Holdsclaw won't reveal nature of injury

WASHINGTON -- Chamique Holdsclaw doesn't want to say why she
has missed three of the Washington Mystics' last four games.

The team has described it as a "minor medical condition," and
in her first interview on the subject, the WNBA's second-leading
scorer tried to put a few rumors to rest.

"You say, 'health issues,' people automatically think you're
pregnant," Holdsclaw told The Washington Times and WJLA-TV at her
basketball camp at a local high school Tuesday. "Well, I'm not
pregnant, I don't have cancer and never have I been pregnant
because there are a lot of ignorant people out there that just
assume that.

"I'm not addicted to any type of drug. I really don't like to
take them. The trainers will tell you that."

Holdsclaw said she is not revealing the nature of her problem
because it is a private matter.

"That's the way I've always handled things, and that's the way
I will," Holdsclaw said. "I don't want no sympathy party for
anything that is going on in my life."

The Mystics don't play again until Sept. 1 because of the
Olympics break, but Holdsclaw is uncertain if she'll be there.

"I look forward to it, but it all depends on how I feel,"
Holdsclaw said.