great fit for him. Seems to me Mike Shanahan, from Jerry Rice to Maurice Clarett, has become a last-chance kind of coach. And the Broncos will be contenders again, so why not add T.O.?

    Trevor (Texas): Who do you think Houston should take with the No. 1 pick: Vince or Bush?

    Alan Grant: I find it impossible to pass up on Bush. Of course, until they revamp that o-line, it won't really matter. But they can't pass up that talent.

    Ben (Boston): What's your take on Shaun Alexander's future in Seattle or elsewhere?

    Alan Grant: I think Seattle would be absolutely foolish to let Alexander go. The quarterback is pretty good, but without Alexander toting the rock, he's average and they're average.

  • Click here for Grant's chat transcript

    Jamie (Richmond, Va.): Out of the your top five picks, who is going to make an immediate impact?

    Mel Kiper: That should be Reggie Bush. Running backs will always make the most impact. If you're trying to find the guy who will make the most impact right away, always look to the running backs. Look at Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown from this year. It's the easiest position to transition from college to the pros, and high school to college. So mark down Bush and the other running backs.

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