Madden 09 breaks down Favre's possible return

Will Brett Favre return to the NFL? Not even he knows right now, but that's what video games are for! On August 12, you can unlock him in Madden NFL 09 and put him -- and his 99 overall rating (which we've been told will likely sink to a 95 if he really does come back) -- on any team you want. Check out this video (watch it above!) to see how.

EA Sports surprised us in late-April when they named their first-ever retired player -- surefire Hall of Famer and Green Bay legend Brett Favre -- as the cover athlete for Madden NFL 09. Now, 10 weeks later, Favre's waffling on whether or not to really call it quits. Thing is, while he might have retired a Green Bay Packer, he might not return as one. Before his, and the Packers', final decision is official, we simulated how he would fare in the Frozen Tundra and outside of it for 2009.

NOTE: Bold in the Stats section indicates Favre's best effort in each given statistical category.