Who's Who in NCAA 09


With the release of NCAA Football 09, the college season is officially under way. Here's a taste of the superstars that'll be gunning for the Heisman this year. While the in-game players go nameless because of NCAA regulations -- well, at least until someone fills up their EA Locker with a roster -- we've got the real names here, so you don't have to think.

Double 9s
The nation's top two players are on opposite sides of the ball: Florida QB Tim Tebow and Ohio State MLB James Laurinaitis are the only two players in 09 with 99s overall.

Ohio Statement
The Ohio State Buckeyes might've fallen to LSU in the 2008 BCS National Championship Game, but they've got the star power to make a third straight appearance in the title clash. The Buckeyes feature the top player at three key positions: MLB (Laurinaitis), CB (Malcolm Jenkins, 96 overall), and RB (Chris "Beanie" Wells, 97 overall). Wow.

Eyes of the Tigers
Talk about a one-two punch -- Clemson features two of the best backs, the third- and fourth-best overall. C.J. Spiller, a junior, and James Davis, a senior, both boast 95 overall, perfect for wearing down ACC defenses.

Speed Burners
Speed kills, but no one jets like Florida junior WR Percy Harvin (the fastest in the game with a 98, plus a 99 on acceleration). The best of the rest? These three each scored a 97 on speed: Mizzou WR supersoph Jeremy Maclin, Penn State senior WR Derrick Williams, and West Virginia sophomore RB Noel Devine. Our recommendation: Return punts with any of them, and try to avoid smiling.