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You've imagined your perfect summer links trip — where golf courses of Bermuda fairways and plush greens are lined up as far as the eye can see against backdrops of azure oceans or swaying palm trees or magnificent mountaintops or dazzling cityscapes.

Your swing matches the dream and you hit ace, after eagle, after birdie. The weather is heavenly, the nightlife divine.

We can't help you much with your game, but your visions of great golfing may become reality with the right planning. And Ultimate Golf Getaways may help get you there.

Here we provide you with golf odysseys and course profiles that may take you a step closer to the adventure you desire.

It all begins in Las Vegas, the flagship of desert golfing opportunities, and will course through other fair meccas:

• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 1: Links Vegas | Photo gallery
• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 2: Palm Springs | Photo gallery
• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 3: Orlando | Photo gallery
• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 4: Phoenix | Photo gallery
• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 5: The Carolinas | Photo gallery
• Ultimate Golf Getaways No. 6: Monterey | (No photo gallery)