'Madden 10' injury system revamped

"Madden NFL 10"

From the ambulance to the X-rays, injuries in "Madden" have always been memorable. But have they been realistic? (If you're old enough to remember players like Jerry Rice getting run over by paramedics mid-field as they race to save an injured Brent Jones, then you know the answer.)

Well, the "Madden NFL 10" team has decided to change both the way players get injured on the field and the coaching decisions that revolve around said injury.

Updating his blog, Madden's lead designer Ian Cummings addresses the new injury system in the game, including these seven fundamental changes:

Sounds like a much-needed fix to the game, and one that should help make "Madden 10" feel a lot more realistic, especially when a guy like Peyton Manning goes down and you have to decide if its better to put your injured star back in the game and risk further injury or take your chances with Jim Sorgi.

To read Cumming's full blog post, check out the Inside EA Sports Blog.